I Tried Using ChatGPT To Build A Dropshipping Store For Me… (and it actually worked lol)

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I tried using chat GPT to build a Drop Shipping Store for me and it actually Worked so if you’ve struggled to start An online business before I had this Solution for you if you don’t know me Already I’m Tanner I’m a 21 year old Ecommerce entrepreneur I run a seven Figure business I’m from a small town in North Carolina and I’ve actually been Documenting my journey as an Entrepreneur here on this YouTube Channel since I was 16. and right now I’m going to show you how I’m using this Crazy new computer program called chat Gbt to help me make more money online so Whether you’re a beginner or you’re an Existing business owner this can save You tons and tons of time effort and Energy so all I ask of you is to do Yourself the favor of taking immediate Action on this information if you like What you see so what is chat GPT all it Is is a computer program that is Designed to hold a conversation with a Program we’re actually going to be using It here very very soon in just a minute And what it does is uses artificial Intelligence or you may have heard Before AI which is a type of computer Technology that is designed to mimic Human intelligence all this means is That AI systems are able to think learn And make decisions in a way similar of You know how you and I would you know

Some common examples you may have heard Of before include virtual assistants Like Siri on your phone Alexa from Amazon self-driving cars or you know Chess playing computers and these are All systems that use complex algorithms And a lot of data to make decisions and Solve problems and they just get better And stronger as they you know get more Data and overall you know I’m not Getting to the nitty-gritty here but the Goal of AI is just to create technology That can help make our lives easier and More efficient and in this case make us More money and I wanted to tell you a Little secret here I’m actually going to Pop up a screenshot but this whole Message right here is actually by chat GPT that AI I asked it to basically just Explain Ai and chat GPT as if it was Explaining it to someone in middle School and I think it’s done a great job Here now what can you actually actually Use this for I would say most people who Will use this AI platform will just mess Around and have some fun with it but you Know in this case it’s to make more Money and I do believe if you want to Succeed in business you have to produce More than you consume so I’m going to be Showing you how you can actually use This program to shortcut your success For Drop Shipping digital products Because over the last six months I’ve

Been building a community to create the Most efficient and profitable online Business model that you can start as a Beginner and All Digital dropshipping is Is an e-commerce method where you sell Products that can instantly be delivered To your customers you know in technical Forms these are things like ebooks Worksheets courses Etc and you know the Best part about this outside of physical Drop Shipping which was the first online Business model that started when I was 16 is the fact that now you know you Don’t have to make these products Yourself you can use organic traffic Hacks to make sales for free and you Know one of the biggest pieces here is You don’t have to worry about the Physical product Logistics of having to Ship out all these items making sure you Have inventory shipping times unhappy Customers and a recurring product cost With digital Dropship and you sell a Product that’s digital and it costs you Nothing so essentially you can just sell It as many times you want not have to Worry about shipping and you have a very Very high profit margin and when it Comes to building a digital Drop Shipping Store the main pieces people Will struggle with is choosing a niche Choosing a product knowing who that Product is for and then actually Marketing it the right way so that’s

Exactly what we’re going to have chat GPT help us with in this video and now Just to give you a little bit of Foundation so you know what we’re Actually doing with this AI when we hop Into that here in a second I want to Give you a quick background on how the Route for starting a digital Drop Shipping Store usually starts it usually Starts you know with brainstorming you Know individual brain power and starting Off in a broad category to choose a Niche and we always start with the main Pain Point categories that humans have Of health wealth happiness and Relationships and then we break down you Know let’s say for example it’s Relationships we break that down into a Specific sub Niche which we could say is You know to get more you know how to get More matches on Tinder uh you know that Could be a specific audience a specific Sub Niche under relationships which is a Human pain point then I do market Research product research and start Putting all the pieces together but now We don’t have to do all of that Ourselves with this individual brain Power so now let’s get to the fun part Here head over to this Ai and I’m going To show you exactly how this can work Now we’re on the computer program chat GPT and I actually just had this Dialogue quickly before I filmed this

Video and I just thought it was so Amazing that I I really just wanted to Share this one we are going to mess Around with some new dialogue but I just Thought this basically helped me Shortcut the entire process and Challenge and brainstorming of choosing A niche and potential product ideas so The dialogue chat starts right down here At the bottom and what I ask is just can You give me 10 ideas of niches that Cater towards human pain points and it Immediately came back here with these 10 Ideas for niches you know inside of our Main category pain points that I Mentioned of health wealth happiness Relationships you can see here Physical Therapy Mental Health Nutrition Beauty Relationships Stress Management sleep Solutions I like that one financial Planning career coaching and time Management and productivity and what I Thought was cool was that the last one I Was like okay that could be a good idea For a niche for digital products so to Ask about the digital product side I Said is time management a good Market to Sell digital products in it said yes Time management is a good Market to sell Digital products in because many people Are looking for ways to improve their Productivity and get more done in less Time if I know it’s a good market now I Just need to know who am I going to be

Selling to and you know my ideal Customer because I can’t just make a Digital Drop Shipping Store for time Management that’s way too broad it’s Going to be much more difficult to sell Digital products marketing as just the Time management store compared to time Management for X whether that’s for uh Busy moms whether that’s for business Owners whether that’s for construction Workers or anybody it’s a specific Market which is what I like to call a Sub Niche for digital Drop Shipping so I Asked who is the Target demographic for Time management digital products and it Said it could be a wide range including Students professionals entrepreneurs and And really just anyone so the way I Looked at this when deciding okay who do I want to you know choose as my specific Sub Niche and my ideal customer saying You know who is actually going to be you Know the person that needs this the most And is willing to invest into themselves To get a digital solution out of this Specific pain point and immediately you Know as a business owner and Entrepreneur myself I saw entrepreneurs And said okay you know entrepreneurs Obviously it’s it’s a crazy Life as a Business owner if you own a business you Know and it’s your full-time thing it’s Ups and downs it can be very hectic and You know time can just kind of be lost

