JavaScript Arrays and methods

Demand For Diverse iPad Apps And Great Opportunities In iPad Application Development

Apple has made a habit of delivering new gadgets that live up to the hype that propaganda and advertising creates. iPad, in a category of its own, maybe somewhere between an iPhone and a laptop, has caught the public imagination and iPads are selling like hot cakes.

Setting the Z-Index for Flash

You may have run into this problem before and like many others have been driven crazy trying to get it to work. If you have been stumped trying to set the z-index of your Flash objects, fret no more. The solution is actually quite simple.

The Tips and Tricks to a Technical Interview

To get a job is not tough; to get a good job is what one is always after. In such tech times, when the hiring at reputed organizations are at an all-time high, getting a good job is as difficult as (or perhaps tougher than) it was a few years ago. The levels of scrutiny are the same, first there is a written round, then a technical interview, a Group discussion may or may not be there and in the end a HR interview.

How To Find People Using An Email Address

Learning how to find people using an email address is not really that hard, but you might not get all the right information the first time you try it. There are tons of free services out that work as a people finder.

The Best Registry Cleaner For Windows XP

If you’re experiencing errors or other problems on your computer, then you may have already heard that the “registry” may be to blame. The registry is a central storage facility for Windows, whereby all the important settings & options for your system are kept. Despite this part of your PC playing a very important role in its day-to-day operations, it’s continually causing a large number of problems – which are best fixed by using a “registry cleaner” to repair any of the potential issues you may have on your system.

DataGrid Control in WPF and LINQ Databinding

When I started working in WPF, in my first sample I tried to locate the control in the toolbox. To my surprise I couldn’t find it. I started searching it in the web for some information on that. I found though the DataGrid is not available in WPF under the framework. It is available from CodePlex for public downloading.

What Is HTML?

HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language.” In a nutshell html is the code behind the majority of websites. So actually what is html? Essentially it is a programming language consisting of “tags” and rules that can be understood by web browsers in order to display the web page. In an ideal world a web page would look the same to everyone that views it, regardless of their browser; however this is not the case as different browsers read HTML slightly differently, resulting in web pages looking slightly different to different people.

How to Avoid Top iPhone Application Development Mistakes

Developers around the world commit many common mistakes in iPhone development. This occurs due to over innovation, odd resolutions, and multi-tasking.

Joomla E-Commerce Extensions

Joomla e-commerce extensions make Joomla development of online stores very powerful. Powerful e-commerce websites can be developed using this platform.

Game Designer Job Outlook – Determining Factors

Many individuals are interested in game designer job outlook determining factors. There are many things that people must consider when they are going to enter the electronics field. Proper consideration being given to all factors is very important for the career success of any person that is getting involved in the profession.

Game Designer Training Advantages And Benefits

There are many different advantages and benefits to game designer training. Many individuals that are interested in this field are trying to find a creative outlet in order to do the best work they can. Individuals that are involved in this type of work usually have an opportunity to help with the creation of entertainment for many people.

Code Review Done The Right Way

Code reviews are one of these practices that we do all the time, but how to make sure they are really useful? What do you want to achieve by conducting a code review?

Importance of C Programming

‘C’ seems a strange name for a programming language. But this strange sounding language is one of the most popular computer language today because it is structured, high level, machine independent language. It allows software developers to develop programs without worrying about the hardware platforms where they will be implemented. The root of all modern language is ALGOL, introduced in the early 1960s. C was evolved from ALGOL, BCPL and B by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratories in 1972.

Avoid the Cyber Threat by Using a Safe Programming Language

Knowledge is Power and criminal or nation-state intelligence agencies want to get hold of Your Confidential Data. This article highlights why Safe Programming Languages are a key aspect of any Secure Information System.

How To Get The Best Game Designer Wages

Starting up a new job is an exciting period of time for an individual. However, an individual should know that they are going to want to get the best pay for the job that they do find. That is when an individual should know how to get the best game designer wages. When they know how to get those wages they will quickly see that getting the best pay is going to be rather easy when compared to trying to get those high wages without having any type of advice at all.

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