Codesmith Speaker Series: Complexity Abstraction & Accelerated Development [w/ Lukas Ruebbelke]

Lukas Ruebbelke, the VP of Developer Growth at BrieBug, a Front End Masters Instructor and a Google Developer Expert is back with another amazing workshop.

Check out Lukas’s previous talk to the Codesmith community: Four Fundamental Programmatic Concepts:

Do you remember the feeling you had when you first started programming? It was this feeling that I was learning something almost magical and that it was very, very confusing. As I began to progress as a developer, I started to realize that programming is complicated because life is complicated.

Programming is intrinsically complex because it is the medium we are attempting to use to describe the complex world in which we live.

If someone wants to become a better programmer, the most significant impact they can have on their progression is not to acquire more tools but instead change how they think about the world around them.

Managing complexity is the greatest challenge to writing software, with the level of complexity often exponentially increasing as your application grows in size.

The antidote to complexity is proper abstraction. Our ability to identify and properly segment application complexity allows a developer to apply an aggressive version of the Pareto Principle. We should spend 95% of our time working on the 5% of the application stack that contains true domain-level complexity.

In this workshop, we will discuss a mental model for complexity and abstraction while reinforcing these concepts as we build out an application. We will use Nx, Angular, and NestJS for the sample application, but the principles apply to any framework or language.

About the Speaker:
Lukas Ruebbelke is the Vice President of Developer Growth at BrieBug where he has the greatest job in the world. Lukas gets to spend his entire time mentoring and training developers to be effective and build things that people care about. Lukas is also a Google Developer Expert, published author, conference speaker, event organizer, etc.

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