Control flow in JS #6

Zend on Cloud Nine – PHP Tools for Mobile and Cloud

The legend that PHP is turning out to be is indisputable. For an offshore development company, PHP proves to be the ultimate code base for rapid application development and deployment. Adopted into many frameworks, PHP has wormed its way into a variety of web applications.

Community Architecture

On software development teams building a community around the assets you are creating can be a way to increase the value and sustainability of your intellectual property (IP). Much like building a physical building, software developers build assets through the writing and compiling of source code which is usually stored in a source code control tool like Subversion (SVN). This article is a guide for how to implement and architect a community.

Hybrid Cloud

Most simply stated a Cloud offering is an offering through the internet or LAN/WAN that is subscription based and scales to the users requirements on demand. Subscribers can buy as little or as much of any service they desire (example use case is hardware for expanding testing environments for three days before an incremental software release).

Magento Development – Best Way to Develop and Design Your Online Store

Magento is one of the smartest and most robust E commerce platforms available online and has been making shopping online easy for customers all over the world since a couple of years now! Magento development leads to highly innovative, creative and highly functional shopping cart systems which come extremely handy for online stores and E commerce websites. This E commerce platform is not only one of the most sought after, but Magento E commerce Development is considered one of the most secure and most reliable amongst its contemporaries.

What’s the Difference Between Java and Dot NET

This article provides a basic understanding for students who are interested in the difference between Java and .NET. It’s explained in a detailed and simple structure for students to understand better.

Tips on Picking the Right Guys When Outsourcing Your Web Development Services

Stories from forums and blog posts abound about people who have had negative experiences working with third-party web developers. Outsourcing website development projects do bring a lot of benefits to clients, but some communication problems and ill will of a few unscrupulous “web developers” have stained the reputation of this noble industry. In order to avoid falling victim to any of these misdeeds, purposefully done or not, it is important to be informed and prepared.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing: An Emerging Employer

The software quality assurance and testing segment was created out of the need to ensure that the application provided to a client operated according to requirements and was free of bugs. Though this segment has been around for decades, few analysts and development firms have paid much attention to the emerging market, until quite recently. In this article we will discuss the new employment potential facilitated by this emerging segment.

Church Database

Whether your church is large or small, managing you members more effectively can always be assisted by software. Technology is moving at a tremendous pace and ensuring that your organization is utilizing that technology to its utmost potential it’s imperative that you have a church database that assists in the growth of your religious organization.

Java Game Programming – Be Updated Now

Java game programming has been the backbone of most mobile game applications. No wonder a lot of mobile phone owners get hooked with playing every bit of game available on their phones.

Hiring a Reliable IT Team to Bring Your Business Forward

Trying to put your business online is a task that should be relegated to the specialists. Make sure to hire the best in the IT industry who can offer infrastructure as a service. Assess the choices using the factors of accessibility, experience, and cost.

Some Insider Tips in Choosing a Good IT Company

Having a good IT company as a partner is crucial for your business. With the presence of one, you can improve performance in your workplace and enhance your relationship with your clients. This results to higher returns on investment. The only question is how you are going to find a company you can partner with.

Juxtaposing Java and C++

If you have been working on C++ for a while and have some basic knowledge about object oriented programming (OOP), then working with Java will be smooth sailing for you. The syntax of Java is quite similar to that of C++ and this makes sense, as Java has been derived from C++ itself.

Best Way to Make Your Own Website

In today’s hi-tech world, every man has got a passion to pursue an online business through a proper website and earn handsome amount of money. A website serves to be an excellent source of building the brand image and communicating with the target market. Developing a website for business purposes requires vision and right direction to make it a successful venture.

Understanding Dynamic Websites

In this article i will tell you the characteristics of static and dynamic websites. How they are different and how can you convert a static website to a dynamic website.

Joomla Development – A Perfect Web Development Solution

Google has all the answers to searches like “Joomla Development”, “Joomla Customization” and “Joomla Extension Development”… but if you are looking for an integrated crisp analysis of the three, along with a balanced commentary on why Joomla Development is the most perfect web development solution, you must read on!

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