how to add javascript to a web page || functions use, declaration and calling

Conversion of Access Database Systems to Visual Basic Dot NET and SQL Server

Microsoft Access is showing its age. Most of the techniques (File Server, VBA, DAO, Jet Database Engine, etc) hark back 20 or more years. Microsoft will continue supporting VBA for many years to come, but the programming emphasis is rapidly changing in favour of Visual Basic.Net and SQL Server.

SQL Reporting Services Tutorials: Quick Guide – Basic to Advanced

This article would give you a brief introduction as to how to start learning SQL server Reporting services. SQL server reporting services is a part of the business intelligence stack, provided by Microsoft. It allows you to create very complex reports, in less time (including charts, maps etc) and to be viewed in a web browser.

How to Change Booting Priority in a Laptop BIOS

Booting or the term boot is used to define the process that is followed by the computer when it is turned on and loads the operating system in use. The boot order or boot priority in a laptop is the order or the sequence in which the hardware storage devices are prepared to be readied by the computer. Typically hard drives, optical drives, floppy drives, flash drives and network resources are in the list of devices that are available in the priority list of boot order to be selected by the user according to their preference. The computer will start booting or turning on the devices in the order that you have set. It is the BIOS that handles or takes care of the boot process and also any changes that are to be made in the priority of Booting order.

Hire iPhone Developer for Amazing Business Opportunity

iPhone, one of the most preferred smart phones in contemporary times, is an amazing communication device that has taken technology and precision to the next level. Known for rich interface and user experience, the iPhone is propelled by the iOS operating system which supports wide range of applications that can be downloaded online from the Apple store. Owing to the growing demand of the iPhone, the iPhone application development industry is on a boom. Many business owners constantly seek to hire iPhone developers with requisite skills in order to create state -of- the -art applications for leisure, organization and work.

Converting an Access Database to SQL Server

Microsoft’s Access Database is extremely popular and is adequate for most company applications. But Microsoft’s Access is meant for small projects with few users. As volumes and the number of users increase, the limitations of Microsoft Access soon become apparent. Slow response times, routines that hang, esoteric error messages, unstable functions, security issues and data corruption are common symptoms. When the Access system needs to support more features, more records and more users, a robust BackEnd database system such as SQL Server is required.

Beautiful and Responsive Design in Ruby on Rails Applications With CSS3

In our last article, we saw how HTML5 helps in making the page lighter, in this article we will see how new CSS3 features eliminate need to use javascript or image hacks for features like borders, animations, etc. thereby enhancing the user experience.

How to Create Deadlines That Your Developers Will Be Happy About

I’ve worked in many tech environments; environments with no deadlines, environments with deadlines and I’ve come to the conclusion that deadlines can help and hurt your business depending on how you use them. Typically there are a few ways that can give deadlines and still have happy workers and some bad ways of giving deadlines and getting disgruntled staff.

Custom Software Development Can Help You Develop Your Mobile App Idea

If you have an idea for a great mobile app you should have it developed. If you find the right software developer you can have it made quickly and cheaply.

Load Performance Testing – Be Sure That Your Software Program Operates Completely

Building programs and also sites may be fun and then difficult all at once, however when complete, you’ll have a sense of fantastic achievement for your own efforts, but imagine if the end package just didn’t match customer or client requirements – and much more significantly, what if the product failed at the time of use? The task of a typical developer (whether creating for the web, local computer solutions or some other areas), is loaded with long hours of clearing up computer code, increasing the user experience and ensuring that just about all features of this…

The 3 Main Principles of Object Oriented Programming – How to Program With Java

The three main principles of Object Oriented Programming are Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. These concepts are explored and explained in this article and their application to the Java programming language.

iPad Application Development: Inducing Fascinating Apps For Gadget Freaks

With iPad Application Development, one can use the tablet in the best possible way. He can add different features in the gadget to make the device more captivating.

How To Create Great iPhone Apps

Building iPhone applications can be difficult and time consuming, however if you use the right tools you can cut down your development time significantly. There are tons of code samples online, event libraries for doing specific tasks. If you know where to look you can easily find all the samples you need and build a great app fast.

Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Your Business

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is one of the most echoed buzzwords in the recent times’ technological expansion. Deliberately or accidentally, you come across cloud storage and cloud computing in everyday life, provided that you are active in the online e-commerce domain. To be more specific, a majority of people make use of various online video calling facilities like Skype or might regularly access emails for business transactions and also for personal use through Gmail or Yahoo!

Java Tutorial – What Is Object Oriented Programming in Java?

Object Oriented programming is a very popular subject in the programming world these days. So what exactly is Object Oriented programming, and why is it so popular? We explore this concept as it pertains to the Java programming language in particular.

Microsoft Access to SQL Server Migration

The ease of use and power of Microsoft Access comes at a price. As a company or the functionality required grows, the issues of data security, reliability, and system management become increasingly problematic. The volumes and functionality requirements of an Access database will often exceed the original concept. Database migration is then essential for administration systems so that they can be provided with a more secure and robust environment.

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