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🧡 Hello All JavaScript Lovers Outhere!

Today you’re going to learn about the Array Object In JavaScript.

This tutorial is a series of videos, in each video we will discuss a method (or more) of the Array Object in JavaScript.

In today’s video, you’re going to learn about the filter method.

The filter() method creates a new array filled with elements that pass a test provided by a function.
The filter() method does not execute the function for empty elements.
The filter() method does not change the original array.

🟢🟠 The
🔷 Syntax :
// Callback function
filter(callbackFn, thisArg)

// Inline callback function
filter(function(element) /* … */ )
filter(function(element, index) /* … */ )
filter(function(element, index, array) /* … */ )
filter(function(element, index, array) /* … */ , thisArg)

🔹callbackFn : Function to execute on each element.
The function is called with the following arguments:

🔹element : The current element being processed in the array.
🔹index : The index of element in the array.
🔹array : The array forEach() was called upon.
🔹thisArg (Optional) : Value to use as this when executing callbackFn.

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