ChatGPT Predicts the Super Mario Bros Movie!

Using the ChatGPT AI tool to see if it can predict the Super Mario Bros Movie based on some plot details from the trailer!

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What’s up guys Zack Scott here and I’m Excited about the new Super Mario Bros Movie coming out in April 2023 and so I Thought I would use AI specifically chat GPT to try to predict the plot of the New Super Mario Bros movie now I’ve been Messing around with this application and It’s super fun people have been using it To chat to write programs and I’ve been Using it to create some really Interesting fictional scenarios and so Let’s see what we can come up with all Right the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to write a fictional plot Summary of a new Super Mario Bros Animated movie it’s just a simple prompt We’re gonna see what it spits back then We’re going to take that and refine it From there with information we already Know and see what it comes up with all Right it’s coming in and the new Super Mario Bros animated movie Mario and Luigi are called upon to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil Bowser And his army of Koopa troopas with the Help of their trusty super mushrooms and Fire flowers the brothers must journey To Bowser’s Castle and defeat him once And for all along the way they encounter Old friends and new enemies including The mischievous Bowser Jr and the Powerful connect but with their Determination and teamwork Mario and Luigi are able to outsmart Bowser and

Save the day that’s that could be Anything that could be any game any Movie anything but we already have some Information that we know exists in this New movie so let’s try it out we can Throw in characters that we know are Going to be in it include Mario Luigi Princess Peach Toad Donkey Kong comeek Cranky Kong and the Penguin King so Let’s see what it returns with these Extra details in the new Super Mario Bros animated movie Mario and Luigi must Team up with Princess Peach Toad and Donkey Kong to save the Mushroom Kingdom From the evil penguin King So already it thinks the penguin King is Evil after a massive blizzard engulfs The kingdom the penguin King and his Army of penguins seize control and begin A reign of terror with the help of kamek A powerful magician the penguin King Plans to freeze the entire Kingdom and Turn it into an ice Fortress Mario and Luigi with the help of their friends Embark on a dangerous journey to stop The penguin King and save the kingdom Along the way they must face off against Kamek and his minions as well as a Treacherous cranky car so they have they Have the penguin King and Cranky Kong as Bad guys in this when we know that Bowser’s the villain I forgot to type in Bowser that’s the problem Okay already Bowser and come back team

Up to create a new type of snow that is Able to freeze Mario and Luigi in their Tracks with the okay this is ridiculous With the help of the penguin King they Plan to take over Mushroom Kingdom and Rule so once again I said that penguin King is not a villain and yet it it puts Penguin King aligned with Bowser and Connect which is a little weird they Travel to the penguin King’s ice palace And confront him but the penguin King Reveals that he was only helping Bowser And connect because he was forced to oh What a plot twist okay okay so he’s a Good guy but this AI added in a plot Twist here together the group comes up With a plan to melt the snow and stop Bowser and come back as a reward for Their braver the penguin King has given A new ice palace and is allowed to rule Over his own kingdom that sounds Plausible because we’ve seen in the Movie trailer that that ice palace Island is like on fire this is just a Detail that I’m kind of gathering from The trailer that I’m not 100 sure on but Mario and Luigi start out in Brooklyn And then get sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom somehow so I’m gonna add that Detail see if that changes anything up Okay in the movie Mario and Luigi are Plumbers living in Brooklyn they receive A call to fix a pipe in a castle in the Mushroom Kingdom so they’re just like

Hello Mario Bros and then they’re like Oh hey we have a pipe leak in the Mushroom Kingdom upon arriving they find Out that Bowser the evil turtle King has Been causing havoc and terrorizing the Inhabitants of the Kingdom Mario and Luigi team up with Princess Peach Toad Donkey Kong Cranky Kong to stop Bowser And his minions uh comeek and the Penguin King but the penguin king is not A villain in the movie They just had to throw it out there However he’s not a villain instead he Joins forces with the heroes to help Defeat Bowser okay as they Journey Through The Kingdom they encounter Various obstacles and battles But Ultimately succeed in defeating Bowser And restoring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach does not get Captured and is able to help the heroes In their mission alright so in this Variation I don’t know if my prompt is Starting to get too long for this AI but The AI is basically just regurgitating Exactly what I told it so it just said Prince of speed does not get captured I Already said that I know in the end Mario and Luigi return to Brooklyn as Heroes and are celebrated for their Bravery and heroism maybe I don’t know That they would celebrate in Brooklyn Though they might celebrate in the Mushroom Kingdom okay include a scene

