ChatGPT tutorial for beginners | How to use Chat GPT for Salesforce

ChatGPT tutorial for beginners | How to use Chat GPT for Salesforce
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In this video, I am going to show you how you can use ChatGPT for salesforce. If you are a salesforce admin or developer, you can use ChatGPT to write code for you. You can write batch apex, triggers, validation rule and lot more cool things with chatGPT.

Hello guys welcome this is Deepika from Mytutorial and in this video I Want to give you a quick overview of What are we going to cover in this chat GPT course chat GPT is a very powerful Open AI tool that you can use like a Friend which knows everything whenever You search in Google you actually have To go through blogs and articles before You find your answer whereas in chat GPT You enter your query and you get the Answer right away in this course we are Going to see chat GPT how we can use it From Salesforce perspective and through This chat GPT we are going to ask it to Create validation rules for us flows for Us it’ll help us with writing Apex Triggers batch Apex test classes and lot More we are going to go in depth into How we can use chat GPT for Salesforce But let me give you a quick walk to of What all powerful stuff we can do with Char GPT let’s say I wanted to write a Validation rule for me so I’m going to Say to chat GPT write a Salesforce Validation rule that throws a validation Error whenever account number is more Than seven characters and that’s what my Input is to chat GPT within few seconds It’s going to write you a validation Rule and it’ll also tell you the steps To implement it in Salesforce and here You go this is what you can do and the Best part is it also knows the API name

Of your account number field on the Account object not only that you can Continue this conversation let me ask Chat GPT to write me an apex class and You write a batch Apex class that Updates all the account names that Appends counseling with my tutorial wrap And in no time it’s going to give you The answer if you would have pasted the Same statement meant in Google you Probably is not going to get the same Exact answer whereas chat GPT is Actually going to write the code for you And you can copy paste this code and Voila as you can see here it is doing Its magic and it’s giving you all the Code and also how to execute it not only That if I ask it to write a test class For this batch class it’ll do that also You can do a lot of cool stuff with chat GPT and in this course we are going to Go in depth of using chat GPT with Salesforce and I’m going to show you how Powerful chart GPT is and how helpful it Can be in your day-to-day tasks if you Are a Salesforce admin or a developer if You want to learn more click the link That is given in the description and I’m Going to see you inside the course

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