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Future AI and Thought Swapping Technologies Deserve Better Mind Mapping Methods

The 2-Dimensional mind maps that kids and students are using do a complete disservice to how they visualize artificial intelligent systems. Perhaps, and this is my hypothesis – we might be doing more harm than good by teaching our students to use mind maps. Yes, it helps students to get a strong sense of self, but why limit their rapidly expanding minds so early on?

Interests in AI, IT, Mind-Mapping, and Systems Thinking Often Have to Do With Career Path

The other day, I was discussing mind-mapping with an acquaintance, it’s an interesting subject, you know those flowing diagrams of how one thinks. My acquaintance stated that his interests had little to do with his career or job, still I like to challenge such things. Why you ask?

SaaS Mode of Delivery and the Demand of SaaS Web Apps

Software as a Service (SaaS) which became a viable delivery model from 2000 to 2003 surely ranks among IT companies as one of the most efficient modes of delivery. SaaS web apps are in huge demand today.

Cloud Computing and SaaS Web Apps Deployment

SaaS and cloud computing technologies walk hand in hand. The cloud has been loaded with web apps ever since the recession when companies opted for the low-cost solution for the IT infrastructure.

IT Support V Management

I’ve been in the business many years now and I’m amazed at how little attention is given to a customers needs beyond keeping the tech running. Support has not kept up with the pace of technology and how it affects users.

Top IT Project Fails of All Time

Even with the powerful, advanced technology available today, things can go terribly wrong. Here are some outstanding examples of this.

The Internet’s Design Flaws

Even the very useful Internet can at times be seriously frustrating. This is partly due to design flaws.

Increasing Your Business Growth By Hiring A Web Department

Your website is the first contact that a potential customer has with your business. Your website must be easy to maintain, visually engaging, loved by search engines, business focused, and developed by a professional team.

Why HTML5 Is The Best Language?

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language gave a lot of ease to the web developers and the web masters in terms of creating web pages. Before it the languages been used by the developers were not supported by a wide range of platforms and not even by many explorers. HTML was a great improvement to the web development. With the passage of time new updates came to this language and now we have the HTML5 which is far better than the existing HTML’s version.

How to Put Your DISH Network Remote in Limited Mode

Stephanie’s younger brother was playing in her room while she was at work. He played with all of her music and touched her television along with the DISH Network remote control. After a long day of work Stephanie sat down that night to watch some television. She pressed the remote’s channel up button to change the satellite channel. But the remote changed the Television instead, and all she could see was snow and not the program she wanted to watch.

The Supremacy of RIA Application Development

The article has all the possible facts and details when it comes to the Rich Internet applications. How the companies deploy it and use it for the benefit of the clientele as well themselves thereby profiting both. RIA is indeed the next best choice by companies and hence its demand. From software development viewpoint Rich Internet application trails a customary software development model with rich controls that comprises of dominant data and multimedia competence.

How to Change Your DISH Network Remote Address

You may not know this but your satellite remote is a highly sophisticated piece of electronic equipment just like the satellite receiver. The remote control and receiver can operate on any one of 16 different addresses. However, they must both be on the same address for the remote to control the receiver. Here, I’ll explain how to change the address on both devices.

Improve Conversion Rates Using Multivariate and A/B Split Testing

Multivariate and a/b split testing tools can improve conversions on the web page to a very big percentage. A single split and multivariate test can really appraise many web pages. There are individuals that think that they can improve conversion without testing.

What Is the Crystal Report Hosting?

Crystal Reports is a one application that support for web. This application is designed to generate reports from various data sources, especially Web 2.0. Crystal report is widely used because it is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio. The main advantage of the software used to generate Crystal Reports is able to support a wide range of data, especially for the presentation.

WS-C3750X-48T-S And Other Basic Networking Equipment

As a business, it is your primary objective to collect more revenue and grow. But growth entails a lot of changes in your system too, so that you can accommodate more consumers and orders. This will not come cheap, however, it will be reimbursed by your improved capacity and productivity. If you are looking to expand your company’s computer network, here are some of the components you need.

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