How To Make Money With ChatGPT & Dropshipping In 2022 (Easy 14 Minute Guide)

How To Make Money With ChatGPT & Dropshipping In 2022 (Easy 14 Minute Guide)

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Ai is finally arrived and it is probably one of the easiest tools ever created to help online marketers make more money online! Chat GPT will completely revolutionize the way we do work, by providing the bulk of the heavy lifting, and allowing us to get quality work done faster! In todays video Im going to talk about how Chat GPT will completely change the way you can do dropshipping, smma, affliate marketing and any other way of making money online!

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What is up Empire Builders today’s video I’m gonna be sharing with you a tool That is absolutely going to disrupt Every single industry known to man I Just discovered this tool over this past Weekend and it’s literally kept me up at Night with the possibilities of it I’ll Be sharing it with you guys today and Best part it is 100 completely free [Applause] Now guys those of you tuning into the ECommerce Empire builders for the first Time I want to give you a huge warm Welcome every single Monday Wednesday Friday we release new content just like This so if you want to stay up to date Make sure hit that like button that Subscribe button and that notification Bell today’s video what we’re going to Be talking about is this free tool that Is literally going to disrupt every Single industry out there and I’m really Putting this video out today as a short Tutorial on this but we are diving we Are going all in on in our companies On Tools like this okay we’re going all in So we’re going to be doing tutorial Videos and more content related to them To specific problems that you’re facing In your eCommerce dropshipping business So if you want to get those tutorials Just make sure to be subscribed to the Channel because especially over these Next coming months we’re gonna have a

Lot of content around this guy so with All the fluff out of the way let’s go Over the shoulder right now to talk About this amazing new free tool called Chat GPT you may or may not have heard Of it I’m hopefully I’m introducing it To you for the first time we just shared It with our entire team here in Internally and a lot of them just only Heard about it for the first time and This tool is absolutely ground breaking It is going to disrupt every single Industry as you’re going to see here in A second your mind is absolutely going To be blown so First and foremost it is a free tool so If you want to go and register for an Account all you have to do is go to and you’ll be uh once You sign up for your free account you Basically brought to a page like this Now this is the kind of the way I kind Of look at this tool is it’s like a Sidekick and Um I think the best way for me to kind Of show you how it works is to literally Just type something in and and show it To you Um so first and foremost let’s say write An insta gram caption Saying that I love my wife and three Kids and then click enter Now we wait for a few seconds and it’s Going to create it right loving my wife

And our three amazing kids more and more Each day right it creates that piece of Copy for us now we can get even crazier With this guys what we could type in Here is write a 10 minute YouTube video Explaining Drop Shipping Enter The power of this tool guys and look now It’s going to start writing that hello And welcome so guys I can write this Whole YouTube video right all using this Tool hello and welcome to my YouTube Channel today’s video I want to talk to You about business model called Drop Shipping first let’s define what Dropshipping is dropshipping is a way For businesses to sell products without Actually stocking any inventory instead The business works with a supplier who Holds the inventory and ships the Products directly to the customer this Means that the business can offer a wide Range of products without having to Invest by guys this wrote it better than I could absolutely ever write and it’s Still going it’s going to write a 10 Minute YouTube video for me that I can Literally put on a teleprompter if I Want to and create content around it This is the power of this tool and you Can do this for absolutely everything I This is literally I have used this tool Probably 20 to 30 times probably more

I’m probably underestimating every Single day since I’ve discovered this Everything I do I have a a Christmas Card that I’m uh that I’m sending to uh To uh somebody that’s helping me with Like investing and stuff like that Um and I like to hand write it to this Person every single year and I was like How do I write this I always kind of Feel like kind of dumb with writing it And things like that and what what I’m Gonna do is uh just I put it into this App and it actually was able to create Me something unique something completely New that I could use now one thing You’ll do uh see with chat gbt is that There is a ton of people using it right Now so as you can see we kind of had a Little error right there we’re Experiencing exceptionally high demand Guys guess how quickly they got to a Million users the fastest company in History guys in history five days it Took this company five days to hit a 1 Million active users so yes there’s Going to be some you know uh issues that Come up but for the most part you could Start using this right away for Everything especially Drop Shipping E-commerce copywriting email sequences Um anything blog posts YouTube videos It’s going to disrupt absolutely Everything and what I want you guys Sometimes don’t be afraid of this lean