Inspired by Mario Kart where Mario and Others are racing on Rainbow Road Because we know that happens as well in The trailer and I’m also going to change Something up here Princess Peach is seen In a leadership role because we know That because she’s kind of like rallying The troops so to speak in the in the Trailers I’ve seen in the new Super Mario Bros animated movie Mario and Luigi are plumbers living in Brooklyn They receive a call from Princess Peach Who is now a leader in the Mushroom Kingdom When I State they just kind of state it Back asking for their help to save the Kingdom from Bowser and his army of Koopalings the brothers accept the Mission and traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom where they meet up with Toad and Donkey Kong however Donkey Kong is not Happy to see Mario and challenges him to A battle Mexico Mario wins the battle and the group Continues on their Journey they come Across Cranky Kong who tells them that Bowser has Enlisted the help of kamek a Powerful wizard the group sets out to Confront Bowser and camek but they are Met with Fierce resistance from the Koopalings in a climactic battle Mario Luigi team up with the penguin King Who’s revealed to be a friend in the Mushroom Kingdom to defeat Bowser and

Comeek in the end the Mushroom Kingdom Is saved and Mario and Luigi returned to Brooklyn as heroes in a fun side plot The group also participates in a Mario Kart inspired race on Rainbow Road where Mario comes out as the victor At one point Bowser captures Luigi Mario and Luigi get separated Remember that they get separated and Toad discovers Mario and welcomes him to The Mushroom Kingdom and gives him a Tour of their town and takes him to Princess Peaches Castle so I changed it Up a little bit we’re gonna see what we Get see if it adds any new details the Film opens with Mario and Luigi working As plumbers in Brooklyn suddenly Bowser Attacks the penguin King’s Ice Palace Causing chaos and destruction Mario Luigi gets separated in the chaos and Luigi is captured by Bowser toe Discovers Mario and welcomes him to the Mushroom Kingdom he takes on he takes Mario to Princess Peach’s castle where Peach is seen in a leadership role Warning others that Bowser was coming She also assists Mario in his training To become a stronger hero so we’re kind Of to the point where they’re adding Just tidbits you know it’s instead of me Giving him a small prompt and then them Patting it with a lot I’m giving them a Large prompt and they’re just adding a Few tidbits Peach Toad and Mario travel

The world encounter different challenges And enemies along the way they Eventually come across Donkey Kong who Challenges Mario to a battle in a huge Arena Peach Toad and Cranky Kong watch From the silence as Mario and Donkey Kong face off in a thrilling battle Meanwhile Bowser interrogates Luigi Demanding to know the whereabouts of Mario Luigi remains loyal to his brother And refuses to give up any information As the story progresses Marlo and others Find themselves on rainbow road racing Against Bowser In his minions in a thrilling scene Inspired by Mario Kart in the end Mario Luigi are able to rescue Luigi and Bowser saving Mushroom Kingdom once Again Mario and Luigi are able to rescue Luigi The AI is kind of kind of messing it up At the end you know it’s not a good Conclusion in my I don’t think they Quite got it so let me let me specify Let me change one little part so I just Added one little detail and now the Movie is Mario and Luigi are plumbers Living in Brooklyn one day they receive A call from the penguin King asking for Help with the plumbing issue in his Ice Palace when they arrived they’re Surprised to find Bowser attacking the Palace Martin Luigi are separated from The chaos so this is I think this is an

Issue they’re having where the AI Doesn’t know how Mario and Luigi get to Mushroom Kingdom I doubt they receive a Call to go to Mushroom Kingdom so let me Add one more detail that’s gonna be Funny I think include a few quotes from The characters what does this AI think The characters are going to say in the Movie they kind of added some dialogue At the end here let’s go Mario yells so They speed down the road we know he says Like Wahoo but he does say let’s go when He fights Donkey Kong we must hurry Before Bowser harms Luigi Princess Peach Says urgently I’ll show that big bad Bowser whose boss Mario declares Confidently I could see Chris Pratt Saying that As they approach As they approached Bowser’s Castle they Are ready for the final battle and to Rescue Luigi here we go Mario Time Luigi Cheers as they charge her to the castle In the end Mario Luigi team up to defeat Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom Once again Here we go Mario time Oh that’s funny adding quotes was Definitely worth it it definitely Enriched the plots um we have some new Quotes let’s read them Mario says I’ll Never give up until Bowser’s defeated it Princess Peach says we must stand Together and fight for our kingdom that

