How To Make Money With Artificial Intelligence In 2023 | ChatGPT Review

How To Make Money With Artificial Intelligence In 2023 | ChatGPT Review
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I’m just about to reveal one of the Coolest use cases for Chia GPT that will Allow you to make money online without Too much effort so let’s get started and I’m sure you’ve heard about Chia GPT Over the last couple of weeks Everybody’s talking about this tool and We can even confirm that using Google Trends I mean its popularity skyrocketed From 0 to 100 within a couple of weeks Now I don’t want to worry about the Technicalities about how their AI Operates and how it works but so pretty Simply this is one of the most User-friendly interfaces that allows you To interact with artificial intelligence You can literally have a conversation With this bot and you cannot really tell That you’re not talking to a real person Not only that but it’s got a lot of Other functionality you can even ask it To write a piece of code for you that You can use for various different Purposes it literally remembers what Users said earlier in the conversation It allows users to provide follow-up Corrections and it streams to decline Inappropriate requests I mean take a Look at these examples right here Explain Quantum Computing in simple term It can actually do that you can also use It for Creative projects such as getting Some ideas for a 10 year old’s birthday Or you can use the tool in case you need

Some help with a particular assignment You have to complete but now guys here’s The thing the main reason why we’re Gonna make use of today for This particular method is its content Writing capabilities it is literally one Of the best free content writing Assistance that you can use and I’m Seeing free because there are some paid Options out there as well such as which will do a pretty good Job but I personally think chat GPT Might be a little bit better and it’s Also free so this is the one we’re gonna Make use of but apart from this website We also need to connect to and here’s how this works It is another tool powered by artificial Intelligence but in this case instead of Focusing on content writing it’s Focusing on images we want to do is Click on join the better and that will Allow you to join your Discord server Where you can literally send in Instructions in their art visual Intelligence is going to create all of These spectacular images based on your Instructions and based on your criteria There are all sorts of commands you can Send in order to get a particular style And a particular quality of the image There are endless possibilities I mean Take a look at this this guy literally Sent in a picture of themselves by using

This link and then ask the tool to Create a cartoon high quality version of That picture and it did alternatively at The same time this other user basically Created a character from scratch by just Submitting the instructions by just Describing what they wanted you don’t Need to be an artist in order to use it You literally only need to describe what You have in mind and this tool this Artificial intelligence tool will make Sure to turn it into reality but guys Let’s actually take you to the next Level instead of just using both of These tools separately let’s combine Their capabilities what about getting Chat GPT to come up with the idea for For me journey to bring it to life give Me an idea for a fictional character That robbed the bank let’s see what that Character will look like well not only Does he come up with the description but It’s even got a backstory what does it Look like I mean take a look at this Guys it’s literally giving me a clear Physical description of Jack of that Fictional character is just created Right now so let me just copy those Keywords paste them into this tool which Is called mid journey and see what shows Up all I need to do is just hit enter And from this point on the AI is gonna Do all the hard work so let’s just see What we get and as you can see it’s

Working on it as we speak guys remember This person literally does not exist not Only is AI trying to create His Image But his whole personality and features Were also created by AI in the first Place and this right here is what it Came up with now that is not too far off Is it now of course you can take your Time and actually explore how this tool Properly works so that you can get Amazing results but all in all it’s a Pretty user-friendly AI interface that Allows you to just enter in any Instructions you want it will provide You with a high quality image but now Let’s answer the question how can we Make money with these tools well here’s How let me introduce you to a third and Final tool that we’re gonna make use of Which is over at as the name I suggest This is also powered by artificial Intelligence but this one is all about Creating sounds and songs so what you Want to do is click on create then Select composition and this is where you Can select a certain genre for instance I’m interested in Lo-Fi hip hop so let Me just click on create now you want to Pick the duration and you want to make That as long as possible so let’s create The track well guys there you have it Let’s listen to it [Music]

Foreign [Music] This is literally the creation of Artificial intelligence with no input Whatsoever from my end other than Choosing the genre not only that but It’s a unique composition it’s literally Created from scratch and so finally Here’s how you put all of these pieces Of the puzzle together so you can get The final result that will get you paid There is a pretty good likelihood that You know this YouTube channel right here Which is called Lo-Fi girl it’s a major Channel it’s got over 11 million Subscribers and they’ve been posting for Years some of their most popular uploads Have millions or tens of millions of Views these are just some one hour long Or even six hour long songs paired with A really cool background and people Typically listen to this sort of Lo-Fi Songs while studying while chilling it’s A very relaxing kind of music Let me Just play for a few seconds so you can Get an idea Foreign [Music] What’s even more impressive than that is The fact that the channel has literally Got over 1.4 billion total views they Probably made millions of dollars and we Can reverse engineer at their content Creation process and make use of

Artificial intelligence to make our job Easier so here’s what I had in mind First off what you’re gonna notice is That they have a character they created This Persona this girl does the name of The channel that’s present in each and Every single one of these images so what We want to do is have cha GPT imagine That character take a look at this a Possible main character for a Lo-Fi song Background video could be a young person City gallowing their bedroom surrounded By posters and other personal items we Literally have a full description here Of the whole scenery so let me just take All of that information and put it into Mid journey and this is what it came up With now what you can do is take it one Step further download one of these Images and then adapt it to a specific Style such as a Disney character but now Let’s also Imagine the background as you Can see see the big round in this Picture is is a big part as well and It’s being put together as we speak Finally this is what he came up with and It is not so bad for a big round now of Course you can pick one of these Specific versions and then keep playing Around with it when it comes to the song So the soundtrack itself which at the End of the day is the most important Part we want to do is keep creating Tracks using and here’s the thing About it even though all of your content Is created using artificial intelligence It’s still original content you haven’t Stolen anyone else’s content and just Reposted it so it should be eligible for Monetization from my experience the RPM So the revenue per 1000 views you can Expect with this sort of videos is not The highest but it can get a lot of Views because people absolutely love This kind of songs and if you can Replicate what Lo-Fi girl here has done There’s a lot of money on the table this Right here is one of the most creative And coolest use cases for Chia GPT and All the other AI power tools so I’m you Guys to give it a try that’s it for now And thanks for watching now guys maybe This method is for you maybe it isn’t But what I’ve come to realize is that You have to track a lot of options Before finding the one that actually Does the trick you need to find Something that you actually enjoy doing So you will not even feel like you are Working you’re just doing something out Of pleasure and getting paid at the same Time which makes the process even better And on that note what I want you to do Is head over to my channel and take a Look at the most recent uploads and I’m Pretty sure that you will find something That you like and from that point on it

Is just a matter of you taking action

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