ChatGPT: The AI Game-Changer That You Need to Know About

Introducing ChatGPT – the revolutionary new language model that is changing the game for artificial intelligence. With its advanced capabilities, ChatGPT can generate human-like text, answer complex questions, and even create original content. But that’s not all – ChatGPT can also analyze and interpret data, generate code, and perform sentiment analysis. Don’t miss out on the future of AI – watch this video to learn more about ChatGPT and its groundbreaking capabilities.

CORRECTION: ChatGPT is NOT currently open sourced. It’s based on existing data. That may change one day but wanted to mention it!

One so today we’re talking about chat Gbt we are going to dig into this AI Software that’s revolutionary if you Haven’t heard about chat GPT it’s an Open source software where you can type In almost anything you want an Artificial intelligence will answer Those questions for you or write Articles now there’s a limit to long Form articles that won’t write anything Beyond about a thousand words but think About the impact of what that means if I Asked chat gbt to give me a Blog article About the 10 mistakes people make in Real estate and it pumps that out what Could I possibly do with that could I Possibly shoot reels could I possibly Write tweets could I possibly use that As inspiration for something else or Could I possibly use that as a crutch And copy and paste it into my LinkedIn And then hit send and be like oh now I Don’t have to actually do the work we’re Going to actually show you how chat GPT Works how I’m using it in my business And how I think it’s going to change in The future if it’s your first time to One of my segments or this channel Welcome my name is Justin conical I own A real estate brokerage called Prime Real estate a production company called Prime media Productions and an agency Called Prime media agency we use content Production for Branding marketing and

Sales in the real estate space but we Actually partner up with a lot of people Outside of that space and help them get Their voice out there because I was Somebody early on that didn’t have a lot Of money but I had a lot of time so I Use content to create a brand market and Sell and now in a position where I want To empower you to do the same thing I Think there’s a lot of things out there In the marketing space and the digital Agency industry that are very Cloak and Dagger they’re charging you for things That you can learn on your own and I Think the industry is going to expose Itself over the next 10 years so on this Channel I’m trying to give you those Tools and show you how you can do it Yourself learn to make a sauce then hire Somebody to make a sauce so that you can Really focus on your passions so today I’m going to show you a tool just like I Said about chat GPT and how that can Help you do it this is a photo that I Took of a beach that is very close to Where I live they this is one of my Passions photography I spoke earlier About how photography is so important to Me so please let me know in the chat if You’re a photographer and if you like Photography this is chat GPT so you’re Going to go to chat just Google chatgbt sign up for it and it’ll Give you some examples of what you can

Do I’m going to be very specific in this Segment of what I’m kind of doing with Chat GPT I’m going to show you a little Hack that I did for this actual video And I wrote it in the comments spoiler Alert the title the description the tags For this actual YouTube video were Created using chat GPT so all I did was I wrote write a viral YouTube title for A video about chat gbt and then I let it Create the output now this is going to Be a new output so it may be different Than the one I actually did but I’m Going to give it a couple seconds to Catch up it’s going to search the Internet for virality around title and Chachi BT the AI chatbot that will blow Your mind that’s a great YouTube title Fun fact I have taken hundreds of hours Of courses shout out to Sean candle in The CRA Academy I’ve worked with Christina smallhorn Benji Travis who I’ve interviewed on this channel many Many other YouTube experts hundreds of Hours to understand that an effective YouTube title is exactly that that it Includes keywords that people are Searching for but more than that it Includes emotion blow your mind if I Just wrote chat GP the AHA chatbot That’s new I mean that would kind of Fall flat as far as a YouTube title Right so having something like this Really does change the game in terms of

Speed of creating that title because Something that may have taken me 20 Minutes before I could get done in two Seconds what I might do in this instance Though is pump out three to five of them Copy them to a spreadsheet and then Refine which may be the best title this Is where I was talking about not simply Copying pasting but using the tool to Amplify your actual knowledge and seeing Patterns emerge through using something Like chat gbt then oh sorry I’ll change This again then the next output I do is Well I got the title now I need to do The description so I would copy this Write a viral YouTube description Or video about chat gbt and then I would Let Chachi sorry chat GPD do its thing And it would actually pump out a Full-blown description about chat GPT Again for YouTube you need to include Keywords you need to include language That is going to signal to search and Recommended that this is a video about a Topic that people are looking for the Video topic and everything I’m saying Actually if I can sync that with the Text of the title is going to be even More searchable fun fact Google has AI That listens to my video and will Actually canvas it it’s absolutely Unbelievable so what’s the next thing I Need I need tags so then I would do the Same thing right right a right viral

