How to use ChatGPT to build Business Ideas, Sites & Personal Projects

ChatGPT is more than just a language model, it can be used to create websites, businesses and much more. And I would know best, as I created, built, and sold a business using OpenAI platform just this year. So in this video, I’m going to explain how to use ChatGPT and its models so you can do the same. The video is structured in three parts.

Video 1 – What is ChatGPT (Introduction)

Video 2 – Crash Course ChatGPT

Video 3 – I created a SaaS in 30 days

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Chat GPT is more than just a language Model it can be used to create websites Businesses and much much more and I Would know because I created built and Sold a business on open ai’s platform Just this year so in this video I’m Going to explain how you can do the same Using chatgpt and its models I’ve Structured this video in three different Parts the first part of this video will Cover the real world example of the Business I created and then sold the Second part of this video will cover how To use chatgpt and its tools and models To actually build websites applications And businesses and the third and final Part will be the technical aspect which Is what this actually looks like behind The scenes what you have to do in terms Of writing the actual code and how to Implement it into your own application Or website if at any point you feel Stuck or you want more information I Also have three useful videos that will Help you the very first is an Introduction to what chatgpt is and how It works the second is a crash course on Using charge EBT essentially doing the Prompts and getting the outputs that you Would like and the third and final one Is the behind the scenes look at the Business I created called enhance UI all Of these videos should have popped up as Tooltips up here otherwise they’ll also

Be in the link in the description below So let’s start off with the first part Of this video how chat GPT is more than Just a model for chatting to an AI and How it can be used to solve problems as Well as create business opportunities They’ve only recently opened up chatgpt To be available and free for anyone to Use which means you can try it out right Now at the link in the description below But on top of that they’ve also made the Openai models available for anyone to Build out any ideas whether it’s for Your own business or even just an idea Or a hobby you have so while openai had This restricted behind a private beta I Was lucky enough to get access to that Private Vader these models weren’t as Refined as chat GPT is today you had to Play around with lots of parameters to Get the outputs you wanted and there was No nice interface to be able to chat Along with it you can still access that Playground I’ll link it in the Description below where you get to play Around with a bit of a Sandbox of chat GPT and its models and you can also Figure out exactly how you might Consider building your own business or Ideas so moving back to this idea that I Built up it was to solve my own problems Back then these problems were to do with Development and coding because I was Making a lot of mistakes and I wanted to

See if this AI model could basically Help me solve them and so I trained GPT To do this quite effectively I built a Front end and a back end around this Website and I called it enhanced AI it Was essentially just like chat EBT just Dumb down a little bit so that any Developer could get answers to very Specific questions that they were asking Questions included explaining a piece of Code very similar to what chatgpt does Now as well as converting a piece of Code from say JavaScript to Python and Many many more examples while this kind Of worked the original models from Openai which were called DaVinci at the Time weren’t that great at coding it Wasn’t until codex was released this Model which is specifically designed for GitHub co-pilot that we started to see The coding opportunities from openai Unfortunately the release of GitHub Co-pilot also made my openai model a Little bit redundant so I have pivoted And focused more on content writing as Well as blogs and blog outlines I Created a Content editor that was using Open ai’s models and this actually was Quite successful I created a number of Really cool features here things like Fixing grammar lengthening sentences and Even a micro predict feature which would Essentially write out a paragraph for You similar to what you have in Gmail

But in an entire paragraph rather than Just a word or two so I decided to take This business to Market I listed it on a Website called micro acquire this is a Website where you can list businesses For sale even business ideas and I was Able to sell it to a third-party Blogging organization I went on to sell This for about thirty thousand dollars And this should give you an idea of how Chatgpt open Ai and its models can be Used to start any type of business in Any type of Industry with that said Let’s move on to the second part of this Video in this part I want to explain Exactly how you yourself can start Building and utilizing the open AI Models as well as chat GPT itself in Your day-to-day life as well as to build Your own startup business idea or much Much more I’ll do this in two parts the First we’ll have a look at chat GPT Itself to see exactly how you can use it In business and in work and even just in Your personal life the second part will Be having a look at the more advanced Models that chat GPT is based on Traditionally you’d use chat GPT to ask Questions questions like how to build a Website unfortunately questions like This don’t provide the best results Simply because it will only give you a Text-based response if you want to be Smarter around your prompts you’ll be

Able to get much more information the Very first part of this is actually Putting in specific code that you might Want to have solved and then prompting Chatgpt to solve it for you so as an Example of that instead of saying how to Build a website we could say build a Website starter template for a page Called Index.html for this example instead of Just getting a text-based reply on how To build a website we’ll actually get The code involved in build it’ll look Something like this and you’ll be able To Simply copy paste the code straight In this of course applies to any problem You might have you can ask chatgpt to Essentially write any type of code Whether it’s a JavaScript function to Complete an event where it tracks your Mouse or some python code to do some Algebra of course not all businesses are Developer related there are certain Businesses that might be say in Recruitment and it might involve for Example scanning through lots of resumes Chat GPT can be used to scan through a Resume and then identify key criteria Such as skills or job experience and Then pull those individuals out to mark Them for review a feature like this Could save countless hours to a Recruiter who for example might have Have to scan through thousands of

Resumes every single day and this is Just the beginning of the kind of Practical use cases that chat GPT might Have on business I’m gonna show some Practical examples so that you guys can Use this to apply it in your own Industries here I’m going to get chat GPT to write a cover letter for a Developer with skills in angular of Course this is a bit of joke we’re Actually looking for a react JS Candidate and with that we’re going to Ask open AI system here to check whether Or not this person has a react.js Experience we’re going to only ask for a Yes or no reply predefined prompts like This where you can copy paste a resume In and then ask chatgpt to answer for You a yes or no reply will essentially Make the job of the recruiter much Easier and this is where we’ll now start To take a step outside of just chat GPT And have a look at open ai’s other Models as well as its playground to Really test the boundaries of what’s Possible in terms of doing things just Like this what you’ll need to do is head Over to the original open AI website by Simply removing the chat part of the Domain and just going to head Over to apis and then select to login if You’ve created a login with chatgpt then You should be able to log into this Interface just fine once you’ve logged

