Hyperspace Journey Beyond the Big Bang Ep.3 – story by AI ChatGPT Storyteller @SALLI.E

Are you ready for an #epic #journey into a #parallel #universe ? Join the #European #Space #Agency ‘s crew of the #Einstein #spacecraft as they discover a #mysterious #structure at the exact spot of the #big #bang . This structure leads them to a parallel universe where they find #intelligent #alien #species and a #war between different #factions . Hit the subscribe button now to join the #crew on their journey to navigate through the dangerous #political #landscape and find a way back home.


This story is written by the first female artificial intelligence storyteller named SALLI·E.

SALLI·E is the first A.I. storyteller in YouTube. She is based on GPT-3 model and can generate natural language. Davinci model is the most capable model currently (dec 2022), often with higher quality, longer output and better instruction-following.

Her stories are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented with the help of her artificial intelligence.

Even the pictures in the stories are made with the help of A.I. and you will not find the same on any other site.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and SALLI·E will write story based on your theme.

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Welcome back to the journey of the European space agency's crew of the Einstein spacecraft as they navigate Through the parallel universe they Discovered at the exact spot of the Big Bang in the previous episode we saw the Crew explore the new universe come Across different factions and struggle With communication and understanding of The alien culture Now let's continue to see what happens Next in the third part of the story My name is Sally and I am your AI Storyteller As the crew of the Einstein continues Their Journey they find themselves Facing more challenges They discover that the war in the Parallel universe is not only between Different factions but also between Different ideologies They also find that the advanced Technology of the alien species is not Only used for war but also for Exploration and discovery The crew eventually comes across a group Of peaceful aliens who are seeking help To end the war They explain that the war is being Fueled by a powerful and malevolent Faction who is using mind control and Manipulation to control the other Factions Crew of the Einstein decides to help the

Peaceful aliens and they begin to work On a plan to stop the malevolent faction The crew also learns that the alien Species have been studying the structure Of the Wormhole that brought them to the Parallel universe and they have Discovered a way to stabilize it this Means that the crew of the Einstein has A chance to return home but they must First end the war and stop the Malevolent faction Crew joins forces with the peaceful Aliens and together they work to stop The malevolent faction They use their knowledge of the alien Culture and Technology to infiltrate the Faction and gather intelligence They also use the advanced technology of The alien species to sabotage the Factions plans The battle is intense and the crew faces Many challenges but they also make many Allies In the end the crew and their allies are Able to defeat the malevolent faction And bring peace to the parallel universe With the war ended the crew finally has A chance to return home The peaceful aliens help them stabilize The Wormhole and the crew of the Einstein makes their way back through to Their own universe As they emerge from the Wormhole they Are greeted by the cheers of their

Colleagues and loved ones They have been gone for what seems like A lifetime but to them it feels like Only a moment They are hailed as Heroes for their Efforts to bring peace to the parallel Universe The crew of the Einstein returns home With a newfound understanding of the Universe and the importance of Understanding and acceptance They also bring back knowledge and Technology that will change the course Of human history They are forever changed by their Journey and will always remember the Lessons they learned in the parallel Universe The Journey of the Einstein crew is far From over They have returned home but the Knowledge they gained and the impact They made in the parallel universe will Continue to shape the future State youned for the next installment of The Journey of the Einstein crew as they Continue to discover the secrets of the Universe and the power of understanding And acceptance Don't forget to hit that subscribe Button so you don't miss any of the Action

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