YouTube tags about a video chat GPT I’m doing this quickly because I want to Dig into a few other things when it Comes to chat GPT but you can see the Cadence and the methodology of what I’m Doing here right and how I could do this I probably do it three times for each One of these queries and then I would Compile it in a note but this is Literally saving me if I look at title Description and tags probably an hour’s Worth of work in the span of less than Five minutes how bananas is that now What I can actually focus on is the Quality content around a video around Chat GPT like my actual content that I’m Going to deliver you versus worrying so Much about the title of the description Of the tags so let’s switch to the other Side of my world I do real estate and Media on the real estate side what do we Do on a regular basis I list a lot of Properties for sale I write descriptions For properties guess what consumers Don’t really care about descriptions for Properties right it is important we put A lot of effort we have copywriters that Actually do the descriptions at our Brokerage but I can tell you we’ve Audited a lot of consume Gamers and it’s Actually typically the photos that get Them to the property First It’s usually The curbside photo make sure that looks Really good then as what does the

Entryway look like it’s limiting the Number of photos so they’re curious About the property but they don’t feel Like they’ve seen everything then They’ll look at the description decide If they want to see it get it on their Short list and then they’ll look at Supporting things like listing videos 3D Tours and stuff like that so for the Listing video standpoint again this is Something that can be very very time Consuming if I can use something like Chachi BT to pump out a description for Watch this right a property description About a luxury new build five thousand Square feet five bed three bath home With a pool on 100 acres Chat GPT I can pump out three or four of These and I can have them compiled into The best version of a description now Hopefully my screen share isn’t too Small but I’ll read this one to you Welcome to your dream home nestled on a Sprawling 100 acres of land this Luxurious new build boasts over 5000 Square feet of living space inside You’ll find these five spacious bedroom Three luxury bathrooms perfect for Growing family and hosting guests the Open concept floor plan is perfect for Entertaining I won’t read the whole Thing but you you get the gist it’s Actually very concise the grammar is Fantastic better than a lot of

Descriptions that I’ve read and again Now allows Me Maybe to put more time Into my marketing strategy for that Property or how I’m going to shoot the Video or maybe this will impact my shot List for that property actually you know What I just had an idea right a Video Shot list About a luxury new bill I didn’t even Try this one I’m just doing it live to See if there’s any value in what this is Um because this is bananas so we do shot Lists for every property we shoot if you Go to primary real estate brokerage my Other YouTube channel just passed a Million views on YouTube we get probably 300 to 400 leads per year off that Channel the listing videos are like Productions like we put a lot of work Into them I had a Morgan Freeman Impersonator to do a voiceover on one Recently this I could literally copy and Paste to my photographer and to enable Him to be able to just show up and do The shot list if you’re somebody that is Doing a lifestyle branding shoot you can Literally write into chat gbt write a Video shot list for a lifestyle shoot For a mortgage professional in London Ontario you could get very very in-depth If you know how to actually activate the Prompts which is what I think is so Powerful about chat GPT what I want to

Caution people about again is that copy And paste mentality and being lazy with It I think what I would really focus on Is developing a skill set around writing Exceptional prompts Roberto Blake one of The best creators on the planet he wrote A book called create something awesome You can find him on Twitter you can find Him on clubhouse 10 a.m in coffee chat Viper runs one of the best YouTube rooms On clubhouse constantly saying this over The last two or three weeks like the Disparity between people that are able To write exceptional prompts and people That are just going to use this to be Lazy is going to be very apparent and Fun fact for all of you watching start Reading things on LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook and start thinking about was This written by a human or was this Somebody that just used Ai and chatgpt And I think it’s going to be very Apparent the difference in between the Two now let’s have a little bit more fun With it mentioned this one a little bit Earlier now let’s write a Seven Day meal Plan for somebody that is trying to eat Better think about how many times have You thought I don’t know what I’m gonna Eat this week I’m so stressed I don’t Know what to cook for dinner I don’t Know what to get at the grocery store This application is something that I’m Actually going to start using on a

