Codesmith Speaker Series: 4 Fundamental Programmatic Concepts w/ Lukas Ruebbelke

Codesmith organizes free events and workshops, bringing in diverse and interesting speakers from prominent organizations to educate our community on the latest technologies. Learn how to express four fundamental programmatic concepts in JavaScript and how to compose them to build real-world examples with Lukas Ruebbelke, the VP of Developer Growth at BrieBug, a Front End Masters Instructor and a Google Developer Expert.

In this online workshop, Lukas will lead you through a series of exercises in JavaScript that will seem simple at first until you see how you can apply them to create real-world applications.

Segment 1: Expressing Our World in Code Length
– Training Overview
– Thinking Like a Programmer
– Workshop Exercise
– Getting Setup with JavaScript
– Hello World Exercise
– Next Steps

Segment 2: Nouns and Verbs Length
– Objects as Nouns
– Properties Exercise
– Methods as Verbs
– Methods Exercise
– Next Steps

Segment 3: Decisions and Iterations Length
– Making Decisions with Conditionals
– Conditionals Exercise
– Collections and Iterations
– Iteration Exercise
– Putting It All Together

About the Speaker:
Lukas Ruebbelke is the Vice President of Developer Growth at BrieBug where he has the greatest job in the world. Lukas gets to spend his entire time mentoring and training developers to be effective and build things that people care about. Lukas is also a Google Developer Expert, published author, conference speaker, event organizer, etc.

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