How to Replace Loops Using Recursion in JavaScript

Should Your Company Hire Onshore or Offshore Vendors For Custom Software Development?

Most businesses that are in need of custom software do not have the internal resources to develop the solutions they need in-house. The options are to choose development vendors that are either located domestically or to outsource the work overseas. Both options have pros and cons that should be weighed according to the specific needs of the business. Choosing the right custom software developer, either onshore or offshore, greatly depends on multiple factors including the company’s budget for the project, the desired/required amount of interaction with the development team, and how well-equipped the company is with dealing with inter-cultural communication issues.

How to Hire an Excel Programmer

If you need to hire an Excel programmer, how would you go about doing so? There are so many ways. What is the best way? Well one way is to take the advice from an experienced Excel programmer, or better yet, from a person that has owned and operated an international Excel programming firm since 2004. This is not the only method, but it is one of the safest ones. And yes, safety should be a top priority.

The Advantages of Working With a Software Boutique Company

Software boutiques are a new way of defining petite software companies which are focused on a certain niche, and which are able to offer specialized support to their customers. Even more, such a firm is able to offer an unique product, tailored on the client’s needs and requirements.

Cobol, the Aging Language That Won’t Go Away

Cobol is a 50 year old language that is still seen in many places today. I explore why this is and why it would be beneficial to learn this language.

MySQL Inner Join Tutorial (Including Examples)

This tutorial shows you how to write ANSI-style MySQL inner joins with the help of the INNER JOIN keywords. Included are a short introduction and some example statements.

Hire Dedicated Drupal Developers And Drupal Programmers

Drupal  is developed  in PHP and it is a  open source content management system. Customer can easily manage and publish the content on website using Drupal CMS. It is  an open source, free  content management system.

Make Money Online: Show and Share Through ClickBank And Earn Higher Today!

ClickBank is one of the most growing networks of earning. It is considered to be a golden part for people from all around the world to sell and buy things online (in a highly trustworthy manner). Thus, if you are looking for some methods through which you can earn online, then ClickBank can be one of the best opportunities in this regard. Let me guide you about some of the featured characteristics through which you can take advantage. As, there are few things which you might need to know.

Professional Web Designer’s Implements Innovative Concepts and Uses Latest Tools

Web Design is the process of creating a website that contains applications and documents. The efficaciousness of web design is helpful in building a powerful brand image and triggers the rate of the businesses. If you are any business proprietor then having a quality website is immeasurably vital for the good growth of business.

What Is Dynamic SQL or What Is the Use of Dynamic SQL in Sybase ASE?

Many times database developers are required to write queries based on data which is not present at the time of creation of scripts/stored procedures etc and Dynamic SQL is a way by which the Adaptiver Server Enterprise allows us to write such queries. Well you might be thinking whether such situation may actually occur or is it just another R&D work we are trying to do here? So, now we will try to explain when you might be hit on with such a condition. Lets say, we are asked to find which database a particular table name or stored procedure exists and lets say we have around 10 databases to work on including default Sybase databases, so what will you do in such a simple case. Will you try to run a query on sysobjects table for one and for all databases one at a time, or you will try to specifically create 10 different queries to prefix database name in front of each database’s sysobject table to find the required information? The key to database programming is to work efficiently so that the required information is at hand there and then…

Programming: How to Troubleshoot More Effectively

In programming and in life every problem has at least two, three solutions. It is just a matter of persistence to find them regardless of the difficulty of the problem.

Visual Basic for Applications and It’s Workforce Demand

Visual basic for applications is a programming language that can be used for building databases, utilizing the vba autofilter, creating macros, functions, pivot tables and much more within excel. There is a high demand for VBA and Companies are in need of having reports pulled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to track customer records, sales and production within operations.

Shortcut Creation Using VBScript

This article is a basic introduction into VBScripting and is a lesson on how to create a shortcut dynamically through VBScript. Being able to dynamically create shortcuts on the fly, based on who is logged in or on what machine, etc. allows a system administrator to easily manage their systems and to provide usability directly to the user. This shortcut script has helped me out in many situations in the past and can be easily adapted for more uses.

The Top Eleven IT Activities Which Are Outsourced

Outsourcing of IT activities has been a key point of discussion amongst industry analysts. Some are for it and some are against it. Despite opinions, there are many Fortune 500 organizations which have chosen IT outsourcing for some or all of their IT functions.

Top 8 Reasons Why Companies Outsource IT Activities

Did you know that 40% of Fortune 500 companies actively outsource in-house functions? Did you also know that IT outsourcing is the largest (28%) among all outsourced activities?

5 Things To Consider While Choosing An Outsourcing Vendor

Outsourcing has been a much debated topic in the IT industry since many years. Despite several analysts voting against this practice under the excuse of loss of jobs within the country, many organizations have been outsourcing IT activities to countries like India and have been pretty successful at it.

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