Into this because the way you interact With this kind of AI right that’s what’s Going to get you the most money so don’t Be scared oh you’re you’re gonna you’re Gonna lose your job you’re gonna Leverage it okay to lean into it okay Because it’s not it’s it’s coming right It’s coming this stuff is coming it is Going to cause a lot of people to Probably lose their jobs a hundred Percent but again if you stay on The Cutting Edge and you’re that person that Really can interact with the AI for a Company you’re going to be paid the big Bucks because we like guys content look As we can see when we scroll Instagram It’s there’s so much out there and this Is just another tool in our Arsenal to Help us do these kind of things okay so For example like write a short product Description uh for a survival flashlight Just use the most generic example ever All right and we’ll click enter Now there’s going to be times guys when This writes something and it’s not gonna You’ve got to have to change it up don’t Just like copy and paste it you know all The time especially when you’re using it For like sales Pages emails right Advertisements but that’s what this is Going to help you do it’s going to give You a good starting point me personally I hate writing copy right I do not like Writing emails I don’t like staring at

Blank screens because it’s hard to be Creative that’s why one of the best Books I’ve ever read literally you could Read it in like 10 minutes is called Steal like an artist and that’s where You take inspiration on multiple sources And create your own unique thing right Not plagiarizing just creating your own Unique blood your own child from two Things that inspire you and this is what This is doing this isn’t plagiarize this Is completely for you right for example Like let’s read this product description Because I know some of you might be just Listening to audio and listen how Amazing I don’t even like how well this Is written already okay the survival Flashlight is a must-have tool for any Outdoor Enthusiast made from durable Materials and designed to withstand the Toughest conditions this flashlight is Perfect for camping hiking and other Outdoor activities with this powerful LED bulb and adjustable beam the Survival flashlight can provide bright Light in any situation it’s also Waterproof shock resistant making it Ideal to use for in wet or rugged Environments whether you’re exploring The Wilderness or just need a reliable Light source for everyday use the Survival flight is the perfect choice Guys can you please anybody that’s Telling you that they can write that

Better it’s honestly not even worth it It’s not even worth it right unless You’re doing some like actual Direct Mail sales pieces of people and stuff Like that but like this is way way way More than good enough for Drop Shipping And e-commerce products it’s this is Like and guys I’m only scratching the Surface here that’s why I’m saying Subscribe to the channel hit the Notification Bell drop me a comment Right now let me know what you think of This tool right now guys because this is Something I’m taking our companies and Going all in with because this Automation is what’s going to help you Scale your business especially if you do Like any kind of services and things Like that where you have a lot of people Working like at our team we have a lot Of people that work here having these Kind of things that can help you Streamline your job and your day-to-day Activities right and do them better than You actually were doing anyway I’m all For that and that’s something I’m gonna Go all in on and we are literally just At the start we are right here that’s What I’m telling you guys get on this Try it out don’t be one of those people That’s like oh I’m scared this is the Best thing I’ve ever seen literally in My lifetime I believe that I don’t like As far as technology or maybe the iPhone

Would be but like this would be a very Close second right like like it is Insane like every like I said I keep This up in a browser on my other screen That’s right over here and I’m Constantly using it Instagram captions Like I’ll be like yo Um right Um let’s see write me an Instagram Caption giving three tips to make money Online all right let’s just use some Generic examples here right now it’s Gonna think for a little bit Look I like to look at this guys as like A market research assistant almost like I don’t know what’s the best way to kind Of explain this to I’m still trying to Figure it out because like I obviously Did not do a good job explaining this to My wife so I told her about this I Literally discovered this like I think It was like Friday night or morning Whatever it was definitely night I Couldn’t sleep I had it on my phone and I was just using it everybody’s gonna be Having this on their phone and just like You’re never gonna even know like like The person texted you it’s like is that AI was it not AI so right here it gives Us three tips on making money a lot of Sort of blogs how products joined Affiliate marketer hashtag and even give You the hashtag research I didn’t even Notice that it even gives you the