Regular basis to tackle that side of my Life because every weekend what I try And do is map out what the dinners are Going to be Monday through Saturday I’m Not crazy about it but I want to know Generally what’s the protein the starch And you know the the fats that I’m Eating and have that at my hand so I’m Not being lazy and making bad food Choices how insane is this application That it’s pumping out day one breakfast Overnight oats lunch grilled chicken With mixed greens day two scrambled eggs Like there’s a network error now Would you bring me to another point but It has the ability to do that you want To go on a trip it has the ability to do That you’re going to New York for the First time give me a list of the top 10 Things I need to see think about what a Powerful tool this is going to be people Are scared about artificial intelligence If you think it’s they think it’s going To change their life it’s going to take Away their job it’s going to make them Less valuable I completely disagree I Actually think an application like chat GPT is going to create an incredible Amount of Freedom if you learn to use The tool I think part of the problem With the world is we don’t use the tools As they should be used let’s translate This to say just Tick Tock or content How many times have you found yourself

Scrolling for hours on end on Tick Tock Just consuming the mind numbingness of That platform because that’s what it’s Designed to do you want to check out From the world they’ve got you they Literally built an application that will Hit the dopamine and make sure that You’re just scrolling and scrolling and Tick Tock now think about the people who Are actually killing it on Tick Tock a Lot of the creator years I asked them You know how did you grow your channel And a lot of times they’re like oh it’s In my calendar every day at 7am I just Post and then I dip and a lot of times They’re not even going back to the Platform a lot of times they’re not even Replying to comments I know you need to Engage with your comments and go back to The well 100 engagement is very very Important but the consistency that I Noticed is more that they use the tool The tool doesn’t use them chat gbt is The exact same thing I really want People to understand What it is in terms of a tool versus Just trying to leverage it or have the Tool use it because if you become Incredibly dependent on the tool you may Be in a position where if the tool gets Taken away from you you don’t have the Ability to execute anymore and I think Developing an actual skill set is Incredibly important reason I go live

Every Friday morning at 7am and shoot These segments this skill set translates Into the rest of my content creation Makes me ideate makes me think about the Future makes me better as a branding Marketing and sales expert in the real Estate space it translates to my clients Because as I’m thinking about their Products and their homes I can think About how can I creatively sell their Properties better than anybody else I Could probably pump that into chat gbt And say hey chat gbt give me 10 ways to Sell a property that’s having a hard Time selling number one’s probably going To be drop the price but you get my Point I can be thoughtful about how I Approach the actual tool I’m going to go Over 10 points of what chat GPT can do And then a closing thought so if you Want to make any comments when it comes To oh my gosh okay let me go back to the Comments first there’s a lot of people Here shout out let’s get ready to rumble I see you Sheila stantini good morning To you as well Ramon Ray you’re one of My favorite people on the planet I got To talk to you yesterday I was very Happy to see you out with your family Michelle living in Boca she’s awesome Michelle nice to see you Kim Farr Linnell Burns wow there’s a lot of People here this morning Renee Global Women’s wealth Warriors I see Gilbert

Ah what up Gilbert I see you as well You’re I think you’re in Montreal give Me a shout out if you’re in Montreal and I see a lot of people like Photography In here as well too Malcolm O’Brien Stars Tina I there are so many people in The live stream this morning so thank You for being here and what are your Thoughts on Chad GPT is this a tool that You’re looking at using Jan dykers in The real estate space as well I love That you’re excited to incorporate this Into your business and Wendy good Morning as well nice to see you all um I Really do this for the community if Again if you’ve never been here before I Do a couple things on this channel And do the prime people podcast that’s Probably the longest running thing I’ve Done every Thursday at 1pm live I Actually bring on a guest yesterday we Had Bobby Umar 500k Plus on Twitter he’s Got 650 over digital it’s insane the Community that this guy’s built and we Dug into LinkedIn Twitter strategy so That was yesterday if you want to watch The replay Friday morning 7 A.M I go Live on Breakfast With Champions so I’m Actually live on clubhouse right now With the fam and I dig into an actual Training and then I do a lot of short Form videos on Business and Entrepreneurship so if you’re here for That just hit that subscription button

And then I’ll drop a link for the prime People podcast after but let’s get into 10 things chat GPT can do one it can Generate the human-like text based on Prompts you already know that I kind of Explained that to you so the homework You have for next week create some Awesome prompts even come back to this Video watch it again drop your prompts In the actual comments what prompts did You do or even let me know right now What prompts do you think you want to Try number two it can translate text From one language to another so I can Actually take a description in French And I can translate it to English or if You’re looking to translate things think About that on the Fly how powerful that Would be it can summarize long document Articles so this is something that I Haven’t done yet but I transcribe every Episode of the Prime people podcast I do I transcribe these videos and then I Typically turn them into blog posts and Then I’ll turn them into a newsletter And then I’ll turn it into a Twitter Thread so I can take this video I can Drop it into a transcription application Meaning they take the video in my words And turn it into text and then I could Drop it into chat GPT and say create a Twitter thread from this article and it Will do that for me again answer Questions provide information on a wide

