Function declaration and Function expressions in javascript.

Importance of Testing In Web Applications

With the unprecedented growth in the number of attacks in web applications, testing becomes imperative. This is because only with testing, can the vulnerabilities be detected and the applications can be corrected accordingly.

The Unsupportive Guru

Recently the backend of my WordPress site crashed. I contacted the hosting company only to find I was at the mercy of the Support Guru who turned out to be extremely unsupportive.

IBM Information Server 8.X (DataStage): Parallel Aggregator Stage

DataStage or IBM Information Server is an ETL tool to Extract, Transform and Load the data into data mart or data warehousing. The data in warehouse is used to generate many reports and reports are used in decision making process. ETL Tools offer many advantages in all stages of ETL process starting from extraction, data cleansing and profiling, transformations and loading into data warehouse makes the ETL tools very powerful. The active stages allow to do various transformations as per the business requirements.

Hire an iPhone Application Programmer to Internationalize Your iPhone Applications

Creating iPhone applications in a single language can restrict the reach of these applications. So while creating applications for iPhone, it is very important for an iPhone application developer to integrate the internationalization feature in order to enable it for a greater market penetration. It is a very well known fact that in 2011, both Android App Market and Apple’s App Store, cumulatively, witnessed more than 20 billion app downloads.

Azure Table Storage

Microsoft Windows Azure table storage is part of the Azure offering from Microsoft. This article discusses the strengths and weaknesses of using it for your application’s storage requirements.

Magento Development Is Beneficial for Ecommerce Websites

Magento is the most famous open source ecommerce solution with many useful features. Many platforms are used to build ecommerce sites but Magento is the first choice for developers and web development companies as it is robust, scalable and flexible.

Turning Negative Advertising to Positive on Social Media

When one does not have anything nice to say about their own selves, then speaking about another’s lesser qualities serves the purpose and sometimes, produces better results. That is how negative advertising works. However, it is not as easy. It requires tact and civility. One cannot hurl insults as do teenaged street fighters. While bestowing praise is as easy as criticism, it is constructive criticism that is highly appreciated. If delivered tactfully and accepted gracefully, it not only improves products and services, but also C2B relationships.

Important Points You Should Consider While Choosing PSD to HTML Conversion Services

While Choosing the PSD to HTML conversion services, the clients often remain confused about selecting right service provider. This type of scenario is in fact not faced by you only but every client who want to increase its net profits and viral reach often come across to these issues. With the increase in number of online visitors every day, more and more people are choosing these conversion services

Why the Zend Framework Is Awesome

There are many PHP frameworks out there, but what makes the Zend Framework better than the rest? This article discusses some of the key advantages of the framework.

Generic Programming Using Templates in C++

Generic Programming is a very powerful and commonly used feature in C++ Language. It allows the programmer to write type independent code which stands valid for many data types. Both functions and classes could be converted into templates. There are various techniques to make function and class templates. An introduction is provided in this article.

What Can You Do With PHP?

This article describes the various features that can be programmed with PHP. This includes File Access, Databases and Graphics.

Getting Started With PHP Programming – What You Need

This article outlines what a person needs to start programming in PHP. Things like a text editor and other resources that are required.

PHP Programming – Why Is It So Important In Internet Applications?

This article is about getting started with PHP programming. It covers why PHP is easy to learn and also the history of PHP.

IBM Information Server 8.X (DataStage): Parallel Transformer Stage Properties

A data warehouse is created by extracting data from one or more operational databases. The data is transformed to eliminate inconsistencies, aggregated to summarize data, and loaded into the data warehouse. The end result is a dedicated database which contains stable, nonvolatile, integrated data. This data also represents a number of time variants (for example, daily, weekly, or monthly values), allowing the user to analyze trends in the data. ETL tools like DataStage plays an important role in building data warehouses successfully.DataStage offer many advantages in all stages of ETL process starting from extraction, data cleansing and profiling, transformations and loading into data warehouse makes the ETL tools very powerful. In this section, we will dive deeply into learning Parallel transformer stages properties.

A Truly Artificial Intelligent CADCAM Design System Might Surprise Us – A Discussion

It wasn’t so awfully long ago that I was talking to a former grad student from Carnegie Mellon University robotics and artificial intelligence Labs. We got to talking about how artificial intelligence was coming along, and its ability to program itself, yes, that’s right they have developed some computer programs and some rather interesting software that when challenged in a given situation it programs itself by writing new software to overcome the challenge given. Now then, what if we took this one step further and applied such logic and strategies to the future of CADCAM design software?

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