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The Scrum Checklist

Every member of the scrum team needs a quick list of things that will allow them to be more productive. Here are some of the things in that list.

Scrum of Scrums: How to Work With Huge Teams

The Scrum of scrums is a method of co-ordinating teams and is used to grow and synchronise the scrum framework within a company to huge scale. As a scrum master I have used this technique to great effect in order to keep complex inter-related projects in sync.

Why Scrum Works: How to Sell Scrum to Your Organisation

If someone asked you “Why does anyone even bother using scrum?” how would you answer them? Since the year 2000, I have been asked this question many times, in many different ways, at different companies, by people in different roles. I will give you some powerful reasons why it helps us to deliver.

A Brief Look at the Android OS

The Android operating system is one of the most popular and up-to-date OS used today. It’s most popular among mobile manufacturers and the software can be found in phones made many of the big players including LG, Motorola and Sony. Android is used in other devices like tablets, netbooks and smartwatches, just to name a few. However, despite its growing popularity, the overall use of the Android OS still pales in comparison to Apple’s iOS.

Select and Toggle Checkboxes With JQuery

On so many occasions I have had a use for a grid-based checkbox selector. I’m sure you’ve all seen them, you select the checkbox at the top of the grid, and all children checkboxes are either checked or unchecked, depending on the parent’s state. I recently had a project where this functionality was going to be very effective, so I decided to write it up for you.

Scrum Overview

In Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland’s (two of the original founders of scrum) Scrum Guide, they describe it as “a framework for developing and sustaining complex products.” Scrum consists of self-organising, cross-functional teams. Simply put, this means that the teams consist of a group of people who each have different areas of expertise but work together for the same outcome.

Working With Pointers in C++: Potential Dangers and Hazards

Working with memory in C++ poses many challenges and potential dangers to the programmer. These are known as pointer hazards. Described are those hazards and how to avoid them.

People, the Most Important Factor for Success

The sole factor determining the quality, timeliness and cost of the outcome – is the human factor. That is the abilities of the developers. This is something that cannot be purchased in package form from a vendor. It is the ingredient that is so often ignored by companies in their quest for the best outcome. It determines the viability of a project and has a tremendous influence on productivity.

Exception Handling in Unit Tests

Test driven development is one of the best design paradigms in modern software development and unit testing is the crux of it all. This article is to describe how to test exception throwing behavior in the code and includes some pointers to other approaches to do the same.

Choosing the Right IT Support For Your Company

IT sector has always proved to be a great contribution in the business world. Nowadays, the business world is taking the advantages from IT support in the real sense. Companies can now easily keep track of their data in their computers and can find important data within no time. Business dealings and meetings are now more organized and managed because of IT service and support.

Being Efficient With CSS

By defining a style in one location as CSS does, you can gain several advantages. First, it eliminates the redundancy of specifying that style’s font size and color each time you use a tag.

Hire an iPhone Developer to Create Successful iPhone Games

At the launch of the first generation of iPhone, it was largely perceived to be a fun -filled leisure phone with ability to feed the gaming addiction of the generation. However, with time and successive up-gradations, iPhone has become the most preferred business phone boasting of features such as notification center, reminders, integrated mail applications, calendar and contacts. Despite some deliberate attempts to transform iPhone into a serious business phone, the device has not lost its charm as an excellent gaming device.

Operator Overloading in Object Oriented Programming

Operator overloading is a very useful process that allows a programmer to save time and resources whilst writing a code. There are certain rules and conventions that govern the general process of overloading operators in an object oriented paradigm. In this article, I will try and outline these rules and why these were implemented by the creators and pioneers of C++.

The Difference Between MVC and MVP

Most industries have their own language and the software industry definitely has their own that is riddled with acronyms. Two acronyms in the software industry are MVC and MVP- the two most popular design patterns for developing decoupled systems. Proven solutions to common development problems, design patterns, add organization to applications. This article will help clarify what these two things are, the benefits and what the differences are between the two.

Project Management From A-Z

Have you ever wondered what Earned Value Management is or what does Scope Creep mean? We have summed up project management from A-Z. Every industry has their own culture that includes their own language, project managers are no different.

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