Introduction to JavaScript, Variables and Data types – JavaScript for Beginners

UML Diagrams As A Tool For A Software Development Team

The global market is much too convoluted and relentless to be run on manpower and note-taking alone. Software systems are crucial to a company when handling large amounts of data processing, customer transactions, or client databases.

What Makes Your Website Work for You?

The most imperative element to remember while planning a website is to equip it with browser compatibility for a wide range of clients. The clients around the globe use diverse sorts of browsers to get to the web, and consequently you have to verify that the site you outline and set up on the web is available to every one of them. You ought to verify that the site loads are well utilizing the most well-known browsers, in addition to the ones that are released or updated recently.

5 Tips for Learning to Code the Easy Way

Learning to code is one of the tough decisions you can make. At first we start with a very high enthusiasm and zeal to beat the beginner stage in 21 days or less, but hit a brick and end up being novices. Learning to program is like learning to speak a new language.

Five Reasons To Choose PHP For Web Application Development

Created in the year 1995, PHP – the leading open-source scripting language – gathered storm only in the last decade, thanks to the surge in demand for web application development. Based on data by W3Techs, an Austria-based survey center for web technologies, the very fact that almost 82 percent of all websites run on PHP shows the remarkable command of the language.

How to Learn to Code Programming Languages Such As Java

Coding isn’t as hard as you think! White boarding is a skill that will set you apart from the crowd and set you up for a great career. This article tells you how to learn to code a computer language such as Java.

An Overview of Entity Framework in ASP Net and Its Use in the Industry

The given article deals with the basics of Entity Framework in .NET by Microsoft and talks about the advantages of using this framework and how it is an important technology used by the firms who are developing websites and web applications.

Core PHP Web Development VS Use of Frameworks

Some believe that core PHP web development is better and some believe that frameworks make things easy. In this post we shall explore the two options and understand the differences between core PHP development and the use of frameworks.

What Are Mobile Sites and How Have They Changed the Landscape of Digital Markets?

The article deals with the basics of mobile websites and the way they’ve shaped up the digital market in the recent past. A mobile site is the mobile version of the actual website that is developed separately to optimize for the smaller screen of the mobile phones. Mobile sites are not just optimized using RWD (Responsive Web Design) to adapt to screen sizes but they’re built differently to allow a company to share the same content as on the desktop site with their mobile users without comprising on the readability and the usability of the website.

Tips on How to Migrate to Drupal

If you have a proprietary CMS system with a massive amount of data, files, pictures and videos, then it is better to switch to Drupal. A hugely popular open source content management framework, Drupal is robust, secure and scalable with a rapidly growing community of around 1 million members and 31,000 developers. Drupal is used by some of the world’s leading media and publishing companies, government organizations, corporates, non-profits and educational institutions.

Quick Stats That Reveal Developers’ Love Affair With Android

If you thought iOS enjoyed maximum attention from the mobile developers, maybe it’s time you think again. With the steady rise of the Android as a platform and popularity of Android apps, the mobile developers are shifting their focus from iOS to Android. Here is why.

Talking Code – Learn To Speak Developer

Software is big business, and mobile apps offer new ways to connect with your customers to enhance your brand. But sometimes the software development process seems much harder than it should be. In fact, it’s surprisingly common for customers to express dissatisfaction when the project is completed.

Features of Java

The features of java are also called java buzzwords. They are simple and object oriented. They are not dependent on any platform.

A Practical Guide to Help Choose a Mobile App Development Agency

The mobile apps field is a rather new one which didn’t quite exist at all a couple of decades ago. This however, doesn’t mean that we are only left to deal with newbie developers. Look for agencies headed by people who have extensive experience in working with apps and their development. A HTML5 developer, for example, who has been in the coding and development industry for a while would have gathered all the skills and knowledge required to address any kind of requirement.

Why Tim Berners-Lee Deserves The Same Respect As Newton?

There come evolved minds, far and few, which almost single-handedly changes the course of human civilization. Their creativity and vision gives humanity that extra push needed to leapfrog the petty boundaries we create for ourselves. This article explores the birth of the World Wide Web – starting from an unofficial project in CERN to unleashing itself as an unstoppable force that has created uncountable billion dollar enterprises.

10 Reasons to Choose WooCommerce

Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It’s perfect for small businesses if you plan to take your store online without much hassle. So, here are the top 10 reasons why you should go for Woocommerce.

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