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The Recent Market Assessment: From BlackBerry Applications to Playbook

BlackBerry is going through its lows and this article is a complete study of BlackBerry market. It also talks about the discouraged BlackBerry application development. Dedicated to BlackBerry fans, those who want to invest and those who like to remain up-to-date, this article contains topics such as: Market Perception, Playbook blunder and merits and the favorable Indian market.

Structure Query Language Base

Structure Query Language Base 5.0 from Gupta technologies, Inc. offers plug-and-play scalability across DOS, OS/2, UNIX, and Net Ware platforms. This base can run under local area network manager, local area network server…

Developing Android Applications: Would Android 3.2 Make Life Easier?

This article focuses on the latest release of Android 3.2 version. With plethora of new features, many android-powered tablets are set to receive updates. Also, it makes Android app development easier with the free launch of Android 3.2 developer’s kit.

How Can You Select The Right iPhone App Development Company?

Today, many new modern technologies are centered on the iPhone, iTunes and iPad which are why people that use such technologies need to look for the right iPhone app development company. Modern technologies such as are being used in the phones from Apple are less rigid and more flexible and also more adaptable. In fact, there are plenty of open source operating systems available that a programmer can tweak and in this way make a device more flexible.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Phone User Friendly Experience – New Wave of Personal Tech

Indeed, a good number of people that I talk to are somewhat weary and skeptical of their smart phones, and many of the features which are created using artificial intelligence to help them. They are worried that their applications are spying on them, and many of them actually are. Sometimes they are spying on customers for the wrong reasons, but most of the time they are collecting data on the user to help increase its functionality, and value thus, bringing; “Power to the User!

Why jQuery Only Works Once In Some Asp DotNet Pages

I had a strange problem where a simple jQuery expression worked once only on an ASP.NET page. It turned out that .NET UpdateProgress controls on the same page were causing problems with partial page refreshing from AJAX calls.

iPhone Application Development: iPhone Apps for Fishing Enthusiasts

Fishing, especially angling, used to be for people who could be patient, people who could wait for a long time before they caught their first fish of the day. Now there are a number of iPhone apps that give you the right location and right time for fishing: apps that make you reach a stream just when the fish do! This article list some of the apps that fishing enthusiasts will love.

ADI Announced Diff-Amp ADL5565 for High-Speed Convertor

Recently, Analog Devices, Inc., a global leading supplier for High-performance signal processing solutions and RF IC, has released a new differential RF/IF amplifier ADL5565 for high-speed 12-18 bit A/D convertor. The new amplifier has -3dB bandwidth at 5 GHz, and achieves extremely low distortion, noise and IP3/IP2 performance. ADL5565 amplifier features optimal wide bandwidth, low distortion and low noise.

How To Hire The Right iPhone App Development Companies

Choosing iPhone app development companies can be an extremely tedious task. It is important that you elect to hire a company that has a strong understanding of the application market as a whole. You will want the developer that you hire to know about porting to different types of phones as well.

Why Do You Need To Hire iPhone Developers?

There are a number of reasons why you should hire iPhone developers if you want to be more successful in your career or business. Nowadays, there is a wide usage of iPhones all over the world.

Do You Need To Be A Programmer To Make An App?

If you’re thinking about making your own app, either for the iPhone or iPad, you may be wondering whether you need lots of technical knowledge and programming skills to get started. Read this article to find out if this is true.

Leverage Web Applications Developed From C Sharp Programming Language

Microsoft Consulting comes with the package of powerful and modern technologies like C Sharp which makes web application development simpler and versatile. C# is a modern object oriented programming language which is derives all traits from C++ and include all other additional aspects of programming languages like Java. C# is a simple, modular, usable, object oriented and can be used to develop both hosted and embedded systems.

Aspects of Data Security – P A I N

With the advancement of computer network, the network security has been more crucial. Internet is subject to a network which can be accessed by anonymous. So, it is required to provide security on the data, transmitted through internet. So, the above mentioned four aspects should be kept in mind while we are talking about the security of data.

Mobile Application Development: Haste Makes Waste

Mobile apps are flooding the market, and every business is under pressure to create more and more apps that promote its products or services. Mobile apps are flooding the market, and every business is under pressure to create more and more apps that promote its products or services.But this haste can lead to the creation of apps that seem good on the surface, but don’t really deliver.

Is Your Website Traffic Up?

There is a programming language that is very flexible and powerful. It has changed the way internet pages interact with users.

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