Seems good that seems what she would say Donkey Kong says you’ll have to defeat Me before you can face Bowser That that’s curious because we don’t Really know why Mario and Donkey Kong Are facing off But obviously Peach and Toad are there I Get the feeling that they traveled to His Island for a purpose maybe to Recruit him and maybe that fight is a Test you know because he’s a big guy He’s like hey I’m a big guy like Bowser See if you can beat me first that could Be some interesting Insight that this AI Predicted that may or may not play out In the actual film but that’s an Interesting piece of insight Cranky Kong Says these young ones have a lot to Learn let’s see if they’re up to the Challenge I just like these quotes let’s See if they’ll just give me more quotes Give more quotes from Bowser and Luigi And Toad Bowser I will not be defeated By a plumber and his friends Luigi says We have to help each other if we want to Defeat Bowser toad says we must protect Our Kingdom at all costs alright let’s Have this come up with a sequel write The fictional plot summary of this Sequel okay so it can’t it took a while To think and then it came up with a Fairly Bland you know template for a Sequel and the sequel to the new Super Mario Bros animated movie Martin Luigi

Continue their quest to defeat Bowser And save Mushroom Kingdom as a journey Across the land they encounter new Challenges and obstacles including Bowsers including battles with Bowser’s Minions and treacherous Landscapes at One point Bowser captures Princess Peach And holds her captive in his castle so This AI once Princess Peach captured so And maybe that’ll happen you know maybe She maybe they for a sequel to this Movie they do go with something a little More uh classic and they do capture Princess Peach who knows Mario and Luigi Must team up with their friends and Allies to rescue her to put an end to Bowser’s reign of terror I think that Luigi’s the one captured in the first Film so it would be cool to see more of Luigi in the hero role if he’s not Already in this film again we don’t Really know but from the trailer we Don’t really see Luigi in a hero role we See him fleeing we see him captured so That’s my prediction the ai’s prediction Is that in the sequel Luigi will get More of a starring role in the final Battle Mario Luigi face off against Bowser in an epic showdown with their Courage and determination they’re able To defeat Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom throughout their Journey Marlin Luigi learn valuable lessons about Friendship teamwork and the power

Perseverance in the end they are hailed As Heroes and celebrated for their Bravery and heroism okay so pretty basic But it does provide a template for what A SQL could look like we’re kind of Going beyond the scope of this video but I’m into it let’s add some more details Including new characters let’s see what New characters they throw into the Sequel Okay okay so let me just read this this Is ridiculous however they soon Discovered that Bowser has Enlisted the Help of new villains including camac the Powerful Sorcerer And The Penguin King The ruler of the icy lands so they want Penguin King to be a villain and you Know me that’s plausible maybe he had Such a rough time in the first movie Maybe Mario and Peach didn’t prevent him From being conquered by Bowser so maybe He’s just a villain in the sequel as They journey to defeat these new enemies They encounter new challenges and Obstacles They also meet new allies including a Brave Warrior named Samus the clever Inventor named Mario Now that makes sense to have Wario in There but it’s just a throw in Samus I mean maybe it’s a nod to Smash Bros I Don’t know meanwhile Bowser is Determined to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom once and for all he enacts the

Planet kidnap Princess Peach and hold Her Ransom forcing Mario and Luigi to Face off against him in the final Showdown plausible in the end Mario and Luigi must work together with their new Allies to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach oh they put in quotes I Love It Mario says we won’t give up Until Bowser is defeated for good okay Luigi says we have to be stronger and Smarter than ever before okay you won’t Be able to stop me this time says Bowser This sounds accurate Samus I’ll fight Alongside you to protect our kingdom Wario I’ll use my inventions to help us Defeat Bowser The ending the movie sets up the Possibility of even more sequels as the Characters continue to face new Challenges and enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom All right so with this sequel that the AI is projecting I mean I’m not so sure Introducing Samus is a strong point but Hey it’ll get headlines so let me know What you thought of this video let me Know how close you think the AI got to Predicting not just the first movie but It’s probable sequel probably not very Close for the sequel but hey thank you For watching I do appreciate it let me Know if you want to see anything else Done with the magic of AI goodbye

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