How does JavaScript Run JavaScript Control Flow

Future of Web Development

Desktop can do things that web can’t yet but mostly those limitations are down to ‘centralisation’ of resources and performance, both of them will become less of an issue as the performance of internet connections and computers and browsers grow. So let’s have a look at some of the future aspects of web development…

Scripting Social Media Success Through Drupal

What is an ideal social networking script? To state the obvious, it is the script that lets you decide the course the social networking modules on your website must take- right from the time the script is embedded, till the point it becomes your enterprise’s most powerful marketing tool.

Leveraging the New Features of Joomla With Joomla 3.2

It is no doubt that Joomla is one of the most reliable content management frameworks in today’s online world. With more than 45 million downloads in its credit till date, it is the second most used content management system (CMS) after WordPress.

What Are The Basic Requirements For Microsoft Web Developers

Some advice for Microsoft web developers. A little guide to make sure you learn the right things first to become a Microsoft web developer.

The Best Uses for Microsoft Excel’s SEARCH Function

Microsoft Excel’s SEARCH function may seem to have a somewhat limited usefulness. However, when used in conjunction with the MID or REPLACE functions, it can quickly become invaluable. This article explores how the SEARCH function works, and how to use it in conjunction with the MID function for maximum effectiveness.

Zend Vs Symfony: Who Will Win the Battle of the Frameworks?

Since the branching of the PHP language began, a constant tussle for superiority has been seen between the frameworks. This article would take up a comparative study between the two of the most prominent PHP frameworks which are available at the moment namely Symfony and Zend.

The Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design

You may be hearing talk lately about responsive web design and wondering if it’s right for your business. In this article, we break down the pros and cons of a responsive website to help you determine if the strategy solves your business marketing needs.

Symfony: The New Anthem For The PHP Programmers

Symfony as a PHP framework has been used extensively for quite sometimes. This article would be elucidating the framework to the readers through the following lines.

CakePHP: Making PHP Programming A Piece Of Cake

In the gamut of PHP programs which is available at the moment CakePHP takes the cake being the most likable of them all. This article would elaborate on the likability of the framework called the CakePHP.

The Increasing Need For Affordable eBook Formatting Services

The article explains the importance of eBook formatting services. It further enlists how an experienced formatting expert can help you and the benefits of availing affordable eBook formatting services from professional service providers.

6 Pointers To Help You Choose a Web Design Company

It is no secret that web designers have gained their fair share of popularity in the online environment. And why shouldn’t they? It is far simpler for someone who wants a nice design for their website to turn to a professional.

5 PHP Frameworks Which Ruled 2013

PHP as a language has several advantages essentially for the PHP programmers. PHP has developed in the form of frameworks as one of the most affordable programming languages. This article would be dealing with some of the PHP frameworks which continued to be popular in 2013.

Tips on Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Some tips on using responsive web design. These are some of the things we need to think about when building responsive websites.

CakePHP – Less Coding, More Fun – How?

It’s easy to build codes in CakePHP because of its detailed code library, built-in validation, powerful scaffolding, on-the-go support features and most of all the modern standards it follows! Find out how!

Guidelines for Using Exceptions in Java

Java exceptions provide a way to process synchronous errors such as divisions by zero and out-of-range array indexes, and this article offers top practical guidelines on their use. The article includes when to use Exceptions, when you neither catch nor throw exceptions and (importantly) when to use standard Java exceptions.

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