Hashtag research hashtag make money Online hashtag side hustle Entrepreneurlife boom copy paste like Crazy oh my God guys I literally Like I hate to say that literally I hate That word but like literally this is Just such a game-changing tool and there Are other tools out there similar to This but this one is kind of like the Most Google like like it really feels Like I’m interacting with Google instead Of typing into Google you know how to You know tie my shoes right how to tie a Fly fishing fly actually let’s try some Of that stuff how about that we’re Learning with this stuff because like on YouTube you’d go like how to you know How to uh you know how to deep fry Turkey right let’s go how to deep fry Because I just did this fry a turkey and This is like a YouTube thing I always go To people are gonna start going to this And just going right right away just Like it’ll split out the answer for us It’ll go do all that research right to Deep fry trigger you will need a large Part okay so it’ll now go through and Explain to me how to deep fried turkey Of course I still think you’ll want YouTube for like the video side of Things which I think you guys are Getting my point I think this is going To be a massive disrupter for Google not Necessarily YouTube I think this and

YouTube are like just oh my gosh they’re Just going to absolutely explode and I Do have a couple fears with this number One we all know this marketers literally Ruin absolutely everything I mean we we Just do Um I already feel like I’m abusing this Tool so much so and so I’m already so Heavily reliant on it it’s like when I First took my Tesla and I drove it uh Self-driving like and I was like wow Like this is amazing like absolutely and It’s it was sad how quickly I got used To a car self-driving right it’s like This this is the same exact thing but I Think this is going to be able to help So many startups especially guys because We all know right like when we get Started in a business Um there’s so much stuff to do and the Copywriting the emails like the research Like like all those things that is going To this is that stuff that’s going to Really be able to help us out Tremendously right even writing Advertisements right it’s better than You going out and trying to you know Piece it together or even hire somebody On Fiverr you could this will give you a Much better advertisement than trying Out and going and doing it on your own Right so like let’s do write a Facebook Ad selling a survival flash it was the Same example survival flashlight

Enter And we’ll see what it comes up with Right Now you can do some crazy stuff in here You could tell it to be like yo write a 10 minute video sales letter script Right you could tell it that right a Video sales letter script Um uh uh selling a survive Flash and Then you have a script you can put it Into a PowerPoint and then you’re done Do you understand how much time that Would take guys I’ve done like webinars And vsls they suck putting the script Together for them now it’s not going to Be perfect I’m not saying that’s going To be perfect but it’s going to give you A hell of a good starting point than Just staring at a blank screen because This is going out there from what I Understand and it’s really just taking Advantage of all of the content out There uh and aggregating it uh into Whatever your question might be right You can see here just a expertly written Facebook Um uh Facebook ad right look and it does Things in marketing that people don’t Even understand that it’s doing that’s How smart this thing is right so look at This right what’s the number one way When you’re writing a face an Advertisement what’s the first thing you Do right you have that hook right what

Should you usually kind of have that Hook in right it could be a hook not to Go into all this but like usually what’s The first thing you do in an Advertisement right you want to call out To your ideal person so everybody else Keeps scrolling right yes because you Don’t want just everybody looking at Your ads because not everybody’s gonna Buy your product you’re targeting a Specific person for example survival People it calls out the person it knows To do that in an ad most people don’t Even know to do that right because most Ads are just not good right are you an Outdoor Enthusiast who loves to Camp Hike or explore the Wilderness is Calling out to us because grabbing those People so if you say no I don’t like the Outside right you’re just going to keep Scrolling right how good is this guys Oh guys that’s it for today’s video let Me know in the comment section I forgot To even do the to to do the giveaway for Today’s video so we’re gonna give one Lucky winner cop of our Ecommerce Empire Star Pack questions drop a comment down Below today so let me know how you’re Going to use this tool if you’ve been Using this tool guys let me know in the Comments let me tell me some of the Stuff you’ve been putting into chat GPT And I would love to learn more I’m Learning this stuff with you guys uh

We’re going really all in I know our Team is heavily using this especially Ali so if you want to get all of that Content it’s going to be completely for Free literally just subscribe and uh hit The notification Bell to this channel uh Because there’s going to be so much good Content coming out around these kind of Kind of stuff and number one how you can Make money with this stuff guys it’s Gonna this is going to disrupt every Industry out there from freelancing to Copywriting to email marketing to like Everything writing ebooks right like It’s agencies like there’s so much stuff That this gun it’s all gonna be good Right I truly believe that lean into it I’ve always found that I’ve been through A lot of these kind of Cycles we’ve been In business for a long time now right You kind of can see that them usually Coming I’ve always found lean into that Stuff be the best at using that new Specific thing and you’re gonna be a Okay guys have a fantastic rest of your Day and remember your Empire Starts Now

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