Is ChatGPT a Disruptor or a Distraction? On the Other Hand

Two weeks ago, a new artificial intelligence program, ChatGPT, made its debut online. This project from the OpenAI research lab can write essays and carry on convincing written conversation. Does ChatGPT represent a breakthrough that will spawn new businesses? Or is it more of a gimmick? Jon Fortt argues both sides in the latest On the Other Hand, on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Two weeks ago a new artificial Intelligence program called chat GPT Made its debut online this project from The open AI research lab can write Essays and carry on convincing written Conversation so does chat GPT represent A breakthrough that will spawn new Businesses or is it more of a gimmick John Ford is here to weigh in John Enlighten us what’s up well Becky I mean Chat GPT is a disrupter and a game Changer for business communication this Communication the ability to Marshal Facts organize ideas stir passions it’s Now something software can do computers Have achieved a sort of creativity so How do we get here well seven years ago Sam Altman Elon Musk and others pooled More than a billion dollars to research AI that benefits humanity and then three Years ago Microsoft threw in another Billion this is important because GPT Comes out in the same year that openai Released Dali 2 which generates digital Images that seem to be photographs or Drawings or paintings created by a human So what’s the business application well My bet is on sales first soon a Company’s most effective emailed sales Overtures will be training material for A chat GPT like bot that scours the Potential customer’s website crafts a Custom pitch humans will just swoop in To close the deal another use bot should

Be able to look at sales and inventory Data and quickly craft a narrative that Highlights trends that a human wouldn’t Quickly find conversational AI is a tool To help us learn faster apply it in the Right way and there are billions to be Made Becky all right what about chat Gpt’s accuracy problems does it know how To say that it doesn’t know something Well On the other hand chat GPT is already Getting overhyped how do I know I tried It I asked it to write this on the other Hand segment and I’m happy to report it Did a horrible job and then I asked to Write a Shakespearean sonnet and it Performed Like A Gifted 8th grader who Doesn’t quite understand iambic Pentameter yet so here’s the thing the Problem isn’t that chat GPT is imperfect Aren’t we all the problem is it betrays Zero self-doubt and it doesn’t show its Work as a source of information it’s a Bit of a black box unlike Wikipedia Which shows you references or Google Which shows you Links at least with Those it’s easier to assess the quality Of information you’re getting chat gbt Has value in that it commoditizes Bland Communication in the same way that early Business websites eliminated low-level Stock Brokers and travel agents but for It to reach that level of business Impact where it can disrupt today’s

Information Giants it needs to be more Transparent ironically The Parlor trick Aspect of chat GPT requires that it Pretend to be an expert but its value Will be limited until it gets better at Asking for help with what it doesn’t Know it’s just like an obnoxious You know self-confident Like we all know yeah like kind of like I mean but kind of like this song but Isn’t it We’re just in the beginning we’re like In the first thing you’re asking for us In six months from now I mean they’ll Give you links they’ll give you Footnotes you’ll have all of that stuff And but that’s a design issue more than An artificial intelligence issue and I Think the question is that way yeah will They design it to be transparent and That might require something well you You actually think they don’t want it to Be transparent well I think right now It’s pretending to be human and that’s Part of the part of the trick part of The joy is oh wow look what it’s giving Me I almost can’t distinguish this from The real thing but I think there’ll be a Bunch of links and blah blah blah blah Blah it sounds like a weapon I would Imagine instead if you were sending out The sale the the sales notice It would generate the thing for you it Would put the footnotes in for you you

Could then judge whether it’s actually Any good or not and the information’s Right and if you therefore then chose This is what you do in the UI of it but That you that you want to send it out to All your clients and make it look like You wrote it and and you feel Comfortable with all the citations but You remove the citations and then it’s The right but I think it’s like I think That sounds like it is a lot of work to Go back and do some of the same things You want this it’s just like when you Know they’re saying in some of these Chats if you’re online doing retail or Anything you know hey can we help you With something you know it’s not a real Person they try as much as they can they Even give them a stupid name hi I’m Melanie you know you’re not Melanie You’re the bot yeah so and I guess my Other question is it’s probably going to Get way better from here it is scary When you can’t distinguish though In a certain design I think better Actually is worse because it gets closer To being right right but the way these Things are trained there’s actually a Ton of data going into it which is great We need a degree of confidence right Don’t you think and I would imagine There will be an Enterprise version of This for folks that will offer degrees Of confidence around specific things it

Might highlight something that will tell You our degree of confidence is 100 our Degree of confidence is you know 40 and Then you’ll make some choices I hope so Don’t you think well that’s the part I Don’t understand our history with this Sort of thing is sometimes we let the Technology get way down the road before We discover oh well you know like social Media connecting people there are Downsides to that maybe we should have Designed you know let’s start them thank You cards Thank you My kids would love that and you know It’s pretending to be human aren’t we All sort of at times I mean ice more Than ever yeah for yourself I just say it’s got a lot of a sonnet That’s what you start with I mean you Know how hard it is to write eight it’s On it maybe some hype I do something I Do I enjoy it’s pretty amazing let’s be Honest it is oh yeah it’s amazing it is Amazing and a little a little scary yeah And there’s a handwriting stuff thing Too do you have that the handwriting Thing yeah that company sadly went out Of business did it really it did yeah I’m excited it was acquired by 3M who Then shut up thank you notes in Handwriting program Damn wow yep pretending to be human Christmas cards

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