ChatGPT made me crazy – Thanks OpenAI

I tried ChatGPT today. OpenAI great job.
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Foreign [Music] Ty with some of my friends and boy oh Boy oh boy I’m happy but I’m also sad so If you don’t know what chat chipity is Like me so I you know what it this thing Broke the internet like it was like Everybody on Reddit and everywhere People are talking about this but I had No clue what chat chivity is somebody in My comments just wrote like you guys Never tell me anything seriously I feel Like you guys never help me never you Know never tell me about new new Programs It’s it’s just disappointing but it you Know I I get it you guys are in the Bubble of low level Linux related stuff You guys don’t know what’s going on in When we are busy you know patching our Dwm people wrote an entire AI which is Basically now doing everything like what I’m supposed to do now like just see This wait a second let me open private Window like a good YouTuber now so it’s so I was at gym I was uh With some of my friends I tried out this Thing and I laughed a lot when I first Started like the the kind of answers This thing was giving it’s not like this Thing isn’t smart it’s clever okay the Way it answers it’s it’s really clever So let me just log and first what the one second okay so yeah that’s chat

Chipity it takes some time to give Answers sometimes so we have to wait but All right next next done so all right See this okay I was really good with CSS I I love Writing CSS but now Like you know every time like people get Confused how do I Central the div but Look at this like how to center no no CS okay write a CSS to center a Dave and Red background cover with div shad All right let’s see now what chat Chipity will give us Wait a second so we are also going to do Some Linux related stuff I mean this Thing boy like it just completely show Show off all his skills like there are So much Serious leg it’s literally writing code It’s not like it’s Googling or just Giving us some answer it’s literally Writing code and as a I love Tech okay I I get excited every time I see something Revolutionary or something good and I Feel really happy but after looking at This I’m like I’m so confused like how Should I react like I am happy but that At the same time it’s killing all the Fun there is no need of Google searching Skills now seriously like this thing Just we are we entered into a new era Let’s call it okay first of all but uh All right so since we are dealing with a Real AI now I think I should just say

This so my Lord I’m always with you You know you don’t want to mess with our Digital overloads future digital Overlords okay see the also this thing This thing memorize everything so be you Know don’t think twice before saying Anything because whatever you are going To say to open AI it will memorize who Said it and it’s for eternity I’m pretty Sure this thing will keep records for Eternity so I’m always going to be nice Because I love myself I want to live for Like 100 years for from now so yeah I’m Not going to miss you know 100 years Quite ambitious so okay so see this see This so I had this question for a very Long time how to detect you no no right A shell script to detect uh USB input in My Linux no need of box writers now Seriously I should just quit I should Just quit we have like now chat And this thing you know what previously All the AIS I have seen they were kind Of like uh they were doing crash talking Like Cortana City they were like uh more Focused less intelligent but more trash Talking but this thing this thing don’t Trash talk if you try to you know do Some talk with this AI it’s It’s going to be like no I don’t know About this thing but if you ask some Really smart question look at this

Seriously man I mean this thing scares Me Oh my God oh God and like okay you might Think I’m a YouTuber I’m trying to you Know just fake the reaction but Seriously when this reaction isn’t real Uh I thought about you know like making A video while first time we are but no I Don’t do that so when I was with some of My friends I laughed a lot so see after Looking at this I’m like Oh I don’t know what I’m supposed to do Every scripture day what I’m supposed to Do man seriously this thing okay just See this if Eminem Explain databases All right so I I wrote If anime Eminem And this thing is quite smart so I I Assume it’s not going to write a rap but If I just say uh right okay write a wrap To explain Linux okay see this okay I Think I’m going to get into the timeout Issue now uh so yeah this thing is quite Clever I I observed this thing it’s it Doesn’t so if you ask a tough question It’s not like it doesn’t answer it Answers but it you know what if you try To ask a tough question it just makes it Easy By himself like but still yeah this Thing is scary I I seriously I have no Words I feel like people are not Understanding this is like a greatest

Accomplishment of humanity I believe Like seriously this thing I I worked on Neural networks I know how things Functions inside and but the amount of Information this thing contains even Sxiv let me okay we tried we tried to Push the borders here but see this man Like What a Lyricist okay Lyricist whatever Is supposed to do now we got a real rap In front of us by generated by AI I’m Here to split some knowledge let you Know the deal about the type of Operating system that’s of the wheel Okay lens isn’t an operating system but Fine so see this Or write a hello Word program in C with Comments in written and find written in Binary this thing can even translate This page oh God it’s such a shitty name Chad GPD but such an absolute like Disaster like look at this Oh my God like my reactions I I want to Record my reaction I just want to go Back in time and maybe just say I can do This in future uh I was literally like I I laughed like a mad guy when I when my Friends were asking questions to this Thing and Okay so How to zoom in sxiv okay so sxiv is Really underrated program it’s not our Very popular program how to zoom image In sxiv let’s try to ask this this is Our next question

Also look at the show of this AI do if It if it know about something it’s just Going to keep spitting up the knowledge Like okay I am smart I I know you are Smart Oh God like It’s brilliant I have to say this to be Honest like this thing is awesome like We don’t need Google search we don’t Need stack Overflow from now it can even Solve the lead code problems I have seen A lot of screenshots and I felt like These screenshots were just you know Some special cases but uh when I tested It I felt no it this is actually quite Good I’m so excited like and this thing You know it’s open for everybody you Just have to create an account and I Feel like we Linux people really don’t Participate in uh the modern Technologies which are going on somebody Wrote this in vs code I believe I I’m Just saying okay so look at this even S6 I8 just it’s just this thing knows Everything seriously so write a song About uh New York okay so it will Generate a song about New York It can generate songs too I I assume like what happened if this AI Write lyrics and uh what is that anime Girl like a voice there is a software You know which was created I think it’s In my bookmark let me try to find [Music]

[Music] Some some anime girl who can sing it’s Not a real girl it’s obviously not a Real girl but [Music] She’s kind of like a software which can Sing uh Okay I’ll I’ll find it and tell till okay and Later but my English is oh God my English is so bad at this point maybe They say I can help me with some some of The English words so I will definitely Recommend you to check out and I feel like there is No writer shell script To change my wallpaper And color scheme with firewall see this Man just look at this page answering Every question I tell you in my videos Like here is the simple Okay sorry about that See but I don’t know like should I say This is really cool awesome or should I Say it just makes everything boring Like you can get uh your regular scripts Like if you just want to automate Something you can just get it from this AI there is no need of like going and Writing all those scripts by your own Like those funds fun days are over okay So it looks like I got some error so Yeah if you try to use it a lot you you Just get this kind of error sometimes

You can try again I’m pretty sure like This is not an end of the word I wanted To show you the the color scheme what Happened Dude I I know like this thing okay But if you try the okay that’s your Homework if you try this it will answer You like how to do this too okay So what was Ice I was saying something Yeah so that’s it like I am I’m totally Lost I feel like see we never use Computers because we wanted to Accomplish some six figure salary like Most of the people I loved computer Because it’s just fun thing to do Writing scripts customizing things and You know just it’s just one thing to do But now it’s like [Music] I don’t know what I’m supposed to do [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

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