How I’m Using ChatGPT With Shopify

Here’s how I’m using ChatGPT from OpenAI with my Shopify stores.
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00:00 – Intro To ChatGPT With Shopify
02:06 – Holiday Promotion Email
03:31 – Changing Brand ”Tone”
05:09 – About Us Page
06:19 – Potential Issues
07:26 – Content Brainstorming
08:19 – Blog Creation
09:34 – Social Media Posts
10:45 – Additional Ways To Use ChatGPT With Shopify

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What’s up everybody Anton Crilley here And in this video I want to show you a Brand new AI tool and how myself and my Team have been using it for the past Three days now just so you know today is Thursday it’s December 15th of 2022 and From Monday to Wednesday of this week we Had our quarterly meeting where Everybody flies in to our studio here in The Charlotte North Carolina area we Review what happened in our businesses From the previous quarter and we set our Targets for the next quarter now Normally during these meetings one of The things that we do is ask questions And try to start to plan to brainstorm Ideas and honestly a lot of things can Take a lot of time because planning a Business isn’t easy setting future Promotions and creating unique content Takes time and what we started to do on The first day was just pull up this tool A few of us had already signed up for it By the way it’s currently free for Research purposes and we thought let’s Just ask it and see what it gives back And what it gave back more and more of Are things that just blew us away so in My opinion this is something thing that Is already changing the game of online Business and it’s only going to get Better and honestly it doesn’t really Have to do much more than it does Already just to be extremely valuable

And in absolutely no brainer for Everybody that’s watching this right now To try so instead of just telling you About it I’m gonna switch screens right Now and I’m gonna show you it and I’m Also going to show you exactly how we’ve Been using it because again why not do It yourself it’s free right now for Research purposes you don’t need to put In a credit card or anything and you’re About to see how powerful this is so This website where you can find this is Called they actually create This Ai and then what they do is allow Other companies to use their API and They charge them for it so companies Will eventually sell this but again just Go straight to the source right now I Will link it in this video description And the way it works is once you make Your account you can start a new thread And you can ask it questions and it Gives you answers so obviously we are Asking it business related questions Because that’s what we do so what I’m Going to do in this video is show you How we use it and the example I’ll give You is for Shaka surfboards which is a Dropship lifestyle demo store built on Our brand new Charlotte theme okay so The first thing that I’m gonna do is Just grab the URL for this Shopify store I’m going to come to chat GTP and then In the Box here I’m going to ask it to

Write an email for a New Year’s Promotion on that Offers ten percent off all products Press enter you’ll see it thinking here For just a few seconds and then we’ll See what it comes back with now this is Something that again when you’re writing Emails right when you’re doing Promotional copy yeah we have templates That we use which are great as a Starting point but what we noticed about This is it can just even if we don’t use Exactly what it gives us it can almost Take that brainstorming portion out Because it’s just giving us something to Work with right away so right now you Can see here dear valued customers as The new year approaches we want to thank You for your continued support of Shaka Surfboards to celebrate the start of 2022 we’re offering a special promotion Receive 10 off all of our products with The URL then it even made a coupon code Here that people can use so need to Create that in Shopify and if you read Through it like this is a good email Right it’s valid for a limited time so Be sure to take advantage while you can In addition to our new year sale we have A wide selection of list all the Products from the store because it Literally just went and checked it and It says thank you for all support we Hope you have a happy and safe New Year

Okay so maybe you’re thinking awesome Right that’s a great starting point if I Need an email to send for a New Year’s Promotion but let’s say with your brand You have a more of a brand tone a Brand’s personality that is funny right You want this to actually not just be a Stock email where people see what the Discount is so let’s tell chat GTP that We’re going to say make it funny and Just so you know I didn’t do anything in Advance to let this AI know about Shaka Surfboards I didn’t give it anything in Terms of what I think funny means this Is what this model this AI has learned From crawling the internet for years now And now in its most advanced form which You get right here is able to respond With so instead of our normal email that It just gave us which by the way is fine We now have hey there Surfers and Beach Lovers instead of just dear valued Customers right so already a more Friendly funny tone and let’s see what It comes up with it’s almost a new year Which means it’s time for new waves and New gear and to kick off 2022 in style We’re offering a sweet deal 10 off all Products on our website with the URL Just use the code New Year 10 at Checkout and you’ll be able to save Serious dough on our top-notch Surfboards wetsuits and accessories but Don’t delay this offer won’t last

Forever unlike our high quality gear Which will probably Outlast you now even That right that is something that I Would love if our copywriter wrote that For an email for us I’d be like that’s That’s awesome good job now it’s here And it took what 30 seconds with the Text prompt so why wait gear up for the New year save some cash while you’re at It see you out on the waves cheers the Shaka surfboard team so again this is Like mind-blowing to me because these Are things that are copyright writers Would normally sit with they would write The copy and when they created it I Would say awesome job now here it is Ready to copy and paste into clavio and Send out for a New Year’s promotion now Let’s take it to like a different stage Of business and say you’re just getting Started and you want in about us page so Okay let’s do write in About us page four and we’ll give it Chocolate surfboards again again the AI Will think look through all the Information that it has in it and what It’s going to return with is copy for an About us page and just like that again About 15 20 seconds later here we have It in awesome starting point at a bare Minimum for what we can use for an about Us page now you’ll see here some things You might want to change when you’re Getting this data back at you founded by

