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ITIL – Getting Software Testing in Better Shape

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a publicly available collection of books owned by the UK Governments’ Office of Government Commerce (OGC). ITIL version 3 outlines a broad set of testing guidelines and best practices. It does not restrict the project to following one testing methodology, but rather encourages the selection of principles that best fit the requirements. This article asks what benefits the Testing world can gain from using ITIL best practices, and if it is deemed completely necessary.

Independent Software Testing Services

When software is developed and designed, it becomes necessary to test them before running them. You might say many companies do that. When you go ahead to hire a company see that they have the expertise in providing software testing services to the main industries. This includes Telecom, Mobile & Wireless, Consumer electronics, multimedia systems manufacturing; Business presentation systems, ERP, CRM; e-Commerce, e-Shops, e-Auctions, e-Billing; Mobile search, WAP portals; Web 2.0 systems, social networks, news portals; Multimedia & Entertainment; System software; and Security, data protection, antivirus.

What is Software Testing?

The activities for software quality assessment can be divided into two broad categories and they are static analysis and dynamic analysis. Static Analysis: It is based on the examination of a number of documents, like requirements documents, software models, design documents, and source code. Traditional static analysis includes code review, inspection, walk-through, algorithm analysis, and proof of correctness.

Software Test Automation Framework – Some of the Major Factors

Software testing before release is crucial for any company to maintain its position among customers and partners. The software has to perform as well in every platform and scenario and should be a strategic element of the entire SDLC. Number of frequent revisions makes testing more sophisticated over time, becoming larger and larger proposition over time.

What is Agile Software Testing?

History: To understand the testing process in Agile development methodology, it is important to understand the paradigm of Agile development. The Agile Development paradigm is not new. Although Agile Software Development Manifesto was launched in February 2001, the concepts existed well before this and have been expressed in different ways.

Automated Software Testing is Needed For Technology to Work Flawlessly

The article shows how automated software testing is an expense companies cannot do without. One of these is software testing because let us face it, in order to move forward, we need technology. Companies cannot do without it or they get left behind. What does it mean to get left behind? It means that the customers and the clients will start to look for the same services from other companies. The right technology means that the services will be delivered with better quality and with faster turn-around-time.

Are You Interested in Software Testing?

One of the key aspects of software development is software testing. You can not deploy any software unless it has undergone serious testing effort.

Effective Software Testing in Changing Economic Scenarios

In the hard times of economic slow down the test managers will be forced more than ever to squeeze the testing budgets as much as possible. In spite of these hard times, the need to do testing of software well remains paramount.

What is “Levels of Software Testing”?

The system is tested in steps, in line with the planned build and release strategies, from individual units of code through integrated subsystems to the deployed releases and to the final system. Testing proceeds through various physical levels of the application development lifecycle. Each completed level represents a milestone on the project plan and each stage represents a known level of physical integration and quality.

Learning the Basics of Software Testing

Our technologically driven world is moved by three major components; the people, the hardware and the software. Electronic gadgets ranging from a simple toy to the most complicated machine performing high powered calculations cannot work with its components. A single glitch or error would cause a major problem and total malfunction of the device.

Beginner’s Guide to Software Testing and Quality

Software testing is a tool to measure and ensure the quality of software. It measures a software in terms of the number of defects found, results of the test runs and the areas covered by the test. The tests are designed to test both functional attributes of the software (for example, printing a report correctly) and the non-functional software requirements and characteristics (for example, printing a report quickly enough).

Automated Software Testing Contributes to the Success and the Improvement of the Company

The article shows the scenarios why Automated Software Testing is needed. Software testing has always been essential to the success of the software. It goes through several testing stages from the conceptualization of the software until the live run and it does not end there as it goes through a quarterly or a yearly assessment testing. It goes through several tests to make sure that it is running well and everything is going smoothly not only with the software but with the systems that are dependent on the software.

What is the Difference Between a Software Engineer and a Computer Programmer?

The terms software engineer or computer programmer may be confusing to the average computer user. Most of us associate computer programs with the generic term ‘Software’. To us it may seem that the terms are interchangeable. That is not so. The role played by a software engineer is significantly different from that of a computer programmer. Before learning what the difference between a software engineer and a computer programmer is, let us see what is meant by the term software engineering and how it relates to computer programming.

Java Programming Language

Java is a programming language formulated by Sun Microsystems and was publicized in 1995 as a core component of Sun’s Java platform. The language was obtained from C and C++ to a great extent.

Understanding of Risk Analysis in Software Engineering

Importance of risk analysis in software projects can be judged from the fact that, no Software Development Life Cycle is viewed as complete unless it has passed through active consideration to areas having several types of risks associated with them. Let us try to understand as to what is Risk Analysis.

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