Javascript 3 Scopes – global, block and function scopes, function declaration

Free Website Templates – The Key To Getting A Professional Looking Site On the Cheap

There comes a time in every business when a website is discussed. In less than 20 years, a website has gone from being an interesting novelty to a near necessity. People don’t use phone books anymore to find goods and services, they use their computers or their smart phones. This is good for the environment as no trees are harvested to create phone books but the real reason it has taken off is sheer convenience. Telephone books are big and bulky and only show a limited amount of information. A website can be as extensive as the customer desires. The only limitation is his budget

How To Begin Creating Android And iPhone Apps

Technology has really influenced the way we live and perform our day to day chores. The majority of people already own handheld devices such as phones and tablets that they use for personal purposes and also for business. Therefore, if you are a developer, the most profitable niche you can venture into is iPhone and Android app creation. Since there are numerous users, you can create iPhone apps from great ideas and make a fortune.

A Comparison of Options for Hiring Offshore PHP Developers – Hourly, Weekly and Monthly

In order to get the desired exposure, most of the industrialists are finding it easy to switch over to internet so that they can have the opportunity of obtaining more business from all over the world. For that they need to have an attractive website which should be informative too. PHP, being the most popular language for developing webpage, is widely used by many web developers today.

Essential WordPress Security Tips and Tricks – Is Your Website Intact From Security Vulnerabilities?

There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most popular platforms available today! Almost 8.5% of websites around the entire world are based on it.

How To Get Your Idea For An iPhone App Developed

There are numerous iPhone applications that are available in the Apple app store. If your dream is to create and retail such applications, you can easily do so by following some easy paths. Since the app store is usually an extension of iTunes, the presence of you application there represents a great endorsement from Apple. The best way to get your application on the store is to come up with great and marketable iPhone app ideas and follow the guidelines laid down by Apple, to create the application.

Create A User-Friendly Website With Web Database Development

To be successful on the internet, it is essential to have a web database development that attracts a lot of attention. Most of you are aware that it is necessary to have a successful website to generate revenue.

WordPress Database Optimization

WordPress Site Running Slowly? WordPress Site Timing Out?

Hire Dotnet Developers for Custom Dotnet Development

Dotnet development permits to build advanced applications with customized features and functions. With the custom Dotnet development, you can deploy a web application that smoothens your business processes.

The Open Source Legacy – Web Application Development

One of the boons for web application development at the turn of the century has been the open source revolution. With their seeds sown in the 90’s, open source technologies changed the face of web applications by reducing development timeframes, simplifying programming conundrums and eliminating tons of bugs plaguing the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

What Is Kanban?

This is a short summary of the term Kanban as it relates to its use in the software development industry. I discuss not only the history but also whether its part of the Agile software development industry. Lastly Kanban is compared to Scrum & eXtreme programming (XP)

Enterprise Cloud Development

This is my summary on what Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) is and how a software development organization could use this blueprint or social context to make process and technology improvements. In this article I outline the blueprint and explain in depth the five steps.

Introduction To Spring Framework

Spring Framework is developed to concentrate on the complexities of the application development functions of enterprises. One of its major advantages is the layered architecture which provides an organized framework for application development. It also allows you to select the components that you wish to use.

Hire an Adobe AIR Developer for Developing AIR Applications

Packaging the native installer – An Adobe developer has to use ADT to create application installers. One can build this installer in two ways -first by using the application descriptor along with the other source files, and second by using an AIR file. An enterprise can accomplish these intricate things only when it decides to hire a dedicated Adobe developer.

ASP NET Web Development

Using ASP.NET, a programmer can build a dynamic web site. The framework was developed by Microsoft. It uses the Common Language Runtime for writing code on any supported .NET language. Applications can be built using web form pages that are contained in “.aspx” extension files. The files have static markup language. They also define the server-side web control as well as the user side.

Importance of Web Application for Business

Web applications are very important and benefit companies in many ways. A good web application is helpful in analyzing the buying behavior of customers and social media apps make companies promote products and services for a meager cost. It has got an edge over desktop application because of its wide range access at the same time.

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