In you’ll be taken to this dashboard Here which normally you could go to open AI chatgpt3 but in this example we’re Going to head over to the quick start Tutorials as well as the examples I’m Going to head over to examples here and We’re going to get quite a few different Types here I’m not going to cover all of These models but it is a good idea to Actually test these out yourselves Because there are quite a few Interesting things that chat gpt’s Models can do here things like convert Movies to emojis or classify text There’s quite a few different examples Here but let’s actually have a look at a Simple one I’m going to start off with This summarization for a second grader And this will open up in the playground Environment this playground you’ll Notice is all text based but the Difference here in terms of chat GPT as Well as this playground is the fact that It is all in one big text box you ask Your question here and chat gpt3 or at Least text DaVinci 003 will give you a Response I’ve clicked submit so that you Guys can have a look and it comes out With the summary here for Jupiter now What’s interesting to note is the Different models we have available to us Here this is not technically chat GPT This is DaVinci 003 it has different Responses so does Curie and some of the

Other examples like even crushman which Is sort of like the Codex model that a GitHub copilot is based on Now using These we can even customize them further With things like the temperature here Which is technically a statistic of Randomness where a temperature of zero Give us no Randomness whereas a Statistic of one will give us lots and Lots of Randomness in the answers these Are all predefined in chat GPT but these Are all customizable inside of the Playground and this is why this is the Best place to start building a website Or a business or an application idea Because you’ll have full control to test Out the environment and this is the Segue to the next part of this video Where once you get a better idea of how To use the playground and getting Prompts and outputs that you want you Can start creating an API layer to Interact with the open AI platform Directly and build a SAS on top of it I Want to showcase one more example before We move on let’s head over to examples And go to chat this is going to give you An idea of for example how the open AI Platform originally conceptualized open Ai’s chat gpt3 here you have some General settings for the conversation Which is that it is between a human and An AI assistant we have a few rules as Well for it to be helpful creative

Clever and friendly and this is where The conversation begins we can say what Is your name and here the AI will give Us a response as you can see this is Fundamentally what chat GPT looks like But here is where you can create your Own type of interface with your own type Of rules and allow you to build a Business with your own type of chat as Well now hopefully this gave you a good Idea of all of these things that are Happening in the background but how do We interact with this how would we build A front-end website to integrate an API To start talking to these models this is The third part of this video and this Part will be quite technical we’re going To take a look at at the code that’s Happening in the background the requests And the responses that we can perform as Part of the open AI model for its API There’s a lot of documentation you guys Can have a look at which I’ll link in The description below but this will be Using the JavaScript interface I’m going To be writing some code in vs studio and We’re going to be using via Studio code To essentially engage with the open AI Platform now if this part doesn’t Interest you you can hit the like And Subscribe button but if you want to Learn what’s happening behind the scenes Now we get to take a look to start off With it’s quite useful to head over to

The documentation and scroll down a Little bit to the completions part of The API we have a few examples here of Doing a completion using the gpt3 models But these are basically if you’re doing A HTTP request we’re going to be using Node.js in this example we’re going to Be downloading the open AI module and We’re going to be using it to create Requests directly grew to open AIS Platform then we can use these requests And structure them in any way we want Let’s take a look at how this works I’ve Downloaded and installed node.js and I’ve also downloaded and installed a vs Studio code here I’ve created a new Folder called chat GPT and I’m going to Create a file called index.js I’m also Going to install the openai platform by Running npm install open AI here we’re Going to be able to use this module to Start interacting with openai I also Have a package.json here and as part of That package.json I’m going to add in a Type and here we’re going to do module This is just so that instead of doing Requires we can do Imports heading back To the open AI platform here we can now Go to the documentation and simply copy Paste the code we have here for creating A completion we’ll head back into vs Code and we’re going to paste this into Our index file we only need to do one Other thing here which is to implement

The API key to do that we’re going to Head back to the website we’re going to Head over to view API Keys here under Your dashboard and we’re going to get a Copy of your secret key now I have one Over here I’m going to create a brand New one for testing here and I’ll delete This after this video so don’t try and Copy this but for your own key just make Sure that you keep it private and do not Show it publicly anywhere because it Will be using the Chrome Reddit that you Have from your account now let’s head Back to vs code and let’s plug this bad Boy in I’m going to apply it here where We normally should do it as a process Environment key but for this test this Should be enough finally I’m going to Update this statement here to be an Import instead of a require and that’s About it we can now test this out by Calling node and calling index.js here We’re going to get a response back from The server but we’re not console logging It out so I’m going to console log and We’re going to log out of the response Here and we’re also going to call out The data that we get this should show up Now in the terminal and here we get the Response so it says this is a test and The response is this is indeed a test Which means that it was successful we do Get some other information here like the ID and the object as well as the model

When it was created and a couple of Others but this is a quick and basic Example of how you can interact with the API these are the essential building Blocks of how how you would build a Business using open Ai and its models if For example you have some interesting Ideas you can use this and wrap it Around a shell and then serve it to Customers in this regard the sky’s limit It’s up to your own imaginations as to How you want to utilize open ai’s models But hopefully this gives you enough Information to go by if you want more Advanced examples of all of this let me Know in the comments below and I can do A follow-up video of exactly how this is Possible too otherwise don’t forget to Hit like subscribe and I’ll see you in The next video thank you

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