Codesmith Speaker Event: Introduction to Git & GitHub [w/ Reshma Sekar]

During this free online workshop, Deloitte Lead Applications Engineer Reshma Sekar gives an introduction to Git and GitHub while working through exercises with participants.

0:00 Introduction
6:38 What is Git and Why Git?
7:53 A brief history of Version Controlled Systems
14:42 Git Basic Commands
21:17 Workshop Exercise 1
32:49 Other useful Git commands
39:04 Workshop Exercise 2
57:52 Git Branching
1:03:24 Workshop Exercise 3
1:12:30 Intro to Github

Download the Workshop Exercises:

About the Speaker:
Reshma Sekar is the Lead Applications Engineer with Deloitte Tax. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in Business Analytics, Reshma has been in the industry for 5 years developing solutions in the technology space. Reshma is also a voracious reader and a coffee-loving cat mom.

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