Difference Between Function Declaration, Function Expression & Hoisting (JAVASCRIPT COMPLETE GUIDE)

Mobile Application Development Leads to the Market Demand to Hire Android Developers

Mobile strategy has evolved as an integrated part of marketing strategy irrespective of the industry vertical. With the smart phones percolating heavily in the Indian market, it is all the more important that the business enterprises to adopt a ‘mobile’ approach for not only improved reach but also sustained business.

How to Teach Artificial Intelligent Computers to Sketch, Doodle, and Create Human Art?

The other day, I met an individual at Starbucks, an artist amongst other things. He seemed incredibly good at the art of doodling and turning those sketches into art work – the stuff he showed me was quite good, and he was busy yet creating another piece as we spoke, right there in the Starbucks, perhaps a good place to draw and sketch with just the right ambiance and a little caffeine along with that. Okay so let’s talk, because what he showed me had me thinking that we could program a computer, or artificial intelligent software to do.

Data Warehousing Benefits the Overall Performance of the Business Enterprise

Data Warehouse analyses the data, stores them and streamlines the information in the respective systems. This increases the efficiency of the organization and benefits the overall performance of the enterprise.

5 Ajax Testing Tools for Web Developers

Testing of programs developed with Ajax – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML – has previously been difficult but due to technological factors. With the latest innovations in technology however there are a number of methods and tools that could relieve the issues that are apparent with performing tests associated with programs created with Ajax. This small Ajax tutorial which will give you visibility to a number of these fantastic tests tools.

Hire PHP Developers for Web Development Projects

PHP web development involves a huge gamut of development opportunities and they include web applications, CMS, e-commerce applications, RIA development, Mashup development, job portals, social networking application and intranet web applications. This clearly testifies that with each passing day, the requirement to hire PHP developers is increasing.

Reduce Web Development Costs Through PHP Development Outsourcing

PHP is a very popular multipurpose server side scripting language which is extensively used for creating dynamic web pages. PHP is now the most favorite language of web developers for developing websites and we applications for their clients. It provides a highly flexible development environment to developers where they can apply their skills and create robust, secure and highly functional web solutions.

Forget Alan Turning – I Have a Better Test for Artificial Intelligence

One of my favorite topics is artificial intelligence. In fact, I do believe in the future that the CEOs of every major corporation will actually be a supercomputer with artificially intelligent software running the central nervous system of the entire corporation from their sales business units to their warehouse and inventory. I believe there will be holographic professors in our colleges, and that in the future we may have a president but he will work closely with the artificially intelligent decision-making machine.

PDF Text to Speech Reading System – Double the Speed, Ditch the Computerish Voice Inflection

Perhaps, you are someone who finds greater productivity working in absolute silence. However, most people get rather used to working in a room filled with coffee shop level noise, TVs in the background, or listening to their favorite music, or in my case a lecture from some college or university. Of course, after you’ve listened to nearly every topic that you care to learn about, you start getting more picky, and esoteric about the niches with which you wish to learn.

PHP Web Developer Services a Must to Your Business’s Success

As an entrepreneur it is important that you have a business website, where all information about your products and services can be found. The internet has become the best way for people to buy different products because that way they save time and money.

Advantages on SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a Microsoft proprietary web application platform serving as a multipurpose tool that can cater common web requirement of any organization. It is heavily integrated with Microsoft Office suite tools and provides users with the interface that is similar to Microsoft Office. A SharePoint development has the capability to encompass various websites, intranet and extranet portals, social networking services, files and document management, business intelligence tools and enterprise search.

All You Need to Know Before Considering a Career in Web Programming

Web programming can be a very rewarding career. Get all your facts right and learn all about what web programmers actually do. Read on and learn more about what a programmer actually does and what you should do to be successful with this type of job.

Perfect Online Data Visualization With HTML5 (JavaScript) Gauges

Online data visualization is very popular nowadays since it offers such advantages as getting data in real time and access from any location and device. More and more companies move their information monitoring and dashboard apps to web. And here they face some problems including what technology and software to use to migrate to web.

Protect Your Online Privacy With “Do Not Track” Option!

With the aim of providing consumer privacy and making web browsing a fun experience, the U.S Federal Government has urged all the major web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple with its Mountain Lion operating system to include the button “Do Not Track”, so that the users can surf the Internet without their browsing habits being tracked, which means that the consumers can have more control over their personal data online. In response to growing concern of the consumers about how Internet giants like, Google, Facebook and Twitter collect and trade in…

An Introduction To Programming With Processing

One of the fundamental functions of a computer is it’s ability to transform electrical energy into another form of energy such as light, sound or motion. We use software to communicate with a computer’s physical components such as a monitor, speakers or even haptic devices. We create this software using various typed languages that can be interpreted by both humans and computers. Programming, is the process of creating this dialogue between humans and computers, and will often result in the transformation of electrical energy into other forms of energy such as light, sound or vibrations.

The Future Algorithm Wars – God Helps Us All

Well, it seems just as I was finishing up an article about how we need a new App for the iPad to tell users if their resumes can get past the algorithm reading the resume for the human resource director at the corporation – an interesting article appeared in the New York Times along the same line of thinking. You see, as a writer, I’ve always realized that soon I will be replaced by artificial intelligent writing software programs, and I’d say the writing is already on the wall, and has been for quite a while now.

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