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Let’s get you started with chat GPT if You like me you keep seeing people tweet And talk about chat GPT but you’re like Uh how do I get started so I’m going to Quickly show you how and if you don’t Know what chat GPT is don’t worry we’ll Ask the AI robot to tell us at the end All right so the first thing we’re going To do is we’re going to go to and then look it’s like Hey log in or sign up cool we’ll sign up So you have to have an account but right Now Chad GPT is free wants and preview And so what we’re going to do is we’re Going to say continue with Microsoft Account I will sign in with my username And password one second now it’s asking If I want to let this app use your Information sure now it wants to know my Name it wants my phone number keep in Mind I’ve done this for other accounts And they haven’t spammed me or use my Phone number for anything bad so I think It’s fine so I say next to data I don’t Care next and then of course done and Then boom now you just jump down here And start asking it questions and I Think the easiest first question is what Are you and look at that it just starts Answering the question for us

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