I made ChatGPT AI write this FIRE Kendrick Lamar song

On stream the other night, we played around with ChatGPT AI’s ability to write basically anything from a prompt including dialogue, @theneedledrop review, a Kendrick Lamar song, and more. Also played around with Uberduck AI for generating TTS.


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Oh [ __ ] it worked what is this So it’s like I’m talking to a person Right Anything I asked all right all right Can’t oh I know I know hold on can you Write a Rap song for me Sure Oh oh [ __ ] I’m spitting hot fire and I’m never Gonna Tire I’m the king of the mic and I’m always on point I’m coming at you Fast and I’m Never Gonna Last I’m the Master of the flow and I’m Master always In control oh you know there’s a chorus Oh [ __ ] Oh my God it’s still going okay hold on Here Write a rap song About LeBron James kissing me [ __ ] this is fun wait hold on listen Write in argument about Asheboro and Fisher on why they get no girls Fisher I Can’t believe we didn’t get any girls at The party list [Laughter] [Applause] To some [ __ ] that we would say to each Other Wow wait what it would say try to give Oh [ __ ] okay Right in argument about asphra angry at Fisher for being ugly Fisher I can’t believe you would show

Your face in the pub like that you’re so Ugly holy [ __ ] Yeah excuse me but what are you talking About I don’t think I’m ugly at all Really because to me you’re the ugliest Person I’ve ever seen your face is Twisted and distorted and your nose is Huge and crooked Is there a text-to-speech can I text a Speech this [ __ ] AIS Texas speech what is this Selected voice Wait what do I do here Wayne All right Choose a voice Wait SpongeBob here Wait a second Full of lies I’m Gonna Roll you Like some I dice wait Kendrick is on this no [ __ ] way what the [ __ ] oh the [ __ ] Did you miss that game winning shot Broke What That’s insane ready [ __ ] did you miss that game winning shot Bro you was wide open yourself so [ __ ] mad right now bro [ __ ] how the [ __ ] you missed that game we shot them Show to Mr King William shot you break That [ __ ] like you Russell Williams Brock Euphoria thought you had their Class trust me bro we ain’t that nice

Wait there’s YouTubers and [ __ ] oh wow What the hell All right In Anthony Fantano review on my newest album All right he’s writing it he’s running It there we go all right Thank you thank you everybody Anthony What’d you think of that song and my Album hey guys it’s Anthony fantano here The internet’s busiest music nerd and I’m here to review a new album that’s Called my attention I got these bias for A where to even begin with this piece of Crap I can believe I wasted my time Listening to this awful talentless trash First off the production on this album Is a complete mess the beats are weak And generic and the instrumentation is Sloppy and inspired it’s like ask for Just for a bunch of random sounds Together and call it a day and as for The lyrics oh man where to begin their Collection poorly written and completely Devoid of any real substance or depth It’s like esper doesn’t even try to come Up with anything original or interesting To say overall I got the ice is a Complete disaster faster I can’t believe Anyone would waste their time and money On this garbage avoid it all costs [ __ ] You Anthony [ __ ] you Anthony Try to write a Kendrick Lamar song on How dazron is the richest man in the

World Bazarin is the richest Man in the world and he flies First class every flight and goes to Every Bulls game courtside All right yeah that’s good let’s let’s Do that let’s do that holy [ __ ] this is Crazy bro I’m having too much fun with It I could stay here for hours I could I Could be Oh God it’s already it’s already ready All right hold on [Music] Holy [ __ ] [Music] Yeah Serrano dancing with the richest Man alive this weather’s fastest richest Boundless in this part of my mouth but Please first place that reflect never Once a gun to me Yes sir and no that’s around the king of All these with his money in this poem Nothing can stop him he’s on top of the Word empire he’s on top of weapon from The cities to the country government Knows his name yes In the mouth Work but then decide is where there’s a Man she’s Empire I’ve ever grown and With every new Inquisition this problem Only keeps on falling yes On top of the word from the cities to The country governing knows his name yes Sir and Odessa when the richest man

Alive they they many care about Happiness but that’s not true for Deserine he has it all he’s messed up And he’s reaching for the Stars he’s the Richest man in the world and nothing can Stand in his way yes sir and Odessa We’re in the king of all he see With his money in this world nothing can Stop him he’s on top of the work from The cities to the country covering on The richest man alive my Bro this this is not this yo What that sounded like a [ __ ] real oh My god dude what The [ __ ] Oh my God I’m playing it again bro bro I’m telling you bro this is this this is There’s no way this is legal like Yesterday no that’s a richest man alive This weather’s fastest richest boundless In this problem please first place every Flight never once a gun in me crazy

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