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Web Designing: An Efficient Tool in the Business Development

The present era can rightly be termed as the age of technology because of the rush in technological developments. Nowadays, time and technology go hand in hand and the blend of these two significant aspects has resulted in enormous development of the world.

Prerequisites While Selecting The Perfect Web Design Company

A good web designing company can assist you to get the perfect website for your business concern. Read on and get detailed information about the pre-requirements of a good web design company.

Why Maintenance Services Are Necessary for a Website

Today’s Internet savvy world requires appropriate website maintenance services for a business to prosper. An online presence has become indispensable in boosting a business. Be it a business of any size, website maintenance gives a positive impact on the product and services that are delivered to the clients and prospects. Retaining customers and attracting new patrons is done by a good website maintenance development company.

Ways of Accelerating Your WordPress Website

A handful of WordPress plugins and fixing a few simple errors, a website’s loading speed improved from 1.61 to 583 milliseconds. That’s a 70.39% upgrading, without having made any visual changes to the website. As per 2009 Akamai study, 47% of visitors anticipate a page to load in less than 2 seconds, and 57% of visitors leave a page that takes over 3 seconds to load. Ever since this study, no shortage of case studies has verified that loading time influences sales.

Creating Your First JQuery Plugin

Sometimes its is useful to have a piece of functionality available throughout your code. Maybe you want a single function you can call on a jQuery selector that performs a specific action on such selector. Or maybe you wrote a utility function in one of your projects and now you want to be able to move it easily to other projects. In any case writing a plugin is your best option. This simple tutorial will guide you into creating your first jQuery plugin in a few simple steps.

Joomla In Partnership With SiteGround – The New Hosting Service

Big news coming in from the Joomla community suggests that they are set to announce a new service for Joomla built along the lines of and their associated service for WordPress. A service that will be hosted on, it is set to give users free hosting accounts for life.

Low Power Arduino

Some Arduino applications need to be run on battery power. In this article we discuss some of the finer points of reducing the power consumed by an Arduino, this will preserve batteries and improve overall performance.

Mobile Application Development – Common Myths Vs. Reality

It’s no longer a hidden fact that even after developing mobile apps; most of the brands fail to connect to their customers in the real sense of the term. Although an app trend is building everywhere, and it’s only getting magnified year after year, have you ever thought what is holding businesses back from making huge profits? Why most of the businesses are failing in building a strong mobile customer base? Why their ROIs are still the same?

How to Find the Right Company to Convert Your PSD Design to Responsive Design

The technology that the company uses is also critical to the selection process. Frameworks like Bootstraps, and CMS platforms like WordPress, are very popular today, and converting PSD for them requires special knowledge. Always pick a PSD conversion company that has previously used the technologies that your project will be using.

User Led SAP User Experience Design

In today’s world of SAP user experience, design needs to be User Centered. Design strategy should be driven by the need to simplify the interface and make things easier for the user. This will create the best user experience possible. For the best results, you should embrace an agile approach with change driven objectives to ensure design is focused on user experience and centered around human values.

Effective Business Analysis in the IT Industry: Reduce Project (1) Risks (2) Costs and (3) Duration

A quick Google search for “Why IT Projects Fail” indicates that too often project developers make a tremendous mistake before their projects even enter into development. An overlooked asset in project development, without which projects are likely to fail, is the practice of business analysis which reduces project risks, project costs, and project duration! Business Analysis is a discipline facilitating techniques and tools that specify and quantify project requirements to translate them into discrete components comprising a complete project solution, such that all project members have a clear understanding of the project tasks and components involved. This article discusses business analysis best practices for projects. The target audience for this article is anyone who may participate in a management or technical role in the development of an IT project.

PHP Programmers: A Mine Of Experience Waiting To Be Tapped

A PHP programmer works just like any other consultant associated with the IT industry. You start by defining the scope of your work. Next you set the deliverables following which the programmer works towards attaining the desired objective.

A Look Into Choosing Magento and WordPress For E-Commerce Development

In certain situations (though not all), we often feel puzzled whether to choose Magento or WordPress for developing e-commerce site. Both of the platforms boats remarkable features and can help set-up a functional e-store.Therefore, instead of choosing one you can integrate Magento and WordPress to avail benefits of both these platforms.

How To Develop Advanced Object-Oriented Program In PHP

A brief introduction to PHP A server-side scripting language, PHP is used in the development of web pages. In recent years, this language has become largely popular because of its simplicity. The code can be combined with HTML scripts and once the PHP code gets executed, the web server sends forth the resultant content in the form of images or HTML documents that can be interpreted easily by the browser. The importance and capabilities of Object Oriented Programming or OOP is not unknown to the PHP programmers and is a technique widely used in all modern programming languages.

CakePHP 3.0 Served Hot And Fresh

Just recently, the CakePHP development team announced an alpha launch of their new CakePHP 3 version. Considered to be a veritable game changer, we take a look at the various features that makes this development framework better than its predecessors. Get ready as we serve you all the information on CakePHP 3.0 fresh and hot.

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