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What Is The Difference Between A Website And A Web Application?

This article details out the technologies that are used while creating web applications and pIan this article, we outline the core elements that differentiate a website and a web application? Even though they may seem the same to any lay-person, there is a clear and precise way to tell them apart and it is more than just a couple hundred dollars, as joked by someone online. Does a website only point to a specific page while a web application be defined as a portal of content and information? Maybe so, however, the clearer definition came from Kerrek, a seasoned Stack Overflow user, based on content and user interaction. Another person has made the difference using user input v/s functionality. Read this article to clear your doubts and understand the points differentiating a website and web application better.rovides a deeper look into what is used based on the requirement.

Confessions of a Bedroom Programmer

Programming can be quite additive and it is important to understand how your life can be affected. I have used a little humour in this article to get the point across.

The Benefits of Learning How to Program Computers

Programming the BBC Micro at school introduced me to the wonderful and exciting world of programming. In this article I share with you the benefits of learning how to program computers and create your own software.

How to Structure Your Programming Code

Learn how to write your program using the correct structure to make it run better, and become more readable for later editing. Covering the use of REM Statements, loops and subroutines written in a more constructed way.

How Retro Text Adventure Games Are Put Together

This article covers the basic information on constructing a retro text adventure game. Learn about putting together locations, connections and objects.

Magento 2 GDPR – A Brief

The pen work is about the GDPR compliance in European Union and its effect on businesses in EU region and EU based global networks. Magento provides extensions for GDPR compliance incorporation in its stores. It has revised their data protection policy with new terms and conditions based on GDPR regulations.

5 Ways NodeJs Simplifies App Development

NodeJs is widely adopted by development companies as it helps reduce the time to market for apps. A large number of businesses looking to build their apps are choosing NodeJS development services to reduce the time to market and operating costs for their apps.

WooCommerce Theme Development Tutorial in 2018

Woocommerce has gained immense recognition in the recent years and its popularity is not hidden from anybody. It is one of the world’s favorite eCommerce systems, loaded with all basic and advanced features. Actually, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, yes it is a plugin which converts WordPress into an online shopping store.

5 Best Tips to Avoid App Developers’ False Claims

App development industry is one of the opportunistic fields in the market. If you want to have a successful app, you must to do a few things. Know the tricks of building an application.

How Does A Free App Make Money?

Free apps can also bring you profits. You need to create an application that shares an interest with your targeted audience. Follow a few strategies to earn revenues from your app. Read on to know more.

9 Reasons Why Website Projects Fail

Basically every project uses some sort of CMS websites. Instead of painting a canvas in the old days of HTML, the requirement is to build software applications that need to follow more traditional development approaches.

RSpec Tutorial – How To Set Up Tests For Ruby/Rails Applications

RSpec is a testing framework for Ruby on Rails. Rather than relying on hearsay and luck, the “TDD” (Test Driven Development) process ensures that users are able to manage the system and its features in a controlled manner. This tutorial explains how it works (it’s actually very simple).

Advantages Of Outsourcing Software Development

Let’s face it: an inexpensive, faster and more productive manner to do things is sought by entrepreneurs. In this day and age new technologies have moved drastically forward allowing professionals to do their job online everywhere and at anytime. The overhead costs related to taxes, health care or compensations are reduced with help of these outsourcing experts who work in the software development outsourcing companies go on board as contractors.

How (Artificial Intelligence) AI Will Attract Android Users

In the recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the term “AI”. It seems more and more like Google’s an artificial intelligence company rather than a web crawling site. And with impressive results like the Google Assistant and Google Lens, it’s safe to say that they’re leading the AI revolution

How Dynamic Web Applications Are Changing the Product Advancement Diversion

Get some answers concerning the advantages and constraints of dynamic web applications Some say that dynamic web applications (PWAs) have taken programming advancement to the following level. The reason is that a PWA can work both as a web application and as a local portable application. To accomplish this adaptability, PWA engineers address certain prerequisites for progressiveness, responsiveness, availability, client experience, commitment, and establishment.

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