Codesmith Speaker Event: X is a Compiler [w/ Henry Zhu from Babel]

Join Henry Zhu from Babel and the Codesmith community for a talk about compilers: What are they? Why are they helpful to us? Where are they used? And the implications of seeing everything as a compiler. We’ll be talking about the importance of mental models in our work, programming, and metaphors.

0:00 Meet Herny & intro to the talk
38:09 What advice do you have for folks looking to contribute to open source community for the first time?
43:25 What are your thoughts on all the constant changes to frontend frameworks?
46:52 Thoughts on approaching similar paradigms?
53:21 How can we be more aware of who’s behind the code?
57:41 What was your experience transitioning to working on open source full-time?

About the Speaker:
Henry Zhu is a New York City-based maintainer of the community-funded compiler Babel ( Previously at Adobe, he’s also a host of a podcast that discusses how open source intersects with various aspects of life, particularly regarding faith and community, Hope in Source (

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