How to Use Recursion to Create a Countdown in JavaScript

IE9 Embraces IE Plugins Development As It Gets Rid of Vulnerabilities

As IE regained its position in the market, IE Plugins development flourished. Today, IE offers several plugins to serve several purposes. This article also includes certain details about recent IE patches. We will also discuss about the latest plugins for Internet Explorer.

Make Uploading Data to Your Website Easy With a PHP File Upload Utility

Aurigma is a complete solution for uploading data to your website. It implements a user-friendly and reliable PHP file upload section to your site which makes it easier to manage photo albums and other data.

Visual Basic Programming Versus Visual C Sharp

So which language is better – Visual Basic or Visual C#? Not that I’m biased, but here a few reasons why I’d choose Visual Basic is my preferred development language any day of the week.

Steps in Program Development

Computer programming is an art. Many people believe that a programmer must be good at mathematics, have a memory for figures and technical information, and be prepared to spend many hours sitting at a computer, typing programs. However, given the right tools and steps to follow, anyone can write well designed programs. It is a task worth doing, as it is both stimulating and fulfilling.

Upcoming Multi-Faceted SharePoint 2010 Services and Integration With Cloud

Custom SharePoint 2010 Application development is in high demand due to its robust nature and highly reliable web application development services. This article talks provides an introduction to SharePoint 2010 and its purpose, its integration with cloud and the upcoming SharePoint services.

An On-Line Training Guide to Programming in Excel Visual Basic for Applications Macros

Programming in Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is easy – it’s getting started that is the problem! This article explains how you can write your first macro, and gives you hints on where to go from there. So if you want to automate what you do in Excel, and aren’t sure where to start, read this article and take your first steps in Excel programming!

How to Use the GAMMAINV Function in Microsoft Excel

Do you know how to use Excel? Do you have the idea about Excel functions? How it is use? How can you apply them? If you are not that much familiar with the Excel and its functions, specially with the GAMMAINV Function, then have to find some tutorials and read about its basics. And this will all be discussed as you go on with the article.

Pro Web Design: Starting Your Business

Looking to start a web design business? Learn the tips and tricks of the trade, as well as what you need to get started. No longer is a deep foundation in programming all that’s required; we look at the knowledge, the passion, and the business sense you need.

An FAQ Addressing Mobile Application Development Concerns

This article acts as an FAQ for mobile application development. It is a simple way to address concern pertaining to software development for mobile devices. Right from arguing on the cost of development to analyzing what suits you the best, this article is an experts’ advice before engaging into mobile application development.

Self Taught PHP, Easier Then You Might Think

PHP programming seems a huge step for the common HTML designer, but with the world wide web at your finger tips it shouldn’t be. Remember to be precise and take baby steps, I say anyone can be a PHP programmer.

What Can a Custom Software Developer Do for You?

A custom software developer will take everything needed to develop the product under one hat. This means they have the step-by-step resources to complete the job.

Want an IE of Your Own? Get Involved in BHO Development

This article demonstrates the power of BHO development. Browser Helper Object development is a convenient way for customizing your browser. In this article, you will learn the basic concept of BHO, its use and misuse and the developer’s view to Browser Helper Object.

Microsoft Excel FTEST Function Overview

For years, the kind of spreadsheet program developed from fairly simple sheet to an application with ability to perform complex operations. The problem for most people is figuring out where they can begin and how each of the function can be used. Books are also great tools if you want to learn, but excel training is where you will have to grasp full potential of the application easily. With the proper instructional program, you could obtain the base foundation of the knowledge with one day training.

Fruits of iPad Application Development: 6 Must-Have iPad Apps

Apple’s iPad has captured the collective imagination of today’s youth, and many believe that iPad and similar devices will replace laptops in near future. The popularity of iPad and its rising sales have led to the development of numerous iPad apps. This articles list some of the best iPad apps-apps that you have to have on your iPad!

Coding Standards and Hiring Developers

Hiring developers from an offshore company is always beneficial for your budget but there are certain parameters need to be taken care for successful and quality project completion. One of the most important parameter is international standard following in code structure.

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