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Software Testing Phases

IEEE standards are most accepted in the software testing industry. However, it is not mandatory that all software testing processes have to follow the standard. Software testing has many different phases but we cover the test planning, test specification and test reporting phase in this article.

How To Debug Your VB – VBA Code

How to stop your VB/VBA code in its tracks while it is running. Make changes without stopping the code’s execution and without having to rerun it after you make corrections. When you see a mistake in the logic, correct it, back the execution point up to the problematic line and continue from there, step by step.

Why Learn the Python Programming Language? 9 Features of Python

Python is a programming language developed by Guido van Rossum. It is a dynamically typed language with very high level data structures. It is used in a number of places including Google and Nasa.

The Software Testing Process – What Needs To Done

The basics of software testing and how to ensure it is done to a high standard.

Offshore Software Testing

Software Testing is the most important phase in the Software Development Life Cycle. It is a crucial step that determines the final output. However, companies always do not have an in-house resource team to conduct a thorough and a professional test of the software. This is where offshore software testing steps in.

Dagstuhl Seminar End – User Software Engineering

This is a summary from reading this abstracts paper from the Dagstuhl Seminar End-User Software Engineering and it has lots of interesting points to make. The Dagstuhl Seminar on End-User Software Engineering was held in the International Conference and Research Center (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl. During the seminar, several participants presented their current research, and ongoing work and open problems were discussed.

The Importance Of Software Testing Strategy

The Importance Of Software Testing Strategy To Software And Application Development.

The Essentials Of Software Testing – What Everyone Must Know About Computer Software Testing

A discussion of benefits of and how successful software testing is done.

Levels of Software Testing

This article is about Levels of Software Testing.

Quality Assurance & Software Testing by Softage

Software testing Services can produce effective results in Software Project Outsourcing. One should always do proper research before selecting a software testing services provider if they have proper infrastructure for Software Quality assurance & testing.

How I Would Program a Computer to Be Creative

First we must put in all the data from WikiPedia and dialogues from teenagers in chat rooms, business miscellaneous emails, coffee shop conversations and chatter from the lines at the post office, DMV, barber shops, hospitals, church groups and bowling alleys. We need to load in the Library of Congress and information from every language and time in history.

Design Patterns for Software Engineering

Design patterns are a relatively new concept in software engineering, and have their origins in civil engineering. Essentially they are a blueprint for solving a specific problem, allowing the benefits of an optimal solution to be carried forward to new implementations.

Software Testing A Brief Primer

There are many published definitions of software testing, however, all of these definitions boil down to essentially the same thing – software testing is the process of executing software in a controlled manner, in order to answer the question “Does the software behave as specified?”

iSeries Source Debugger – Advanced Debugging Tips

Good debugging skills seem to be going the way of the Do-Do. In recent months I have been stunned by the number of seemingly talented developers that are completely lacking in solid debugging skills. If any of you fall into this group (you know who you are) the you can’t afford not develop the techniques described below. For the rest of you, there are a few advanced techniques here that you may be unfamiliar with.

Preliminary Analysis in Software Engineering

The main objectives of preliminary analysis are to identify the customer’s needs, evaluate system concept for feasibility, perform economic and technical analysis, perform cost benefit analysis and create system definition that forms the foundation for all subsequent engineering works. There should be enough expertise available for hardware and software for doing analysis. While performing analysis, the following questions arise.

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