chatgpt loves to fix yaml files

This time we’ll be fixin docker-compose and helm chart yaml files with chatgpt

Foreign [Music] Cool thing I found so basically I have a Docker compose and I have a yaml file uh Stacker composed kind of too long so I’ll actually ask cha GPT to generate The docker file so uh Uh Let’s say yeah okay So cool I have this uh docker Blah blah It’s a very let’s do it create A bunch of services Okay not only Also like MySQL stuff like that Here okay so I have the DB as well now Let’s say I take this uh and it’s Explaining how to build it so it’s it’s Pretty handy But a lot of times we have problems Where we Um Have syntax problems and we get mixed up When we play around with like a Docker Compose file so let’s say this effect to This Let’s inject random errors instead of Volume volumes instead of this thing I’ll run this and let’s put the typo in WordPress DB I’m not sure that would be a typo uh This will be environment variable that’s Just uh let’s put it Go to typo

Just here okay [Music] And basically it it it took these things These typos We had volumes and and then it explains What it did you do this column that Column so it’s it’s actually pretty when When you have some kind of a problem you Just can paste it into chat GPT and Might not only fix it but might even Explain it the second cool tip uh in our Chat GPT devops uh Um playground let’s say I take maybe Like a different type of yaml like say I Take Uh here I have A Helm chart okay and this home chart Have like a PVC definition get map PVC Have this uh now I don’t know about you Guys but but I made this mistake like a Zillion times so if I take Um This okay and I do It understands the loan what what it’s Looking at And I’ll just Happen to me like a gazillion times Instead of a big G I have like a small G Okay in a PVC file And here’s the fixed business volume Configuration it capitalizes the G and It explained what it’s doing so this This is pretty cool stuff so Do this well uh well maybe maybe it

Should kind of change my my uh Profession to being a carpenter or Something like that

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