Sometimes and I decided okay I’m gonna Do time management digital products for Entrepreneurs that’s going to be my Specific sub Niche my ideal customer so Then I came down here I said I want to Create a digital product to help E-commerce entrepreneurs I even went More in depth and said to manage their Time better can you give me some ideas And so sure here are some ideas for Digital products that could help E-commerce entrepreneurs manage their Time better and what’s cool is it knows Exactly you know the difference between Just me saying entrepreneur versus E-commerce entrepreneur so it came down Here to a Time tracking and productivity App and then it came down here to an Online course or webinar For the needs of e-commerce Entrepreneurs and then one that I really Really liked here was the third idea it Gave me which was a suite of tools and Templates for e-commerce entrepreneurs To use in their daily operations is this Thing is so smart for product launch Checklist customer support scripts and Order fulfillment processes which is Really really cool and could help them Streamline the processes and you know Here’s a couple other ideas with some More accountability uh Facebook groups Slack channels which are again super Great ideas if you know or have watched

Any of my other digital dropshipping Videos you know how cool this really is Compared to doing this the manual way And uh you know it really really came Down here to focusing and providing Practical actionable Solutions which is Exactly the purpose of digital Drop Shipping solving real life problems with Digital Solutions so you know taking That idea of the third one here I just Wanted to you know quickly ask it you Know can you write a customer support Script for an e-commerce business that Could be used in an ebook and the reason I said it in ebook is just because an Ebook is you know one of the easiest Digital products just to get started With in your Niche so that you can just You know make it and start marketing it And making sales to get proof of concept And if it works then you’re going to Start creating more digital products That are a little bit more uh Advanced Or in-depth so it immediately just came Back here it’s kind of an open-ended Dialogue I place but it gave me a quick Uh you know customer support email Response template as you can see right Here which is super super cool let’s see If we can feed off of this prior Question here and ask it Um Can you make The script focused on customer

Who said They are having trouble accessing our Digital product I lost connection to my hotspot so I had To refresh the page but I did copy it Before I had to reload it now it’s not Going to be able to feed off the Original script so let me tell it Um I’m building a business that sells Digital products for or let’s say cells Time management digital products for E-commerce Entrepreneurs Can you please make A Customer support script focused on Responding to a customer who said They’re having trouble accessing Our digital product So this is a very this will look at how Quick this respond And this was a very kind of in-depth Dialogue I put thing for each now I’m Sorry having your I’m sorry you’re Having access I’m sorry to hear that you’re having Trouble accessing our digital product First make sure you’re using the correct Login information Okay look at this this is a full script Now literally if I chose time management For e-commerce entrepreneurs as my Niche For a digital dropshipping store and I

Wanted to start with the product that Gives customer support scripts to help You you know kind of streamline Everything you know this is a great way To do it I could just ask for specific Dialogues in here and you know Um yeah I can even ask it Can you give me Five ebook ideas Here are five ebook ideas for digital Product business The time saving e-commerce entrepreneur 10 proven strategies for running a Successful online business Okay so I mean this wasn’t really what I Was looking for I was looking for more Maybe you know things like the customer Support script or something else but hey This is this is even better honestly I Get to see these different name ideas Which is great because some people Struggle with it because I can’t just Sell time management ebook it’s again The brand it can’t just be time Management ebook it has to be something Seen as more valuable and uh you know Something with some perceived value and You know this is a great way of it so Let’s say we’re doing an ebook for all These different options the e-commerce Time management toolkit a comprehensive Guide to organizing your business Prioritizing your tasks and managing Your time effectively now I’m curious to

See I haven’t tried this and you write An ebook about Here is an e-book about I basically just copied the name and put There Introduction This is insane this is really insane Because in digital Drop Shipping there’s A couple different resources we use for Creating our digital products and one is Using plr content existing pieces of Digital products that we can buy the Rights to for a small one-time fee and Two is Freelancers Fiverr upwork Etc Third option is making it yourself and Now another option is using something Like this AI to get your framework for Your digital product and I mean I don’t Expect this to be perfect exactly what I’m looking for oops but I can at least Take that framework and you know edit it How I want to Um you know for my potential digital Products sometimes if it gets too Overloaded I just refresh the page let’s Edit this can you write an ebook For my digital product business That helps e-commerce business owners Manage their time The product name is Okay And this is a pretty crazy input to be Honest all right so here it’s giving us A rough outline for the ebook now this

Is crazy because it basically just gives Me everything I need to do whether I Wanted to take this framework give it to A freelancer to write an ebook if I Wanted to do it myself or I could even Take these individual chapters and ask The AI to you know write it out and it’s Really crazy because you can add things Even like emotion into the equation Let’s say I wanted to write a sad ebook Can you write A sad Ebook story And I’m just going to lower the uh Name of the ebook to to manage the input A little bit but can you write a sad Ebook story from my digital product Business that helps e-commerce business Owners manage their time the product Name is the e-commerce time management Toolkit look at how crazy this is I Didn’t know what to expect when I put in Sad story but look at this the title the Price of procrastination so we’re just Telling a story About an individual business owner who Was putting things off to the last Minute tell the story of what happens And the lesson learned so This is super crazy what I just showed You is exactly how I’m using AI to make More money and that’s just scratching The surface so if this video gets 500 Likes I’m gonna make a full video

Showing you how to use this to actually Create winning marketing campaigns on Social media because that’s another Beast in itself and it’s super super Cool so if you’ve enjoyed this video Make sure to leave a big like comment And subscribe peace

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