Function expression vs Function declaration in JavaScript

Learn Computer Programming and Make Your Job Easier

Learn computer programming and secure your position at your job. You might even decide you like it enough to pursue it as a career!

Dynamically Creating Social Components

Sometimes it can be useful to create social controls dynamically using javascript. This article will tell you how to achieve this with facebook like, tweet and Google+1 buttons.

Creative and Impressive Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Builds As Seen on YouTube!

Lego Mindstorms Robotics has come a long way. There are some impressive creations out there on the web, and many YouTube videos are the testament to that. Read about some of the most incredible robotics projects that have been built by Lego fans around the world. Everyone knows the mechanical aspect of assembling Lego, but how are you with the programming? Well NXT-G may be your answer if you’re a bit hesitant to jump right in.

String Matching and Pattern Matching in Perl

Perl string matching and patterning matching are very important in Bioinformatics. Learn how it is done and applications of string matching in Bioinformatics.

The Speed of CSLA Vs Open Source Alternatives

Standing for Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture, CSLA.NET is a software development framework designed to manage the cost of building and maintaining applications. By focusing on object-based design, CSLA gives all of its created business objects full functionality with all.NET platforms. CSLA is widely preferred because of its versatility and detailed documentation. The great barriers to successful CSLA implementation stand with the challenging learning curve and its complexity; these factors lead some to consider other options.

Why Customize?

Today we have more choices than ever for software to run your business. Why would anyone want custom software to run their business? The answer to that question fits in several categories listed in this article.

On-Premise ERP and SaaS ERP Solutions: The Battle Is On!

There are innumerable options in both scenarios and both have benefits and risks. On-premise setup helps your business to meet your needs, however broad they are. The on-premise market segment is prevalent in the market since long and is unquestionably well-developed and based on sturdy grounds.

Super CAD CAM Aerodynamics Software Modeling – Will It Replace Real Prototype Building?

Is it really possible to hold supreme insight into the flow of all we know? That is to say can we learn to model the natural environment so closely as to predict nearly everything? Will we ever have the mathematical knowledge, and artificial intelligent super computers to do this? Perhaps, and as an example of this future debate, lets discuss aerodynamic flows and CAD CAM software, it’s getting pretty robust these days – but is it good enough to forgo prototyping of new military aircraft?

Software Quality Assurance Made Transparent

Successful quality assurance (QA) seeks to provide a clear and realistic model for meeting the customer’s expectations. In this context, “transparent” QA will adopt a policy of steady communication and evaluation from the top-down about all business decisions, testing, hiring, and user experience (UX). In addition, transparent QA will strive to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur and do so from the project’s earliest stages, throughout development, and after release.

Agile Software Development – What Does Scrum Methodology Entail?

Agile software development is a well-known technique used by various software developers to plan and create completely functional products for their customers. Every agile methodology cleverly combines both traditional and modern ideas in a manner that is quickly comprehended and adopted by developers. An agile methodology called Scrum is discussed throughout this article. Scrum, better known as a framework, is an agile approach to software development that promotes team work. This means that a team of developers does not get a pre-determined guide describing how each step is to be performed on a project. Decision making is primarily done by the team itself without receiving instructions from a leader or supervisor.

Scaling PHP: Traditional and Cloud Hosting

Scaling an application on traditional hosting is not an easy job as it demands lot of time and effort. Every time you want to add a new application to scale out, you have to follow all the four steps manually. Furthermore, every time you have to deploy a new version of your application, or add more servers you have to spend extra time in configuration and setup. Here we are going to compare the scalability of PHP applications in traditional and cloud hosting.

Android Eclipse

Android is probably the most famous operating system for the development of applications for Smartphones and tablet devices. Most of this is certainly because of its being open source and hence giving access to a major portion of its operating system. Android Eclipse is one of the most reliable and widely used compilers or software development environments for the development of apps in Android.

3 C Language Based Embedded Programmable Controllers

C Language programming is one of the most widely used computer programming languages. It can be used for general purpose or advanced applications. It can implement flow control, arithmetic and logic operations, functions and more.

Finding Jobs As A .NET Programmer With An Online Placement Agency

Jobs in IT are among the most sought after career options these days. With the IT industry booming across the world, there are many good job options for those with the right qualifications. It is a constantly changing and developing industry and anyone looking to make a career in this industry must always stay on top of the competition.

Hire Zen Cart Programmers for SEO Optimization

Chances are high that the substantial lack of content can render the e-commerce portals redundant as per the SEO standards of online success. This analysis drove the retail businesses to consider integrating the SEO mechanism with their online stores, thereby leading them to hire Zen Cart programmers who understand the implication of such integration and are well versed with the process as well.

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