Codesmith Tech Talks: JavaScript & Metaprogramming by Jake Bradbeer sponsored by Jeeny + Bractlet

Jake’s Tech Talk focuses on JavaScript & Metaprogramming. Jake explains that metaprogramming is the ability of a program to read, generate, analyze, or transform other programs and even modify itself. He then brings us on a journey to learn about the branches of metaprogramming which include Macros and Reflection, before looking into how it works within JavaScript.

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Codesmith helps residents develop engineering best practices, analytical problem-solving abilities, and strong technical communication skills. Tech talks allow Codesmith residents to deep dive into a technology outside of the Codesmith curriculum. Topics have included: AR/VR, Game Theory, React Native/Mobile Development, new React Lifecycle Methods, bit-flipping, Service Workers, and GraphQL. Learn more about Codesmith at

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How to Learn JavaScript For Beginner

JavaScript for beginner|JavaScript for beginner

How to Learn JavaScript For Beginner

Learning JavaScript isn’t difficult at all – there are many resources out there to help you get started. There are self-led tutorials and online courses you can take, as well as coding boot camps you can attend. These resources can help you learn JavaScript from the ground up in a very short period of time.

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