Intro to Recursion with Javascript – Factorial

Sferyx JSyndrome HTML Editor Control

The article focuses on the various uses and features of Sferyx JSyndrome HTML Editor. There is also a discussion on various benefits of this HTML editor component.

Question Commonly Asked by Our Clients – “What Is CSS?”

CSS is a set of specifications created by a group called the W3C, a consortium of fellow nerds paid well to figure out how the web’s supposed to function. Read More if you want to know how it works.

Java and JavaScript: Not the Same

Java and JavaScript are two popular programming languages. Because of this and their similar names, they are often confused with each other. However, they are two quite different languages. Java is a general purpose programming language while JavaScript is a scripting language primarily used on websites.

PHP Development – Best for High Quality and Low Cost Web Applications

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is extremely popular as a scripting programming language and is known for quality and dynamic web pages. It is open source and available under PHP license. Since it is free and offers multiple benefits as a web development tool, the popularity of PHP has increased manifold.

Implementing an Artificial Intelligent System to Run the Entire Energy Grid

A few months back our Think Tank was working through a thought problem, we were trying to consider how best to launch an artificial intelligent software system to run an entire energy grid for a state, nation, or region. Okay so, let’s talk about this. You see, the entire point of switching over such a system is to take human error out of the loop, and let it run on auto-pilot.

What Is WinRT?

Microsoft has re-conceived the Windows API with WinRT (the abbreviated name used to refer to the new Windows Runtime programming model). Microsoft introduced WinRT at the 2011 Build conference alongside the Windows 8 developer preview, with the notion that WinRT will propel Windows technology into a new era. It appears as if WinRT will replace Win32, the existing set of Windows operating system APIs, which is already nearly 17 years old. The new model is the foundation of Microsoft’s Metro style development framework. Currently, WinRT supports development of applications in the classic Windows style, but if past experience is to be any indication of what the future holds, WinRT is the next generation of Windows built applications.

Does WinRT Mean the End of Dot NET? No!

Anticipation and speculation were both running high before Microsoft decided to debut the new Windows 8 software package as a preview for developers during its annual Build conference this past September. The resulting enthusiasm and/or trepidation many still feel about the changes Microsoft has made to their hallowed operating system is somewhat over-exaggerated, regardless of the camp in which you reside. Developers who are afraid that .NET is dead may be at a particular risk of suffering from heightened anxiety due to the direction Microsoft is heading with Windows 8. But the question remains: does the introduction of WinRT spell the end for Microsoft .NET? The answer is no.

PHP Application Development Using CodeIgnitor

PHP Application Development has always been popular since its advent. Using CodeIgnitor it can be leveraged with better features.

AI Thinking Machines to Secure Our Electrical Grid Considered

Is there a way to make our electricity grid self-healing – there just might be, but would this work, would it be safe – free from cyber hackers, or terrorism? All good questions, and perhaps this is why an acquaintance of mine and I had approached the topic. When I first heard of such a scheme of using AI or artificial intelligence to handle such tasks, I thought to myself; sure this is a decent line of inquiry and worthy research.

Mobile Applications: An Important New Opportunity

As mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become more popular, the field of mobile programming has gotten larger. This discipline of programming is writing apps specifically tailored to run on the mobile devices. Mobile applications have many differences from their desktop counterparts, but there are also some broad similarities.

The Different Versions of Dot NET

A Summary of the differences between the .NET Versions and Why they exist. I know they’re twins, but they have such different personalities!

Manual Vs Automated Software Quality Assurance Testing

How important is testing your software during the development process and what are the testing procedures meant to detect? Coding errors, integration errors, and software bugs can be discovered using various testing methods; discovering those errors is critical to the success of the project. Two distinctly different methods include manual testing and automated testing. How effective are these two different methods?

Know Your Content Management System

I have had the opportunity to work on numerous content management systems throughout the years. I even developed my own CMS back in 2002 using ASP.NET that I recently retired in favor of the others that are readily available and free. Every content management system has its pros and cons and you need to be aware of these before you start your project.

CRM Development Solutions And Its Implementation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is crucial tool for serving better to customers who are the core of any business.It is a process or methodology used to learn more about customers’ needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them.

Facebook Apps and the Social Market

Zynga has, like other firms who have collaborated with Facebook, acknowledge the high revenue generation through Facebook. Facebook requires their site to contain user demand apps and if it is gaming that they desire, then that is where Zynga plays their role.

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