Codesmith Speaker Event: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Tech w/ Taylor Daugherty & Monica Grandy

The impostHER podcast carves out a safe space to work through imposter syndrome in the male-dominated tech industry. Join hosts, Taylor Daugherty and Monica Grandy, for a live recording of the impostHER podcast as they talk about their journey into the tech industry, share tips for dealing with imposter syndrome, and answer questions.

About the Speakers:
Taylor Daugherty – Senior Software Engineer, iOS
After graduating pre-med from Cornell University, Taylor started her career as a first grade teacher on the south side of Chicago. It wasn’t until she met actual engineers while working in sales at an ed-tech startup that she decided she wanted to be the one building the product. After attending a coding bootcamp, she joined Disney and helped launch the Movies Anywhere app. She is currently a Senior iOS Engineer working the core experience of the meditation and mindfulness app, Headspace, and has recently started to explore AR and computer vision technologies through consulting work on a fitness app. As someone passionate about empowering underrepresented groups in technology, Taylor is involved in the organization 9 Dots, which teaches computer science to elementary students in LAUSD, and is also teaching a unit on app development to students at her alma mater, Westridge School.

Monica Grandy – Senior Software Engineer, Android
Monica is a mobile engineer at Headspace where she co-leads the Android team. She graduated from Hack Reactor in 2016 and loves working with and supporting engineers from bootcamps and other non-traditional backgrounds. She is a co-host and producer of impostHER podcast and hopes to bring more humility, vulnerability and openness to the seemingly intimidating world of tech. Monica lives in downtown Los Angeles with her partner, their cat and an ever growing number of plants.

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