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Test Phase in the Software Life Cycle

The objective of testing is to certify the correctness, completeness and reliability of the software. The software test is influenced by 5 parameters: the development model, knowledge of the code, the time of development, the level of automation and the granularity. Example of test code with Android are useful to go in depth of this concept.

Software Quality Testing

Software testing is one of the important parts in Software development as well as in web development. It is one of the most important phase in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Most of the software projects fail due to lot of bugs or errors in it. So to maintain quality, software testing is important.

Functional Software Testing BSC

The testing BSC that is connected to the actual assurance of the quality of the business really depends on the KPIs that the business considers to be very important. The balanced scorecard will just go with the flow especially when this is needed by the company.

Explore the Key Benefits of Software Test Automation For Improving the Performance of Your Business

There are many business benefits that you can sought out from high quality software test automation. This article attempts to site a few key advantages among them.

Remotely Debugging Software

The level of variation in end-user PCs presents a serious challenge to software developers. A program that works perfectly well in the development lab can easily fail when released to end users, even after careful testing.

Open End Coding – Computers Vs A Human Brain

Awhile back, I was tasked with coding textual responses of four open ended questions in a survey with 1000 respondents.  Searching for a more efficient way of finishing this task, I stumbled upon a software, which uses linguistic technologies to flag key words and categorize textual responses.

Using HTTP Debugger to Debug Web Sites

HTTP debugger is the premiere tool for IT pros who need a well managed full scale tool to grab, read and even analyze HTTP/HTTPS traffic between applications, web browsers web servers. Web developers, software pros, even system admins will find that there is no better tool to have in their arsenals than HTTP Debugger. Web Developers can pinpoint traffic bottlenecks and find specific errors in site programming.

An Introduction to Software Debugging

Software makes our life easier but can sometimes crash. Software debugging is the art of finding that glitch in the source code.

Google Has Introduced Its Very Own Programming Language Known As ‘Go’

Google has introduced its very own programming language known as ‘Go.’ The goal with Go is to combine faster application development with simpler coding. One could label it a combination of C++ and Python, as it serves as a systems language but is much faster for development like Python.

Software Development Testing – An Important Step in Assuring the Quality of Software Products

Software development testing is one of the important steps used by software engineers for successful development of any software product. With this, software engineers would have to perform tests or quality assurance manually or used the automated software to make the software bugs free. Software testing is a service that will test your software product and try to find errors, glitches, and other problems present the in programming codes, which are common with all original software packages.

How Important is Software QA Testing?

Offshore QA testing services can also offset late development and testing. Sometimes, due to limitations in resources, projects focus on product or software development, leaving out QA at the start of the project.

Software Performance Testing

If you need to test the hardware of your computer, you also need to test your software. They work hand in hand you see.

The Simplest Programming Language That’s Useful For Everyone

Autohotkey is a simple programming script that you may use to assign hotkeys to open programs/folders, assign macros to automate daily tasks, and much more. Everyone is able to use it to make their lives easier when dealing with computers. The language itself is very simple to understand, commands such as {ENTER} means to press the enter key on your keyboard, and {SHIFTDOWN} for example means holding down the shift key. The straight forward syntax naming makes it easy to learn unlike other programming language.

Computer Programming Concepts For Beginners – The Basic Procedures Involved

The process of instructing or telling a computer what to do is called computer programming. It involves writing valuable, sustainable, extensible commands that can be read by a computing system to do a significant task.

10 Reasons Why C is the Best Programming Language For Beginners

With the plethora of programming languages these days, and the massive programming information available in the Internet, it can be difficult for a beginner like you to know where to start. When it comes to programming language for beginners, C is an excellent choice.

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