Codesmith Speaker Series: Women in Tech Panel

Codesmith is proud to host a panel of incredible female leaders in the tech industry on Women’s Equality Day to share their journeys, how they’ve overcome challenges they’ve faced, and their advice for future women leaders in tech.

Codesmith organizes meetups for SoCal ReactJS ( & React x Node NYC (, bringing in diverse and interesting speakers to discuss a variety of topics on modern tech!

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Meet the Panelists:

Sharon Plunkett
Sharon is Director of Social Innovation at St. Joseph Center, a Los Angeles regional non-profit dedicated to equity, ending homeless, and balancing the economic scales for Los Angeles communities. Sharon oversees Employment and Workforce development initiatives at St. Joseph Center engaging with how can we provide resources to people marginalized and left out by an inequitable economic system that is failing so many people in our communities.

Sharon has a background in Computer Science and Software Engineering and is especially interested in how to work with the technology sector to help solve some of our most complex social issues. Sharon leads Codetalk – a web technology job training program for women that has proven effective at supporting women who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, trafficking and significant trauma to overcome these barriers and move forward to pursue gainful tech careers and change their lives in the process.

Cindy McKenzie
Cindy is Chief Information Officer for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group where she is responsible for IT strategy and planning, development, implementation and maintenance of technology- related functions and services for Deluxe Entertainment Services globally. Under her tenure, previously siloed IT and Security functions were centralized globally to better support Deluxe’s digital transformation, to improve service delivery and to support global workshare. She has over 20 years’ experience in IT leadership roles across multiple industries including Media and Entertainment, Engineering and Construction and Financial Services.

Cindy is on the board of directors STEM Advantage, which is a non-profit which provides scholarships, internships and mentors to women and underserved communities in STEM related majors as well she is on the boards of the Southern California Chapter of the Society for Information Management and the SIM Foundation. Cynthia was honored in 2012 as one of Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders and in 2018 she won the Advanced Imaging Society’s Technology Leadership Award, the Women in Technology Hollywood Leadership Award and the SIM STEM Most Inspiring Leader.

Yujin Kang
Yujin is a Frontend Software Engineer at Namely — a comprehensive HR software for mid-sized companies — responsible for creating reusable design system components and utilizing them to build out the frontend for Namely Payroll applications. Yujin has also contributed to open source, working on Reactime — a React state debugger—which was nominated for the 2020 Open Source Award. Prior to working in tech, she spent three years at The Wall Street Journal, executing global brand, product and integrated marketing campaigns. When she isn’t reviewing code, Yujin spends her time baking without measuring properly, day trading or contemplating on getting a dog.

Moderated by:
April Schneider
Co-Chair, Women in Tech Hollywood (WITH) Community Engagement Committee
Executive Director IT, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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