How to Use Recursion to Create a Range of Numbers in JavaScript

UI and UX With Microsoft Expression Blend

Creating compelling user interfaces and user experiences are two goals all designers have in mind when they sit down to create solutions for businesses. The new version of Microsoft Expression Studio 4 has some potentially great features and some all around likable, helpful attributes aimed at assisting designers in their goal of creating impressive UI and UX you’re unlikely to see anytime soon.

Dot NET Developers in High Demand

Software developers who specialize in.NET technologies may not have chosen the most beloved programming framework to focus on, but interest in Microsoft.NET development skills is accumulating within management circles. Managers need to fill job openings in which.NET skills are highly desired, if not absolutely required. In October, renowned tech industry jobs posting board published their findings regarding a recent study of the job openings posted on their website. According to the examination of the thousands of listings found on, jobs requiring.NET skills have seen a 25% growth rate over the last twelve months. Further evidence pointing to growth in demand for both newly minted and experienced.NET developers can be found in the number of searches being performed by managers hoping to fill positions within their companies.

Localizing Text Strings on iPhone: The Simple Way

Localization of text strings on iPhone is certainly one of the easier things to handle when working on a game or application. Everything you need is already provided with the iPhone SDK. However, as you have to use specific functions for localizable texts, you would be well inspired to learn about localization techniques for handling iPhone before even you get started with coding your application.

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server: Helping Software Development Teams Manage Their Projects

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server is a tool that is designed to help software development companies effectively manage their projects. This system helps to streamline the data that is exchanged across their team and to minimize the time that is wasted during the development process. Since the focus on particular areas is defined, they can be more effective in this process.

Why Outsourcing iPhone App Development Is Needed

People are familiar with business process outsourcing and this process works efficiently for big corporate companies. These companies outsource some tasks like customer handling and other such tasks to some other companies which have well trained manpower to handle those tasks.

VBA Macros and the Relationship With VBA Converters

Learn about why VBA Converters are important and their relationship with VBA Macros. VBA converters help with converting old excel files in a excel 5.0/95 module sheet format to newer updated versions of excel 2007 – 2010.

Learn How To Master A Struts Interview

It might still be hard for you to do well in an interview related to struts framework, even after completing a number of training sessions. There are several Struts interview question streams which you might have to face.

How to Create a New Excel Workbook and Save It As a Macro Enabled Workbook

Microsoft Excel is being used world wide to manage data and record it in different forms to easily retrieve later. Microsoft Office has helped many people who are looking for a safe, quick and reliable management of their data. Microsoft Excel contains various tools, when used in combination can help manage and reproduce data in the most productive manner.

Helpful Tips When Working With Programmers on Metatrader Programming Projects

Want to get the most out of your Metatrader programmer? Here are some tips that you can follow when working with them.

Important Considerations for Hiring Application Developers

When it comes to having a Facebook application developed for your business, the most important thing to do is finding the best application developer. Thank to a large number of applications developers who are working hard to create apps to help you in developing business and reaching out to your customers, there is a huge market of professionals out there. However, finding the right person who can do the job brilliantly is one task you need to carry out very carefully; hiring the wrong person means waste of precious time as well as money.

Entering the Software Business on the Right Door

Software boutiques are a new way of defining petite software companies which are focused on a certain niche, and which are able to offer specialized support to their customers. Even more, such a firm is able to offer an unique product, tailored on the client’s needs and requirements.

How to Use The Microsoft Excel Normdist Function

One very wide mathematical function that is very frequently used for statistical purposes is known as the Normdist function. A very important tool; Normdist is often used in cases where hypothetical testing during statistical analysis is required to be done in order to perform complex mathematical tasks. Normdist works on the model of standard deviation and specified mean and calculates complex numerical data which is used for statistical research.

The Are Several Basic Ways to Learn How to Use the LARGE Function in Microsoft Excel

There are several ways of using the various functions in Excel that are included in the Microsoft Excel Tutorials, which are designed specifically for beginners. These Excel tutorials definitely include sequential steps showing you how to use the Excel functions in producing basic worksheets. There are things that you should understand and be familiar with.

How To Get The Most Out Of Points Of Sales Systems For Your Business

With lots of business chores shouting for attention, it pays to have everything in your office handy and convenient to use. Through finding business tools that permit total automation, you won’t have to fret about wasted time (which means wasted money too) and you can have your business running smoothly and profitably at all times. On that single note, using Point of sales Systems (POS) is one of the most advantageous tools for business automation you can ever find.

Different Types Of Technical Translation

In any kind of business or dealings, it is considered to be a good deal by most people if they hit the trifecta for output: low cost, quality work, and fast turnaround. With technical translation, it can be achieved, but through varying means, each putting an emphasis on only one factor of the proverbial trifecta. Here we go through the different types of technical translation for your information and understanding.

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