How to reverse a String in java using recursion?

Drupal Development And The Emergence Of One Of The Most Powerful CMS Solutions

Drupal was created by Dries Buytaert as a message board in 1999 and since then, there have been innumerable changes to its software. Drupal soon got its own community in the year 2001 and has gained momentum ever since. Also, it has already grabbed the attention of masses because of its open source nature and is distributed under the GNU license that lets anybody to download it and distribute it to others.

4 Easy Steps For Bringing Your Business Online Using CS Cart

There’s no denying the importance of the role played by online sales in boosting business profits. Both large and small businesses look at setting up an online store either as an extension of their brick and mortar business or as a standalone web store. However, there are several points to be considered, the least of which is the financial cost involved in designing, setting up and maintaining an online store. Fortunately, there are Open Source software programs that are reasonably priced and easy to use.

Accessing Data in MySQL Database Using PHP

Retrieving data from MySQL table is the most frequent operation in web based application. You can use mysql_connect() and mysql_query() to do this operation.

How to Teach Yourself iPhone Development

Developing iPhone apps has become the “it” thing to do these days. The success stories, the creativity, the potential rewards, and the sheer number of users makes it an exciting hobby or career. Developing iPhone applications requires tremendous programming skills and experiences, however, and is not practical for one with little or no computer programming knowledge.

PLM 2.0

Will PLM 2.0 be as successful as web 2.0, given enough time to evolve? PLM is a computer-aided platform that supports a array of systems for the creation and management of information during the life cycle of a product.

Calculating Facebook App Development Cost

Applications are the most prominent feature of Facebook that help to make it so popular and well accepted among the users. Brands and businesses are seeking better and innovative means to get their apps developed by most talented of professional for best results. Applications help to make a Facebook fan page entertaining, engaging and assists in getting lots of things done such as collecting feedback, sending virtual gifts, sharing content and playing games along with much more.

Why Request a Facebook App Quote?

Right now Facebook is the leading social networking website and continuously growing at a remarkable speed as million of new users sign up every month. The rise in usage of Facebook can be estimated from that fact that not only every individual but every brand also has its own fan page with complete profile that helps to communicate with people and share things. Facebook opened up their network with FB Connect, their API that enables outside developers to come up with applications that Facebook users could install on their profile to add more functionality and attraction and make them.

Dot NET Vs PHP Vs Java

Comparing the differences, benefits or detriments to using a particular programming language is an activity developers engage in intensely and often. The debate has raged for years and will likely only become more heated as time goes on. One’s opinion is often based solely on one’s familiarity with a particular language and immersion in the community. If someone has extensive experience with some particular language they would almost certainly describe that language as the best language which exists. This is obviously entirely subjective. To get a more subjective understanding of the superiority of one language versus another cost and performance are two metrics by which any language can be measured.

WinRT And The Future Of Microsoft Software Development

Microsoft made a significant change to the way Windows is going to look for the next generation of Microsoft products. The Windows 8, Metro-style, WinRT future is the look and feel Microsoft wants to promote and develop for the next wave of tablets, smartphones, and personal computing devices.

Quality Assurance and ROI

In the realm of software development Quality Assurance (QA) is the systematic approach to development procedures and processes which results in an end product that meets the specifications set out in the development plan. Quality Assurance is not without cost. Competitive companies have entire departments devoted entirely to QA. Having an effective QA system in place creates a sense of reliability and confidence in customers. They can trust defects will be eliminated before the final product is presented. The cost of QA then is well justified. Calculations from industry leaders indicate that the costs associated with building a product correctly the first time around are much less than the costs associated with fixing problems after delivery. In many cases, the cost can be exponentially greater to fix mistakes after the fact.

Installing PHP and MySQL Database in Ubuntu

Installing PHP and MySQL in Ubuntu is pretty simple. It is only involve several click in Synaptic Package Manager if you do it in Ubuntu Desktop or it is done in a single command line if you do it in Ubuntu Server.

Software Systems Architecture

One of the better and popular methods available today for capturing the details of an entire architecture into a single model is by producing an array of representations of its different parts and components. This allows each component to focus on a specific facet of the system. However, the task is as difficult to do as it is to understand and you will be doomed to failure if you attempt to do it without planning your work properly.

Why Should You Study Web Programming?

The answer is simple. It sets you up to be able to learn how to master passive income streams that you can set up for yourself. Knowing some of these can be a great start towards being able to also expand your knowledge and horizons while you are “unemployed.”

How to Learn How to Program

All programming languages today are basically an arbitrarily designed language representing the different computations a computer can perform. These are the method by which programmers communicate with the computer. Learning how to program in a certain language is a complicated task and might need to a lot of practicing and experiences to make any progress.

Weird Uses of Oscilloscopes in Society

Do you remember those old TV show episodes of “The Twilight Zone” where they had a TV monitor with wavelength signals on it? They used one of the first modern day oscilloscopes, pretty cool for back in the black and white days of television.

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