Codesmith Tech Talks: UX Best Practices by Charissa Ramirez sponsored by Jeeny + Bractlet

Charissa’s Tech Talk focuses on UX Best Practices. She provides an overview of what UX Design is and the differences between UX and UI. Charissa will go through some UX best practices such as knowing your audience, making your design accessible, and the role of typography among many other things.

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Codesmith helps residents develop engineering best practices, analytical problem-solving abilities, and strong technical communication skills. Tech talks allow Codesmith residents to deep dive into a technology outside of the Codesmith curriculum. Topics have included: AR/VR, Game Theory, React Native/Mobile Development, new React Lifecycle Methods, bit-flipping, Service Workers, and GraphQL. Learn more about Codesmith at

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JavaScript For Beginner – Free Online Tutorials

JavaScript for beginner|JavaScript for beginner

JavaScript For Beginner – Free Online Tutorials

There are many free online tutorials for JavaScript, including a free course offered by Microsoft. These tutorials are designed to help you learn JavaScript quickly and easily. They cover all of the basics, from syntax to data types and package management. They also offer demos to help you understand the material. Try them out for free by clicking here.

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