Lifelong Surfers you know if that’s not True obviously I wouldn’t just use Whatever it gives you because it Obviously doesn’t know me it doesn’t Really know the business it’s using what It thinks would work so use it at least As a starting point for this but like I Just showed you even for this promotion Email that for me would be pretty much a Copy and paste we would change who would Send from we would use a personal name And uh just some things we do for our Marketing but it’s more than enough to Get started with and honestly it’s a lot More than you’ll get for most people if They sit there for 30 minutes to an hour Thinking let me put together a holiday Email then let me write an about us page Now you have this and you can work off It at the very least if you don’t want To just do do a straight copy paste now There’s a couple more examples that I Want to show you for how we’ve been Using this but before I do that I just Want to hit on something that I think Will be a problem in the future but Currently from what I’m hearing some People are saying it is most people are Saying it’s not and that is how Google Organically ranks sites that generate Content like this so I’ve heard for the Most part again right now most people Are saying that there’s no penalty but Google is smart Google does update their

Algorithm very often and I do believe if Sites go out there and literally their Whole sites are based off of just this Model there might be issues in the Future where sites get penalized because All their content is AI generated now is That 100 guarantee no not at all but It’s something to keep in mind when You’re using tools like this and again That might mean for emails it doesn’t Matter because that’s not going to Affect your organic rankings but maybe When you’re using it for things like About us Pages you do want to modify it Again to make it a bit more unique and Make it your own and of course you can Do things like use services such as Copyscape to put the text through it to Make sure it actually is unique enough Where it’s not getting flagged for being Too similar to what another website has Out there okay with that being said Let’s use it a few more ways and let me Ask it for blog post ideas for Shaka Surfboards another place where people Really do get stuck they want to create Content but what content do they create Now there’s many ways to actually go out There and do research to see what you Actually could rank for what your people Actually want to read and what is Actually valuable to them right so I’m Not saying this is the only way but Again if you’re sitting there and you’re

Having writer’s block and you want some Inspiration I just asked it to give me Blog post ideas and here we have let’s See how many gives us I guess gives us 10. maybe it’s going to keep going I Don’t know but we have the benefits of Surfing for your mental and physical Health sounds pretty good a beginner’s Guide to choosing the right surfboard Turn that into a buyer’s guide we would Definitely do that the top surf spots For beginners and experts alike how to Properly care for your surfboard and Wetsuit and as you can see these aren’t Just like General things these are Actually good ideas that we can then Work off of and if you want to take this To the other level and again this is Where I think there is uh a chance of Penalization from Google in the future But let’s just say we wanted this first One right the benefits of Surfing for Your mental and physical health we can Say write a blog post on the benefits of Surfing for your mental and physical Health this might take a little bit Longer for it to produce but a little Bit longer might mean 30 seconds but It’s going to write a blog post right Now and again even if we don’t copy and Paste it we can model what we want to Post off of this and it’s going to save Us a ton of time and again get rid of That brain fog that so many of us have

When it actually becomes time to create Content so as you can see it’s writing Right now and if you wanted a blog post On this and you hired a writer on upwork Or another job Board site like that and You ask somebody to write you that blog Post maybe they’ll get it to you a draft Of it two days later you’ll give them Their feedback it’ll go back and forth And then maybe a week later it’ll have Something to post well now I have a blog Post being created that again I can work Off of I can make sure it passes a test Through copyscape and then I can have a Blog post ready to go in 20 minutes After I verify it rather than waiting For that back and forth and didn’t Mention money paying somebody to Actually write it so really cool there And one more example I’ll just show you In this video because again we’ve been Using this non-stop for the past three Days but one that I really liked was to Help the social team to come up with Things to post on let’s say Facebook for Example so here let’s give it the prompt Write a funny Facebook post from oh copy the wrong Thing I’ll go back and get Shaka Surfboards Wishing all Surfers a Happy New Year right something you might Think last minute if you’re a solo Business owner like many Dropship

Lifestyle members are like oh I should Post something on social for you know The new year right okay well let’s see What it comes back with right because Instead of thinking like what am I going To write and if you’re not that creative Like me and you would write something Like happy New Year everybody wishing You nothing but success in the New Year Well now maybe you have something that Would actually engage with more people Because it’s more creative thanks to the AI so here we have happy New Year Surfers another year has come and gone But don’t worry we’ve got plenty of Waves to go around in 2022. here’s the Catching big ones making new friends and Getting barreled or at least trying to As always we’ll be there to supply you With the best gear and Good Vibes cheers To A rad New Year again for me this is Mind-blowing there’s more things you Could do product descriptions the list Goes on you can ask this thing anything And it’ll come back with an answer what I realized it doesn’t like to do is give You definitives if you ask like is X Better than y it doesn’t want to tell You that it’ll say like I can’t make Those decisions but for things like this At the very least an amazing starting Place so yeah let me know what you’re Using for if you’re using it already if You’re not using it yet again I’ll post

A link in this video description so you Can go sign up for free get some ideas For your own business put them into Practice we’re using this right now for Our own businesses and again I think It’s only going to become a bigger and Bigger thing so hopefully you got value From this one guys if you did as always Leave a like click subscribe we have a New video every week and if you’re not Yet a member of my coaching program Dropship lifestyle be sure to go to for a free training I’ll see you over there thanks guys

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