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Drupal UI Customization

There is no doubt that Drupal has become one of the most preferred Content Management Systems in the world. Drupal can be streamlined and made robust with Drupal UI customization, which makes it easy for the users, especially those, who do not have much technical expertise in designing and developing a website. Developers can easily customize the user interface to bring in some of the best characteristics of the platform’s major competitors such as WordPress and Joomla.

Enterprise Development With Flex

Adobe Flex has become one of the best platforms to develop Rich Internet Applications for different enterprises. This is what keeps Flex developers around the world busy adding the much-needed graphical excellence to your websites. Flex development, which many call a rebirth of illustrious Adobe Flash (formerly owned by Macromedia), pushes the websites to next level where they are not mere representation of a business’ online presence but serve as a potent marketing tool.

Create A Dynamic and Eye-Striking Website With PHP Hosting

Introduction to PHP – we will bring in you to one of the Internet’s newest and fastest budding server side programming languages – PHP. Now the Question is on what can PHP do? Mainly PHP is focused on server-side scripting. So we can use PHP Programming as a Web hosting.

Web Application Development Trends – An Overview

In today’s times, custom software outsourcing and web application development are much in demand in SMEs (small and medium enterprises). More and more western companies are delegating different types of software projects to low-cost but adept offshore providers. The customer software outsourcing model has helped many clients to do their work cost-effectively.

Assemble PDF Files

Assemble PDF files to optimize PDF files for better reuse can be easily done with a PDF Merger. Flexible merge them in multiple ways will be needed sooner or later.

How to Write a Simple Java Program

Java is an object-oriented language similar to C++. But it is designed to be simplified to eliminate the possibility of creating common programming errors, such as memory corruption, pointer or reference errors. You will learn how to programming in Java in this article.

Tips to Be a Good Programmer

One weblog subject that by no means seems to get outdated is what makes a superb programmer, or the way to be a superb programmer, or what you can do to be a better programmer. The identical activities are sometimes listed as being the path to successful codesmithing, when actually it’s just the method by which the true magic happens. With programming, like many issues, it isn’t what you do, it’s what you learn from it and the one key ingredient to being a superb programmer (in addition to practice) is publicity to programming.

How Can You Teach an AI Computer the Concept of Zero – When IT Needs to Know?

A couple of weeks ago I was having an interesting conversation with a professor of mathematics at a college in Arizona. We got on the topic of zero, and we’ve finally determined that it was more or less a placeholder. It didn’t represent any thing, and it couldn’t represent nothing, although it could represent one whole number less than whatever was being counted in that particular set, for that particular equation.

Facebook Application Development

Facebook application development is one of the most flourishing online marketing tools. More and more businesses are opting for Facebook development to promote their products.

iPhone: A Boost for Mob-Commerce?

If you think the Internet commerce is the latest thing on offering, you might be running a generation late. iPhone development has added a completely new dimension to mobile commerce. More and more businesses are engaging developers to create mobile commerce applications.

iPhone Development Outsourcing Tips

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to go about iPhone development. A few important things need to be considered before outsourcing it.

iPhone Development and the Market

iPhone development is the hottest things in the market. It is important to be innovative and choose the target market well.

Popular Mobile Development Platforms

Mobile development is one of the hottest things in the market. Popular platforms include Symbian OS, Google Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry OS.

Take Your Interest in Video Game Development Even Further

Now more than ever, the video game industry is enjoying a huge following of gamers who are willing to pay to be entertained, recession or not. Although video game sales during the previous year were sluggish, the slew of titles that were released was still impressive. For this reason, having a career in video game development is an option that’s drawing a lot of attention from millions of people who own gaming consoles and computers.

Why It Makes Sense to Outsource Web Development and Hire PHP Developers

PHP, a server side scripting used for generating dynamic web pages, has found favor with the vast majority of developers and programmers because it is fast, economical, dependable and secure. As PHP codes can be implanted effortlessly to the other scripting languages like HTML and XHTML, it is very effective.

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