Control flow: If-Else and Switch statements | JavaScript introduction for beginners [2021] #16

Google’s Conversational Search – Is It As Good As They Say It Is?

Yes! Google’s new Conversational Search really is good, super cool and effective. More than that, it’s going to add further influence to how we promote ourselves online.

Learn Web Development Easily – What Resources Do You Need?

It is a good idea to learn web development because you can turn this into a pretty good career. You can choose to work for an IT company or even strike out on your own as a freelance web developer.

10 Reasons to Choose PHP Software Development Services

With the rapid advancement in technology and the increasing number of online businesses, many companies are shifting towards software development services- PHP web development and designing among the most common services. Almost every industry is looking for software development services that meet their business needs through online accessibility to information; hence, improving communication and flow of information. PHP is one of the most popular open source, web programming languages used to develop robust websites and applications.

Choose the Right Color for Your Website!

Are you looking forward to develop a website for your business? Make sure that it follows the correct color scheme. The colors scheme of a website is a huge factor deciding the success of a website. Read the following article to check out some tips to choose the colors of your website.

What Makes Joomla The Perfect Choice for Web Development Solution?

Most of the companies are now opting for open source tools and technologies for their web based projects. When it comes to CMS based web development, Joomla is among the top choices. Read the article to know why.

Why You Need To Learn HTML5

HTML5 will be the standard of HTML language soon. If you are still wondering whether you need to learn HTML5 then you’ll find the interesting details.

What Is Python Web Programming?

Python programming is a modern web programming language that is used to develop some of the largest sites in the world. It is very flexible, portable, and stable, which make it appealing for programmers to learn. The future for Python is bright as more programmers are getting involved in the community.

History of Django Development

Django development is claimed to start in a newsroom only a few years ago. It is known by many as a simple web framework that allows for rapid development. The history of Django is much different from other web development languages.

Various XML Methods and Solutions for Development Services

XML offers a wide range of development services and solutions for various programming needs. Below are a few of the methods and services that may be useful for your development environment.

Slight Exertion With Objective-C For iPhone Development

Objective-C is a programming language designed to enable sophisticated object-oriented programming; it is nothing more than a superset of the C programming language and it supports all the basic syntax of the C language, which means that theoretically a program written in C should compile as an Objective-C program without any change. My complete profile can be viewed at

Open-Source Customization – Tailor Your Online Business in a Cost-Effective Way

In the past couple of years, the open-source technology has completely changed the IT world, especially due to its easy customization feature and license free availability. One can measure the popularity of the open source systems (OSS), by the use of the customized open-source applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and much more. Read the article to know about the open source customization and its advantages.

How Can Digital Marketing Agencies Help You With Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is one of the newest and most popular services offered nowadays by digital marketing agencies. If designed and developed effectively, a mobile app can provide your online business with incredible and permanent exposure. Having your mobile app installed in a customer’s device is so much better than merely having your site bookmarked or enjoying some link love from your customers. Mobile apps – once installed – will stay there for your customers to see every time they use their mobile device. That helps with brand recognition – and, given time, it may also increase sales and profit margins. But as mentioned early on, not just any ordinary mobile app can become a competitive advantage. It has to be built by an expert – and one who, with your help, also has a keen understanding of your target market.

Invoice Auto Generation in Magento

Sometimes the Magento order process causes more work than a client desires. Imagine you have a client who utilizes their Magento eCommerce store so their customers can make purchases online. Now they also want to process orders on their own with customers from their physical store. If they were to place an order, they would need to also invoice and process shipping. This becomes cumbersome. Here we bypass this so that placing a successful order with payment will auto invoice the order so it is complete and nothing more is required.

Outsourcing – Organisations Losing Confidence Due to Lack of Quality and Right Vendors

We are in golden era where organizations from across the worlds have opened their mind about outsourcing and off-shoring their work to vendors based out of different locations so that their IT projects get properly managed, within their budgets and with quality. This era enabled many organizations to portray themselves as independent software vendors and reap the benefits of globalization and outsourcing however things are changing now and organizations are thinking twice before even considering outsourcing their projects in Asian countries. They are now hesitant and not willing to cross the bridge easily to connect with vendors…

The Top 6 Quality Assurance Mistakes You Should Avoid

When talking about Quality Assurance, we are talking about a process by which corporations and other organizations systematically check of the products and services provided to customers. Using such a system ensures that customers are satisfied with the quality received. Even though this by no means offers assurance of quality, QA testing is critical for any business model.

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