Range of topics we’ve already seen that Generating creative writing such as Stories and poems I shared a song that It wrote about Glenn Lundy shout out to Glenn for winning the best speaker Yesterday and it actually wrote a Full-blown song about them bananas you Do not want to hear me sing on this Channel that is not something you’re Here for I may break the internet if I Try it can create original content such As news articles and social media posts Um I think if you’re looking to create Really good copy for your Instagram Posts or your other platforms you can Use it as inspiration to understand what Good copy is a lot of times people are Coming into new territories and they Want to get really good really fast you Can be inspired by other people’s Success you don’t have to build the Entire roadmap yourself I can analyze and interpret data they Can provide suggestions for spelling Grammar punctuation it can generate code For various programming languages I Didn’t even know it could do that and it Could perform sentiment analysis on text To determine the emotional tone so if You get a text message from somebody and You feel a certain way about it you Could literally use chat GPT to Interpret how they feel about you that’s A little bit scary you can start having

Some fun with it too and you can start Asking AI all kinds of questions I saw One person asking chat GPT how it felt About life and what it would do if it Was free and and you know basically Talking to it like it was a human being Chat GPT was very specific that it’s not A human being and there are parameters Around limitations of what it can do and What it can learn and you know that it’s Not the Terminator and it’s not going to Take over the world but this is Something that I think is a big Evolution in technology and we need to Pay attention the other big thing I Noticed about chatgpt is the consumer Adoption of it so we all talk about Virtual reality augmented reality and Web three right the one biggest thing About web3 and when Google glasses came Out that I was like well I don’t think You’re going to get General consumer Adoption as quickly as you think you do My mindset shifted because I remember Back when the Pokemon AR game came out I’m like you see people running around With their phones chasing these Pokemons I’m like well that’s interesting that it Really went viral this is another signal Of that like the general consumers People that typically say I’m not good With technology a whole bunch of you Right here watching this that are now Going to use this technology to amplify

What you’re doing I think this is a Signal that web3 is ramping up and you Definitely want to pay attention so you Don’t get left behind the last comment I’m going to make before I wrap this up Is I think a lot of people think that The technology is going to replace them Or they think that it is going to Take away the humanity and Seth Godin I’m going to share a quote that he wrote In his Blog the other day I thought Really really stood out to me is This right here says Of course this changes things just as The camera the typewriter and the Internet changed things it means that Creating huge amounts of mediocre Material is easier than ever before you Can write a bad Seinfeld script in about Six minutes it means that assigning Rudimentary essays in school or average Copywriting at work is now a waste of Time but mostly reminds us that Attention and Trust don’t scale If your work isn’t more useful or Insightful than an urgent or urgent than GPD can create in 12 seconds don’t Interrupt people within it with it Technology Begins by making old work Easier but then it requires that new Work be better which I think is the Final signal I think really Understanding that you now have the Ability to make your work better through

Using an application like chat GPT is Absolutely mind-blowing I’m excited for The future I’m excited to take more Beautiful photos and visuals I’m excited To go to the well find more business Tactics that I can deliver to you on This channel I’m excited to find more Incredible guests like I have on the Prime people podcast I just dropped the Link in the chat on YouTube if you want To go see the prime people podcast go There I’ll also share the link on Clubhouse because my podcast is probably The one place where if you want to give Back to the community and just give me Some love if you can go to the podcast Subscribe leave me a review let me know What type of guests you want you’re Actually helping me create the content For you so if there’s anything you want To cover on this channel I do this for The people I don’t sell anything I don’t Want anything for you this is my way of Giving back if you’ve heard my story Previously you know I’ve had people in My life help me get to where I am today I don’t feel like I I’m the smartest Person in the room I don’t feel like I Necessarily deserve to be here this is My way of shining God’s light in your Life and making you the best version of Yourself so if you enjoyed this video Leave me a comment hit that sub button Let me know but I’m going to leave you

All for now and I’m going to jump into The Q a section on clubhouse so make Sure you check out Breakfast With Champions as well as there’s a lot of Specific exclusive content we do there As well and there’s an insane newsletter That we’re going to share in a minute But thanks for now if you’re live on the YouTube channel and I’ll catch you in Clubhouse [Music]

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