ChatGPT is going to ELIMINATE college

Give me something for it to write like Write an essay write a 500 word essay About one time in college I had it right I was an exercise science major so of Course I had to write a research writing Paper on habitat fragmentation for Bengal tigers in India so have them do That [Music] Why were you doing this in exercise Science because college is the enemy of Learning Logan the school Systems in this country are broken and It’s college is an absolute Scam and they’re just they’re getting These competatory loans on 18 year old Kids that don’t know what they want to Do with their lives because they’ve been Brainwashed since they were little kids That they should go to college they can Get a good job dude that’s why I was Writing a essay about habitat Fragmentation for Bengal tigers in India That’s a AI that this is I wrote That this is just word for word what my Thing was I think it found my

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