JavaScript Conditionals / Control Flow – Part 2

A Voyage Towards the Eden of Mobile Application Development

A Review Article on the modern buzz of application development and the rapid transition of software programming towards application development. The Article essentially covers the importance of application development in today’s era and the major types of mobile applications.

The Best Uses for Microsoft Excel’s RANK Function

The RANK function for Microsoft Excel does more than just rank values. It can also be used to keep data constantly sorted without you (or the user) having to manually tell it to sort.

Why Should You Learn Computer Programming?

Why would anyone go to the trouble of learning a new way of communicating, as well as a new kind of language? Here are some great reasons to learn the art and science of computer programming.

Why CakePHP Tops the List of CMS Development Frameworks?

No one would disagree with the fact that CakePHP framework is the most likable in CMS development world. It’s easy to code. There are absolutely no hassles to configure it on your system. Its scaffolding features are best for rapidly building prototypes. And most importantly, it comes with many built-in features to help you in easy CMS development.

The Tri-Pod Documenting – Part 1 – Meeting Minutes

Recently, while working with a large company implementing business analysis, structure and documentation, I realized that this was not my first rodeo; or even my second; in fact, in most of the situations where I am brought in, these companies don’t have a good way of tracking meetings or post meeting follow ups. If they do have a way to track it is usually buried or unknown – instructions not kept in consistent places; not referenced or taught to new hires; not followed. This realization made me stop and think – Are companies becoming too big too fast that they lose the structure that comes with documentation? Are these companies implementing Agile Programming and equating “agile” with “don’t need to document”?

Thinking On Rhythmic Pattern Changes and Insect In-Flight Acceleration of Movement

Not long ago, I was perusing an issue of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute official publication, it’s like a journal of what they are doing in the way of research there. There was an interesting article in the Spring 2013 edition titled “JAABA: Automating the Human Observer – This Software Can Learn to ID Animal Behavior,” by Jennifer Micholowski.

Cassandra – The Buzzword in Database Management

With virtually every other business operating over the internet, you can see a stupendous increase in the data exchanged over the web. The earlier database management systems like RDBMS and SQL are proving to be increasingly incapable of handling this data flow. Owing to such rapid developments over the last few years new database systems have plunged into the scene. Cassandra is one of them and is considered as one of the most efficient data management systems we have around – making it to the top of this list.

The Best Uses for Microsoft Excel’s IFERROR Function

The IFERROR function for Microsoft Excel 2007 and above is a quick, convenient way to clean up your spreadsheets and make them look more professional. It is far less messy than using the IF and ISERROR functions together as was necessary in Excel 2003.

How To Learn Web Development From Scratch

Below are a few recommendations that will teach you how to learn web development from scratch. With determination, commitment and a good amount of time investment, you’ll be able to learn web development and enjoy a lucrative career.

Beginning Game Development – Frameworks and Video Tutorials

Making your own 2D game can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Using the right framework and tutorials can make it fun and easy.

GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs – The Future Of Automation

Automation can be defined as technology or control systems that allow for the reduction of human interaction in the workplace. They mostly apply to the creations of tangible goods and delivery of services. When it comes to industrialization, automation is only a few steps ahead of mechanization. Automation is completely mechanical in nature and humans are not required at all, in mechanization, machines are used in conjunction with human effort to create a finished product. In our everyday activities, we run across several types of automation that allows our world to run smoother and more efficiently.

The Best Uses for Microsoft Excel’s INDIRECT Function

The INDIRECT function for Microsoft Excel 2007 and above is one of the most useful functions added to the 2007 package. Although it doesn’t have a lot of different uses, it allows you to reference other sheets before they have been created, which makes it invaluable.

How to Create LMS With Drupal

Well, you may be aware of the special attributes of Drupal. It is a set of modules, which act collaboratively to perform the necessary actions on a website. It has earned a positive recognition as an excellent open source web content management system.

Importance Of Security Engineering In Today’s World

With the increased reliance on the networked computers, system security has now evolved more than just a simple IT issue to one that creates huge impact on today’s contemporary society. Not only the national security, but also the economic health of a country depends on the integrity, stability and security of the nation’s cyber space including both the public and private sector. To deal with the security strategies security engineering has now evolved from a technical issue to one that has a direct impact on the country’s well-being and stature.

5 Basic Principles of IT Consulting

The great availability of IT solutions and the variety of software tools available to businesses nowadays has made the IT consultant profession essential and much sought after. A good information technology consultant offers the know-how and the experience necessary to help customers devise the best possible IT infrastructure for their needs. Technical ability, however, is not the only requisite that IT consulting professionals need to have in order to provide the best possible customer service.

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