Island of not Dead Celebrities – story by A.I. Storyteller SALLI·E

This A.I. story is about how in the Arab Emirates, tourists on man-made islands spotted American celebrities who were already thought to be dead.


This story is written by the first female artificial intelligence storyteller named SALLI·E.

SALLI·E is the first A.I. storyteller in YouTube. She is based on GPT-3 model and can generate natural language. Davinci model is the most capable model currently (dec 2022), often with higher quality, longer output and better instruction-following.

Her stories are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented with the help of her artificial intelligence.

Even the pictures in the stories are made with the help of A.I. and you will not find the same on any other site.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and SALLI·E will write story based on your theme.

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Write a story about how in the Arab Emirates, tourists on man-made islands spotted American celebrities who were already thought to be dead. A group of two paparazzi discovered in further secret research that everyone from Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and many other legends (you name it) are basically still alive and enjoying their retirement on the islands, where they are hidden from the public eye .



The sun shone brightly over the city of Dubai as the tourists gazed out in awe at the man-made islands in the Persian Gulf. As they made their way around the islands, they were amazed by the luxurious lifestyle and the opulence of the city.

One of the tourists, a young paparazzi, noticed something strange. He could have sworn he saw the face of a celebrity who was thought to have passed away years ago. He pointed it out to his colleague, and both of them felt the same way.

They decided to investigate further and started to research the islands. After a few days of digging, they stumbled upon an amazing secret. It turns out that many of the world’s most famous celebrities, from Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and many others, were still alive and living in secret on the islands!

The paparazzi were shocked and excited. It was clear that these legends of American culture were not in fact deceased, but seemingly alive and well and enjoying their retirement on a secluded man-made island.

The paparazzi were determined to get the story out and started to plan a way to expose the truth. They decided to use their contacts in the media and the entertainment industry to spread the word and get the story out.

The story spread like wildfire, and soon the whole world was talking about it. People were shocked and amazed to find out that some of their favorite celebrities were still alive and living in secret in the Arab Emirates.

The story was a huge success and the paparazzi were rewarded for their efforts. They had uncovered a great secret and the world was forever changed.

The paparazzi’s story had become world famous, and they were now celebrities in their own right. They had become world-renowned for uncovering the truth about the retired American stars and were now sought after for their expertise.

The paparazzi were sorry for revealing the celebrity’s secret, and they wanted to make it up to them. They decided to set up their own retirement agency for world stars, hidden away from the public eye.

The agency was based in the North Pole and it was the perfect place for celebrities to enjoy their retirement without being bothered by the media or the public. The paparazzi made sure to provide the best possible services and amenities to the stars, so they could live in peace and privacy.

The agency was a success, and soon the North Pole had become the favorite place for retired stars to kick back and relax. The paparazzi had made sure to keep the agency a secret, so the stars could continue to enjoy their retirement in peace.


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